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  • There was once a day when, during a news entry for the site, I included unimportant dialogue that I had with comrades and friends. For instance...

    Person A: "Hey, did you hear about Britney Spears?"
    Person B: "No?"
    Person A: "Well, I killed her!"
    Person B: "Nice! Gonna do the freezer and defrost thing, so you can keep her in good working order for sex?"
    Person A: "I'm way ahead of you."

    They had merit in the fact that they were amusing, granted, but I decided that I wanted something not as clumsy are hard to navigate. So, now, what to do with all that good material of those ancient days? "Aw, hell... I'll just make a section for it in the About Section." So, I did. And that is what you are reading right now... this moment. So, uhhh, if you found your way here by mistake, exit, otherwise, read on, faithful reader!

    DATE: Monday, June 30, 2003

    Updates and shit...
    * New articles... America: Police State Incorporated, The Economics of Capitalism, Among Friends, Among Enemies, The Life of a Child, Dialogue on Affirmative Action, Preference and Culture.
    * New critiques... Thomas Malthus and Claude-Henri Saint-Simon

    This update powered by vodka... There I was, bored with the normal process of thought. So, a few swigs later... many swigs later... the ability to think in other ways (provided by the psychodelics) was triggered with more power. And so, I had the ambition to update. Fucking good for me.

    Ann Coulter on "Hardline," June 26, "...at some point people just get sick of arguing with liberals, and McCarthy was dead, so, OK, they just said, oh, fine, fine, if it means that much to you, OK, he was a monster." Yeah, that's how it ALWAYS is with debate. People got sick of arguing with that annoying theory thing, that says the world is round, so they said, "Fine, the world is round, if you have to believe it," but it doesn't change the fact that the world really is flat. Anyway, in a recent debate, Coulter uses 5th grade logic in arguing with liberals, "Nuh uh!!!" The audience was stunned.

    Punkerslut: First duty as being supreme ruler of Earth. Every Olsen Twins product is to be burned, including the Olsen Twins themselves.
    Tyler: dude. they are hot.
    Punkerslut: lol
    Punkerslut: They were better like, six years ago.
    Tyler: lmfao.

    Lily: I'm listening to classical right now :-)
    Punkerslut: Which composer?
    Lily: Schubert
    Punkerslut: Ah, good ol' schubey.
    Lily: lol yup
    Punkerslut: I went to junior high with that guy.
    Lily: lol
    Punkerslut: I remember this one time we flushed saltpeter in the bathroom during science and the toilet exploded.
    Lily: have you even heard of him?
    Punkerslut: Nah.
    Lily: you're not too cultured huh
    Punkerslut: lol
    Punkerslut: I'm quite cultured! I'm down with all the Sascha Konietzko crew.
    Lily: name some classical composers
    Lily: for piano
    Punkerslut: Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky (also, a commonly-used password on pornography sites), Samuel Barber.
    Punkerslut: Uhhhh, Enya?
    Lily: lol, no not Enya sorry
    Punkerslut: I think you're just trying to belittle me and give me an inferiority complex.
    Lily: nah, you did well on the other 3
    Punkerslut: What are you talking about? I totally pulled "Samuel Barber" out of my ass.

    Punkerslut: Aaawww, so only after knowing me for a few hours, you wanted to be friends with me... so romantic. =)
    Stray: well, you didn't offend me in any way
    Stray: and i'll give everyone a chance
    Stray: they get a certain level of points and go up or wdown from there
    Punkerslut: Right right.... I didn't offend you, yet. It was only a matter of time for that one. =)
    Stray: you almost lost all your points in one week for certain jokes..................
    Punkerslut: lol, nice
    Stray: twitch won points that week for trying to gert you to stop telling those jokes
    Punkerslut: True....

    Punkerslut: Balls won't steal from Marie Laveau's though, because he thinks it's bad karma. That should be like... minus ten sexiness points.
    Stray: nope, it gets him more sexiness points
    Punkerslut: Gross out!

