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The Excesses
of Liberalism

Punkerslut.com Newsletter
Sample #6

Image from WikiMedia
Image: From WikiMedia

     "All right, we spent about $1,600 on supplies, $200 on transportation, $900 on licensing, with $500 invested in the Future Of America foundation."

     "According to the numbers, we gave pamphlets on sexual abuse and rape to 3,000 women, but we're responsible for about 100 women being raped."

     "Wait, what?"

     "Well, you know, the supplies we buy come from where everything else does: third world sweatshops, where women are constantly sexually assaulted by their overseers. For every dollar spent, we're able to average about how women will be raped for it. Not that it's different than buying anything from WalMart."

     "So, to get the community involved in stopping rape, we have to commit rape?"

     "We don't commit rape; we have other people commit it, and then we just benefit from it. That's because they're usually subjugating the woman in another way, like forced labor."

Image from WikiMedia
Image: From WikiMedia

     "Are you saying that it's more important that women here don't get raped, even if it means the sexual exploitation of foreign women?"

     "Yes, some of us are racists. That's what charity is all about."

     "Why don't we reverse our position, and attack the companies that do all these horrible things?"

     "Haven't you been listening? I just said it! This is a charity, not a fucking revolution."

     A fucking revolution... a fucking revolution... a fucking revolution. It will never be a fucking revolution. It will always be the dry side of a leaf blown in a storm -- consciously aware of its powerlessness, its hopelessness, it meakness.


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