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Sample #4

Image from WikiMedia
Image: From WikiMedia

     Speaking in strictly scientific pharmokinetic terms, smoking Marijuana will take you down a different journey each time. Unlike other drugs such as heroin, coke, amphetamines, hallucinogens, painkillers, and benzodiazepines, Marijuana consists of many chemicals and drugs; up to sixty different cannabinoids, each with their own individual and different effect on the brain. More interesting, these different drugs act as antagonists against each other. One drug, at one moment, rises and deeply effects the frontal lobes, stimulating the opoid sectors, and at another moment, the powerful rushing force of that CBC molecule is retreated, as another endocannabinoid touches the inner conscience and strokes the feathers of the soil. It is as though different sections of a musical band are being given each their solitary moments of brillance, as though some genius composer poured heart and mind into sonattas in a fervor, masterfully directing the energies of artists in pain and joy. Each plant, each flower, each bud, each broken up and loaded dose contains its own cocktail of cannabinoids and active ingredients. Each and every time, it will be a new experience, something different, a new and varied journey through the mind and the subconscience. It is something that will rise and call upon your inner being in a different way every time you use it.

Image from WikiMedia
Image: From WikiMedia

     Anything can effect the concentration of cannabinoids in the doses of Marijuana. The nutrients in the soil or hydroponic system, how well they are provided for, and at what consistency to the age of the plant, and the types of grow lights, and how close or far they may be from the plant -- all of these things effect the potential of the flowers of the Marijuana plant to produce that lovely mind-altering THC. How loud that first blast of euphoria bangs, how powerful and enduring the mood-stabilizing persist, where the chorus pulls back and asks for the brass quartet's wisdom, where the brain shifts from an unintoxicated state to one where barriers crush and walls fall, where inhibitions explode and dogmas become passive and unthreatening. Each one of these attributes of a single dose can be effected by such small details in the grow process. And beyond these questions there is that of strand and species. Many variants of the pot plant are named as Humboldt, Trainwreck, White Widow, Blueberry, among endless others. Hundreds of new variants are produced every year. The subculture has afforded itself many intelligent and willing botanists. Each strand carries its own song, its own portrait. The painter? The musician behind the insightful tones and beats? No more than the origin of the rose, the lilly, the magnolias, and the numberless fruits: nature itself. These plants, like Marijuana, have been adored and cultivated, improved over generations by new methods of production and selective breeding by careful eyes. Each one of these small, countless lists effects the THC levels and their concentration, their type and their psychoactive reaction. Each and every use of Marijuana provides a completely unique and new experience, an encountering of inner apparitions before unseen, an unmasking of spectors and a disempowering of phantoms. In this aspect, it is completely unlike any other mind-altering substance. It blends and melds with the brain's receptors in a way that no other drug could compare. Naturally, the drug is properly classified by pharmacologists as a Hallucinogen.


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