    Punkerslut: Oh, man, this is sad... I'm playing an NES ROM of Monopoly against the computer, and I keep reloading until I get the desired number on the dice.
    Punkerslut: It's like... man, didn't life have a point once?
    Tyler: hahahahahhahaha
    Punkerslut: Goddamn this piece of shit, it won't give me a seven so I can get Community Chest.
    Punkerslut: Aw, pay hospital $100? Fuck that.
    Tyler: lol
    Tyler: hahahahaha.
    Punkerslut: Sweet, I just got $14 from this bastard for trying to squat my property.
    Tyler: hahaha
    Punkerslut: Man, this game sucks. Fuck it.
    Tyler: haha.

    For 108,

    DATE: Friday, June 13, 2003

    UPDATES!!!! (whooo)
    * NEW ARTICLES!!! A Vision of a New Morality, Creationism and Charles Darwin, The Habit, Communism Versus Capitalism
    * NEW CRITIQUES!!! Peter Kropotkin, Robert Owen, Robert Tracinski

    Punkerslut: I keep getting these e-mails from the people at Bust magazine, asking me if I want to advertize punkerslut.com in their magazine. They're all entitled, "Punkerslut.com Gets BUST-ed!" It's.... erotically frightening.
    Sirkuit: LOL
    Sirkuit: do it
    Punkerslut: If I had the $250, I might.
    Punkerslut: (Actually, that money would go to drugs.)
    Sirkuit: heheh

    Jacob Emptypockets: We played frisbee in the streets of DC with a crack addict. Rather amusing.
    Punkerslut: Right.
    Punkerslut: You met the senator of Louisiana I see.
    Punkerslut: Wait.... was he drooling?
    Jacob Emptypockets: LOL.

    Punkerslut: Dude, I have the best news yet.
    Tyler: whats that?
    Punkerslut: The GayInsider website is curious if I want to run Punkerslut.com ads on their site for as low as $75!
    Punkerslut: I've gotta hit that shit up!
    Tyler: hahahahahaha.

    Fucki'n A.... That's a short bit of useless info. (Normally with the news, I include completely useless dialogue between me and my friends, and this latest update just doesn't seem up to par.) For 108,

    DATE: Wednesday, June 4, 2003

    * NEW ARTICLES! HOORAY!!!!!! Fuck This School, Just Dialogue 1, Just Dialogue 2, Life and Death, Masochism, The Underground Drug Scene, A Whisper to a Friend
    * NEW CRITIQUE!!! Wealth of Nations Critique
    * Uhh, like, something.... or other.... I don't know.

    Punkerslut: Yeah.... I wonder if an excommunication is delivered by a singing messenger still these days.
    IdealistCynic: No, it's delivered over AIM.
    IdealistCynic: omglol!!!11!! teh pope pWnz0r3s j00!
    Punkerslut: Haha, yeah. =)

    Punkerslut: Yeah, apparently the reason why I don't get fanmail, and why hate mail is more intense than naturally presupposed, is because my e-mail address is preceeded by a list of insults to the reader.
    Friend: Then why don't you remove it?
    Punkerslut: I decided my self esteem is low enough already.
    Friend: ?
    Punkerslut: See, I usually plan to do something, but then I never end up doing it, and I feel bad about it.
    Friend: That actually makes sense really.

    GlitteringInsanity: im the girl that guys can talk about their weird fantasies and masturbatory habits to. its so strange.
    Punkerslut: That's every girl for me.
    GlitteringInsanity: lol.

    Punkerslut: Man, I came to a realization. Sitting in the TeeVee room while watching Drag Racing is more boring than sitting in the TeeVee room without a TeeVee.
    Jacob Emptypockets: lol.
    Jacob Emptypockets: that's so true.
    Punkerslut: Indeed it is.
    Punkerslut: Same thing with Fishing shows.
    Jacob Emptypockets: fishing shows are the worste.
    Punkerslut: Tru dat.
    Punkerslut: My father loves them.
    Jacob Emptypockets: There is no E on the end of worst.
    Jacob Emptypockets: how?
    Jacob Emptypockets: i can almost, *almost* understand how someone would enjoy actually fishing, but watching some fat guy sit in a boat and talk in a hushed voice?
    Punkerslut: I have no idea. But when he was watching Drag Racing, and he left to get some food, I turned off the TeeVee and he came back and was like, "What'd you do?" And I said, "See, it's not as boring."
    Jacob Emptypockets: lol.

