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Abolish Sex Morals 1,469 Words May, 2010

Description: For a world that lives for the improvement of all humanity, we cannot worry about sex morals or ethics. We must only be concerned with providing justice, equity, and liberty for all.
Quote: "A real morality is based on maximizing happiness and reducing suffering. It does not make judgments about sex -- it does not advocate abstinence or promiscuity."

Abortion - My Opinion 716 Words June, 2001

Description: A short piece describing briefly my stance on abortion and why.
Quote: "Sentience, the ability to think and feel, is the only thing that I place value on in the realm of morality."

Beauty as a Sexual Object 2,292 Words February, 2004

Description: Comparison and analysis of ideas about beauty and physical image as they are connected with our emotions and desires.
Quote: "Of those individuals who call themselves Freethinkers, artists, independent minds, lovers of intelligence and friends of liberty, it is the typical attitude that a person's emotions and way of thinking is in fact a part of their intrinsic self."

Contraception 2,922 Words March, 2003

Description: A defense of the idea that reproductive rights are fundamental towards a humane, just society.
Quote: "Contraception needs no defense from religion, but I will give one: religion has been the defender of every cruel and malicious crime enacted on the innocent beings of this planet."

Create Your Own Standard of Beauty 502 Words August, 2009

Description: Your standard of beauty is your lens to what is attractive or ugly. But it is also at your will to demolish and recreate it.
Quote: "Make your own standard of beauty, and be free of what society expects you to like or dislike."

Declaration For Public Nudism, A 321 Words June, 2001

Description: A brief argument on behalf of the idea that liberty means the right to public nudity.
Quote: "Firstly, what is so offensive about the body, and secondly, does being offensive grant the law the ability to outlaw something?"

Definition of a Polyamorous Relationship, The 1,188 Words February, 2010

Description: An open-ended answer to an open-ended question. How are we going to define the new sexuality of a better world?
Quote: "Being Polyamorous means having open relationships; you are not restricted in partners or lovers, but you must be honest with those you have sex with."

Dialogue on Abortion 1,009 Words March, 2007

Description: An exchange on the topics of genetic value and social justice in regards to abortion.
Quote: "It is only when a being is capable of sensation and thought that it can recognize the interests of others and appreciate the sympathy of another; in a word, it is has entered the world of a community, and in that relationship, it is a moral being."

Dialogue on Sex 1,107 Words March, 2004

Description: A dialogue between two people, using an example of a person trying to read a book to another person as the ability to give us a third eye to the idea of sex.
Quote: ".......... in destroying, we are building."

Ethics of Abortion, The 6,920 Words April, 2003

Description: Deep essay uncovering the reasons why we are good to each other, and then seeing if or how this ethic applies to the question of abortion.
Quote: "It is on this principle, the value of a conscious being, that I am going to judge whether Abortion is right or wrong in particular instances."

Free Love, a Philosophy that Deserves Both Words 1,507 Words March, 2010

Description: By being free, and accepting love, we are living in a way that elevates us personally. And it does not require us to have only one sexual partner.
Quote: "What is Free Love? The idea is a combination of the two words in its name. Our love for others should be made freely, based on our mutual sympathy and attraction."

Free Love Is Free Expression 1,405 Words January, 2002

Description: An essay promoting the idea that freedom to express yourself sexually allows you to say what you think in areas where words may fail.
Quote: "...for myself to know that I can be as kind, compassionate, welcoming, and soothing, and to express myself physically, to express myself freely, is a right I hold to be undeniable."

Fuck: The Only Word 518 Words April, 2007

Description: The linguistics of sex.
Quote: "Sensitivity towards the idea of sexuality can only encouraged by the fact that this word is the only one we have to directly express having sex."

Gay Sex and the Missionary Position 2,874 Words September, 2010

Description: Nature's creatures are rarely attracted to their own gender, but then again, they rarely have sex in the missionary position, either. A study of the animals that engage in so-called "unusual" behavior is well-deserved.
Quote: "These primates have a healthier view of sex than humans. They are not bound to the contradiction that unnatural, missionary sex is 'good' and that equally-unnatural, gay sex is 'bad.' In fact, these phrases 'natural' and 'unnatural' are completely beyond them."

