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To Finally Abolish Capitalism

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Image from WikiMedia
Image: From WikiMedia

     Community action has so far removed child labor, dangerous machinery, and poisoned and tainted food as parts of the capitalist system; to cut them off, by applying brute force against their legislators, until they caved in to the demands. That is the only reason why today children are not being mangled by dangerous machines -- because the people were willing to use their physical force against their masters. But today, only the most insidious and non-visible part of the Capitalist system remains: the final vestige of private ownership of the means of production. By enough struggles and fights, we have separated it from child labor, and killed it; we separated it from tobacco companies publishing ads that cigarettes improve health, and then killed it; we cornered off the part that discriminated on the grounds of race, and then eviscerated it. It was by our community action that we have chopped off, one after another, the various tentacles and arms of the beast that is the Capitalist machine.

     But still, even in our twenty-first century, its heart still beats, and sometimes even faster and with more potency than it has in the age of oil barons and rail kings. And today, there are so many that claim they alone are capable of destroying the beast. They ask for participation in their political parties, whether it is communist, socialist, leftist, or even liberal. Capitalism can either by tamed, so that instead of producing extravagant waste and exploitation, it creates a greater wealth for the social order. Or, perhaps they will say that their party alone can kill the capitalist beast, but only after the highest members of the political party become the new capitalists -- they want you to help them become the masters of you, your family, and all of society. Make me your master, so I can free you! This is their edict most of all, even though it is still the premise of all political parties. With such absurdities, it is natural that only half of all the time and energy of a political party must be spent as a church -- it must declare a statement of faith, it must demand obedience to it, it must expell members who refuse to recant, and in some cases, it has even established its own court system. Party-court systems were established in the German and Russian, state-communist parties, long before their revolutions in 1917 and 1922.

Image from WikiMedia
Image: From WikiMedia

     Such ridiculous and inane methods. I cannot stand talking to these individuals for more than a few seconds. All of this revolting conversation about party discipline and obedience to new gods -- it is a foul business, to replace an existing social contradiction with one that posseses even more holes. Their logic is far beyond me. They speak of an enlightened dictator who can understand the mind of the workers, as though this experiment has not been tried for over six thousand years with the Chinese emperors. The worker is now the proletariat, the bosses are now the bourgeoise, the communist party is now the vanguard -- ah, yes, bringing religion to the natives. Indoctrination isn't quite set until we've changed the actual words that our followers use. My dear friends, cast off your intellectual debilitation! The workers are just the workers, the bosses are scummy bastards worthy of assassination, and the so-called communist party is nothing but the capitalists and the state reinvented! Do not try to confuse me with renaming things. In the words of Bakunin, THE PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE BEING BEATEN WITH A STICK, EVEN IF IT IS CALLED THE PEOPLES' STICK!

     I want to end the life of Capitalism the same way that those who came before me examined it, weakened it, and then dismembered it. I'm following in the steps of the muckrakers, the red unionists, the casual rabblerousers, -- begging from the words of Martin Luther King and Leo Tolstoy --, the humble servants of the people, the community organizers, and the corner pamphleteers. They are my fathers and mothers, and I am only their hopeful child, who after decades of oppression and abuse, was finally born, and ready to change things. If only I could've known them as actual parents, then perhaps I'd have already abolished the state and capitalism by now. But, I can only follow in the steps of those who have maimed, dismembered, and crippled the beast. It snivels for its very last moments of life, bringing its sweatshops over five thousand miles away, creating a heavy and burdensome middle class, and happily pleasuring the very last few to cross the line into the upper class. The beast has been brought to such a horrible point that its food products must be inspected, its toys tested for chemicals, its jobs not require racial standards or lie-detector tests, its police dispossessed of their brass knuckles, among so many other accomplishments -- the monster is on its last limbs, seeking to legitimize its existence and expanding its empire only when it doesn't make too massive of an uproar.

     But the activities which brought it this far, will be the vey exact tools we use to finally slaughter the monster. It is by cooperative, free, voluntary, and mutual action that we will stop its heartbeat; that we will free this and all lands for its inhabitants.


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