    Punkerslut: I think of your tender body covered in roses....
    Punkerslut: Oops, wrong IM.
    NiD: sure
    Punkerslut: ..... well, not really.
    Punkerslut: But anyway....

    Punkerslut: ... And then I said, "Are you mentally retarded, or just ignoring everything previously said?" Was that too brash?
    NiD: Too Brash is your middle name
    Punkerslut: .... true.

    Punkerslut: Man, this is awesome.... I just sent my article "Concepts of Socialism" to the newsletter for the World bank for the seventh time.
    Sirkuit: haha, nice
    Punkerslut: http://www.worldbank.org/transitionnewsletter/submis.htm Their submissions page is calling your poetry!
    Sirkuit: haahahahahah

    Punkerslut: Ah, and all was peaceful in the land of ideas... The people had finally found their critique of "The Wealth of Nations," and there was another reason to go on living, without so much insanity, without so much madness.
    Friend: And the legends that spoke of this hero will be known as, "The Tales of JoJo: the Mythical Philosopher."
    Punkerslut: That's right, Snorbenhoff. The idea of this hero will burn in their hearts infinitely.
    Friend: So, what did the great hero do once he had completed this quest?
    Punkerslut: He'll probably finish playing Chrono Trigger, and getting characters that r0x0rs your s0x0rs!

    For 108,

    DATE: Monday, May 19, 2003

    * A new book on Evolution iz all, fooz! Feel free to read it.

    This is sad. I just read an article entitled, "Creationists of the World Unite!" I mean, I know I'm supposed to be tolerant and shit, but what the fuck!?!?!? I suppose it was an inevitability, with a slogan like that which has been ripped off countless times. But just whyyyyyyyy??? Whyyyyyyyy..........

    Hardc0re BMX: whos william white
    Hardc0re BMX: a dr?
    Punkerslut: He wrote the DXM FAQ of Erowid.
    Hardc0re BMX: oh, ok
    Hardc0re BMX: yea hes a good guy
    Hardc0re BMX: heh
    Punkerslut: Hell yeah.
    Hardc0re BMX: give him a nobel peace prize
    Hardc0re BMX: heh
    Punkerslut: I pray to him before I sleep.
    Hardc0re BMX: lol

    On the origin of Dextromethorphan....

    Hardc0re BMX: well, ya no what i think?
    Hardc0re BMX: its magic, u just have a magician zap it in with his magic wand
    Punkerslut: Well, lots of companies make it.
    Hardc0re BMX: yea
    Hardc0re BMX: they have magicians on payroll though,
    Hardc0re BMX: so yea
    Punkerslut: Hhhhmmmm, probably.
    Punkerslut: I want to be a magician!
    Hardc0re BMX: obviously, lol

    KeeL: im pretty drunk
    KeeL: lol
    Punkerslut: I'm on LSA!
    Punkerslut: YES!!!!! WE SHOULD ALL DO THEM!
    Punkerslut: If anyone complains, UP THEIR DOSE!
    KeeL: lol
    [awkward silence]
    KeeL: Drugs are awesome!
    Punkerslut: YEAH!

    Punkerslut: I realized that, when I talk to a girl for five minutes and then say, "Hey, do you want to have sex?" it typically offends them. Since then, I have not asked that question.
    John: That's not true. You simply decided that you didn't care about offending them.
    Punkerslut: Or that, too.

    spoken word
    by Sirkuit
    may 9, 2003
    AIM/AOL name: headtiedinaknot

    This just in,
    Let the static begin:
    She walks from mass-produced
    Glass bent plugged into sin
    To living room sit down,
    Set down,
    Let down...
    Let us all down;
    A down syndrome fist with a twist
    (Vitamin C B-12 Niacin Nuance)
    Straight to reality,
    It hits the spot
    Just above the nose,
    And ALL we have to do is
    Annihilate her foes
    And put our woes in
    Black bags to drop as
    Bombs on Iraq.
    She asks us to just ignore,
    Don't implore or investigate,
    Just "restigate (TM)" in
    A BRAND new four man hot tub
    Wearing your sixteen year-old babysitter
    For pants because:
    This is the United States of a
    New Buzzword Symphony in your ears!
    Kick some e-ass with your new i-foot
    While you shut up and eat your preservatives;
    Nature's conservatives
    To conserve cancer
    For future child football prancers
    And ballet dancers.
    This way they'll evolve into
    40 something statistics
    So Jimmy Dean can start
    40 vegan sub-companies...
    40 dollars for a quarter ounce of soy
    That'll give them the vital energy
    To be brainwashed by
    ESPN's fucking fender field fishing
    Fission fuckup friction decision
    "Alas poor Fellatio, I knew him well"
    Family man-handled values.