Heartlessness in Monogamy 1,221 Words February, 2002

Description: The cruelty that is often manifested in relationships develops from monogamous instincts.
Quote: "When a Monogamist ensues to fight someone who looked at their lover the wrong way, or touched their lover the wrong way, what look can be seen in their eye?"

Homosexuality 1,722 Words July, 2003

Description: Arguments for the right of Homosexuals to practice their lifestyle, based on the ideals of liberty and justice.
Quote: "It may very well be true that Homosexuality can be called 'an error in biology,' but then we would have to call every artistic expression, every gentle touch of affection, sympathy for pain, empathy for life..."

Masochism 786 Words May, 2003

Description: A defense of the somewhat taboo idea of sexual power and pleasure through physical pain, including biting and scratching.
Quote: "I have stated throughout all of my works that there is one undying principle that I will abide by. This principle is freedom."

Modern Sexual Taboos and Their Morality 10,442 Words August, 2002

Description: Examination of the foundation of sexual morality, and then an analysis of the various sexual taboos of modern society.
Quote: "What makes a radical thinker who they are? Or, what makes a revolutionary idea so revolutionary? And, as my article will question, how far can a radical thinker go?"

Monogamy is Tragic 644 Words September, 2009

Description: In seeking to keep love for one person, an individual is testing their strength. And in that, they are sacrificing potential experiences that could enlighten them, or at least leave them with good memories.
Quote: "In making what they called commitment and dedication, monogamous partners paved the road to their own ruin. They followed their own trail to a life that deadened the senses, burned the desires, and made a prison for the passions.

Polyamory 2,410 Words March, 2001

Description: Paper discussing the basic premises to a justification for a non-monogamous way of life.
Quote: "Sex is a bodily function, no different than eating food, talking, or playing a computer game. So, in no right, is it divine or pure."

Prostitution 1,782 Words August, 2004

Description: Arguments considering prostitution and comparing it to other methods that people use to satisfy their sexual desires.
Quote: "Yet... It is still a matter of law when it comes to exchanging sex for cash. As the spirit of progress is guided by the flame of reason, we must change these laws."

Relationship of Anarchism and Free Love, The 981 Words March, 2010

Description: Anarchism and Free Love are related at principle. It is on the basis that both seek the greatest freedom for the individual, and that the purpose for this is maximizing the happiness of everyone.
Quote: "Anarchism is the revolt against all authority placed around us in economy and politics. Free Love is the revolt against all authority placed around us in society and romance."

Sexism and Sexuality 3,610 Words January, 2004

Description: Questioning whether there is a connection between Sexism and sexuality, and the origin of the differences of sexuality in the genders.
Quote: "The twilight of an orange sunset leaves us with a strong longing and a human satisfaction."

Social Imprisonment Accomplished By Monogamous Culture, The 940 Words July, 2010

Description: By seeking out a particular need, and excluding others, we make one into a matter of competition, and the other meaningless.
Quote: "Why do people play this game? Why do they follow the rules, uphold expectations, and show their approval or disapproval to others?"

There Will Be No Sex in the Worker's Republic! 1,899 Words July, 2011

Description: Stalin and Trotsky had an interesting meeting, filled with the sounds of passionate love, before Stalin ordered the death of Trotsky. The opinions they had on sex resulted in the opinions they had on women.
Quote: "There wasn't really much conversation going on, but there was something that stood out deeply in everyone's minds: the loud sounds of two comrades having a loud sensual 'conversation'..."

Vision of a New Morality, A 2,300 Words June, 2003

Description: An explanation and defense of a relaxed sexual ethic with the only moral of harming none.
Quote: "I propose that men and women everywhere should throw off the chains of an antiquated morality, of a slavery that kept their heart in bondage."

What is Polyfidelity? 2,568 Words June, 2010

Description: Free Love is a century old, and monogamy has been around since possession. But Polyfidelity, developed in the 1970's, combines aspects of both of these philosophies.
Quote: "It would be justifiable to argue that Polyfidelity represents a significant transition out of Monogamy. The individual lover does no longer has one object of affection, but many."