    So turn on your TV's.
    Turn up your radio's.
    Tighten your leashes
    And love me,
    You fine assed pieces of propaganda,
    You huge-cocked,
    Undead Mastadon mask-bearing
    Self-induced scape-goat waste-goat,
    Blood red in your blood
    Passion flower for opinion system,
    Nervous system
    Recycled rectal to reproductive system
    Animated final Fox News Decisions,
    Wearing diapers and training wheels
    Until death;
    Coasters on some faded fucking
    Misty mission to pharmacies
    For America's birth control.
    I AM Liberty,
    And you can fuck me 'till
    The cows come home.
    Just lie for me,
    Buy for me,
    Cry for me,
    Die for me,
    Eat a steak burger and
    Beat your wife for me...
    Measure your penis with a fucking
    Gameshow gung-ho military missile
    Straight from Jesus Christ
    And right into your bedroom
    Via pay per view satellite.
    900 channels and an afterlife.
    Only for $19.95!
    Only $19.95.
    Only $19.95.
    Only $19.95.

    But back in 1995 I had no idea.
    My mind and shoes were the same size.
    My relationship with the world
    Was of Nintendo and Nerf guns,
    Basketballs and sidewalk runs.
    Now I've got a grip,
    Oh, now I've got a grip
    On the existence of a grip
    That I still haven't grasped;
    And lady liberty is still
    Kicking my ass,
    No matter how many books I read,
    Or how much I try
    To convince you to see,
    Because the revolution is being televised,
    And the children are buying it
    At the mall.
    And our parents have left us in this position,
    Where the only position to fight back
    Is to buy in...
    Because they've turned making a difference
    Into a cliche.
    A cliche that says those of us who do care,
    Can't care,
    Because image is everything,
    Because image is everything,
    Because image is everything,
    Because thirst is everything,
    Obey your thirst,
    Because image is nothing.
    Obey your thirst.

    Feel free to IM Sirkuit on AIM/AOL at headtiedinaknot

    For 108,

    DATE: Monday, May 5, 2003

    UPDATES!!!! (ahooohoohaaahaahooooo....)
    * ARTICLES!!! In particular, these ones: A Tale of Love Apart, Nautical, Practical Applications of Society in an Anarcho-Communist Community, Ethics: More Than Just Right and Wrong, The Habit of Flesh Eating
    * Nothing else....
    * Yeah, that's about it....

    Okay, now for something actually related to news... I'm working on a new book (well, several sort of). First, there's going to be a published book. And I'm working on a new book for the books section of the site, where you read it online. This new book shall be on Evo-mo-lution. Muwhahahahaha.... back to our regularly scheduled programming.

    And how good it felt to kill the memory... Against Me!

    "Check out Shalom, the UK's first and best source for Jewish and Israeli ringtones and logos for your mobile phone." -- I love my spam mail...

    "Rubbish, but what can you expect from a punkerslut." -- lol, fan mail =)

    Connecticut Amanda: Like, you know... we add "iz" to things. Like, "Wizall."
    Punkerslut: That's just Home Star Runner trying to say "wizard."

    Home Stah' Wunna..... http://www.homestarrunner.com

    Big Gay Al: My lover said he could outlast me in sex, and after two hours, I came seven times, and he came seven times, and he said he couldn't do it again.
    Punkerslut: Man, and it's been less than one minute and even I don't want to have anything more to do with this.

    Punkerslut: Hey, I downloaded some executables from Kazaa. I should open them on my mother's computer to make sure they're virus free, right?
    Sirkuit: LOL, yeah.
    Punkerslut: Good.

    Punkerslut to himself: Okay, now I got to call this chick, but her boyfriend is a real envious of all males, so I'll disguise myself with a Hispanic accent...
    [ring ring ring]
    Boyfriend: Hello?
    Punkerslut: 'ehlo... iz crystehl theh'? I need to speak to my seester...
    Boyfriend: Who is this?
    Punkerslut: Wot? Dis' is Punka'.
    Punkerslut to himself: Oh, crap! That's an Irish accent! Hang up, hang up, hang up!
    Punkerslut to himself: Man, I'll never follow through with one of my ideas ever again when I've been awake for 50 hours.
    .... and the sad part about this dialogue is that it's 100% truth.

    Punkerslut: I was banned from submitting articles from another magazine today.
    Punkerslut: The Journal of Buddhist Ethics.
    Punkerslut: Yeah, yeah, and you thought it would be Catholic Planet, but nooooo.....
    Jacob Emptypockets: AHAHAHA
    Jacob Emptypockets: you got banned from the journal of buddhist ethics.
    Jacob Emptypockets: lol
    Punkerslut: Yeap. =)
    Jacob Emptypockets: oh man.

    Lily: she's really smart
    Punkerslut: Pffff, no, she's not.
    Punkerslut: Have you TALKED to her?
    Lily: uh YEAH I'm good friends with her
    Punkerslut: It's like, "Wow, and I thought people only interrupted other people for intelligent comments!"

    Apparently, some anti-Pornography group has made it their agenda to turn May into "Pornography Victims Month."... the list of insults I could use right now is so large, I'll just refrain from it all together.

    Hey, you want to see something sick? More Than Just The News. It's a website that delivers news from a Christian perspective. Oh, goody.

    Punkerslut: Night night, Nidster.
    NiD: g'night thebn

    "Ah, beer and violent computer games.... is there ever anything so simple yet so perfect?" -- Punkerslut to The Plastic Jesus

    The Plastic Jesus: I used to have a game that would involve drinking at the bar and then after you drank enough you would go and fight....
    Punkerslut: Dude, that kicks ass.
    The Plastic Jesus: I used to have it on my calculator...
    Punkerslut: lol, nice
    Punkerslut: I put the answers to my science quiz on my calculator.
    The Plastic Jesus: Oh, me too.
    Punkerslut: And then I would share it with other people. Even people I didn't like, because fuck, everyone should cheat.
    The Plastic Jesus: I would steal the math test a day before and put the answers in my calculator
    Punkerslut: Niceness.
    Punkerslut: And then do some bullshit "math work" on the side, like, "2+2=4."
    The Plastic Jesus: haha
    The Plastic Jesus: I always did that when I was cheating....
    Punkerslut: Hell yeah. =)
    The Plastic Jesus: And I never got caught
    Punkerslut: Nice, nice.

    NiD: people say the youth never appreciate their life
    Punkerslut: Exactly!!
    Punkerslut: Preach it, brother NiD!
    NiD: gelatin
    NiD: heh
    NiD: not QUITE guiltlessly
    Punkerslut: True.
    Punkerslut: Now.... I need to find a way to include this quote at my site, while still convincing people you're dead.
    NiD: ha

    Punkerslut: ..... your livejournal name is mammogram?
    Paranoidnoidnoid: eh, the journal was given to me by a friend
    Paranoidnoidnoid: i can't figure out how to change the username
    Punkerslut: Excuses excuses....
    Paranoidnoidnoid: it's a good name
    Punkerslut: Suuuuuure it is.

    Punkerslut: Great, the douschebag next door is driving his lawn mower all over the street, and using a tool to get the grass stuck to the tires off and on to the public street.
    Jacob Emptypockets: ...and this actually bothers you?
    Punkerslut: [yelling out window: "Hey, asshole! Don't make me turn up my industrial!"]
    Jacob Emptypockets: lol.

    Jack: Hey, Punker... Why do you grab your crotch right before you sneeze?
    Punkerslut: Heeeeyyyy!!! Shutup!!

    Keel and his DXM experience: "I was talking into a field of mist with my dead dog by my side fighting goblins."

    Punkerslut: Oh, man... I scored a 40 on that quiz about your personality.
    Lily: Ha, it's okay. You don't really know me
    Punkerslut: True, and half of those questions had retarded answers. No offense.
    Lily: Thanks; why did you put your name as "homosexuals"?
    Punkerslut: Uuummmm..... ummmmm.... [Ninja vanish!]
    ..... in reality, the Ninja vanish of this conversation wasn't succesful.

    Crazy Person Teacher: You see, he's arguing against other people that no one could walk on the moon. He took the intelligence pill only a few days earlier, and see, arguing is a demonstration of intelligence.
    Punkerslut: Yeah, especially when you're arguing for something that's wrong.

    Amanda: describe to me, if you have one, your "dream girl"
    Punkerslut: .... I would say "you" as a compliment, but it would be a compliment from any other man, and just creepy from me, so, uhhhh....
    Amanda: lol.
    Punkerslut: Dream Girl: Rational, humane, knowledgeable, open-minded, seeking the truth, devoted, more loyal to goodness than to friends.
    Punkerslut: .....and ugly.

    lol, look at this e-mail I got...

    Klez.E is the most common world-wide spreading worm.It's very dangerous by corrupting your files.
    Because of its very smart stealth and anti-anti-virus technic,most common AV software can't detect or clean it.
    We developed this free immunity tool to defeat the malicious virus.
    You only need to run this tool once,and then Klez will never come into your PC.
    NOTE: Because this tool acts as a fake Klez to fool the real worm,some AV monitor maybe cry when you run it.
    If so,Ignore the warning,and select 'continue'.
    If you have any question,please mail to me.

    Sometimes, sarcasm is necessary for Freethinkers to live. For example, when Sirkuit went to work, his away message was, "At work! Wheeeee!!!" It was, in a very real sense, dripping with sarcasm.

    Punkerslut: Ooohhh, man..... Look at this Creationist website... "If this information has been helpful, please prayerfully consider a donation to help pay the expenses for making this faith-building service available to you and your family! Donations are tax-deductible."
    NiD: lol
    NiD: "prayerfully"
    Punkerslut: Pray -- yeah.
    NiD: christ
    NiD: "donations are tax-deductible"
    NiD: that's just awful
    Punkerslut: Sad.
    Punkerslut: Indeed.

    Punkerslut: I was on acid last night, and I was eating popcorn, and one piece was REALLY gross, so I went to stick my head out the window to spit it out, but there was a screen and now there's a Punker-face indentation in it with a vomit stain on it.
    Connecticut Amanda: LOL
    Punkerslut: Oh, well.

    Someone e-mailed me asking me to put their piece on this site.... here goes....

    We are taught to be confused until they tell us not to be. Your all unique children. Your all equal children. Equal means the same if I'm not mistaken, yet how can we all be the same yet unique? it makes no sense. And we are taught to be leaders, but we have to ask to use the washroom. How are we to learn to be a leader when we have not the freedom to use the washroom when we want. And there is a class called Physically Active Lifestyles,but the lifestyle your forced into through school is often not physically active. We are forced to sit all day and 45 minutes is supposed to off-set this.They emphasize a healthy mind to the extent that the body can be allowed to slip into lethargy, dragging the mind with it in some cases.

    Don't we sound like great leaders.

    Then they try to teach us to think for ourselves and form our own opinions when many times we must tell a stubborn teacher what they want to hear. We can learn to think for ourselves but only in these set non-controversial boundaries.And things like drama and art classes that might build a better confident, spiritually healthy student, are almost non-existent because they are "unimportant", or so the administration thinks. Yep, you can be whatever you want kids, unless it doesn't involve math, english, and sciences. Yes, we get to make our own opinions but if they're not the right ones you fail or are branded a trouble-maker. But we're all just young, stupid, and ignorant aren't we. At any rate we are taught and told we are.So remember, any philosophy or patterns you've set for yourself are wrong because your young, stupid, and ignorant. Your personal experiences mean nothing. Or that's what we're taught. So take everything at face value, believe everything you hear, and don't forget to watch CNN for your daily dose of propaganda from retired army generals. I might be an angry and confused teen but I also might know why...


    For 108,

    DATE: Saturday, April 12, 2003

    * New Articles: I Am A Bad Person, Mind-Altering Substances, Drug Culture, Faith, The Struggle for the Right to Opinion, Superstition, The Ethics of Abortion, and Pacifism.
    * Some, uhhhh, stuff, and like, updates, whatnot.....

    This update was powered by alcohol.

    Cher's Farewell Concert. Yeah, I could really go for that, without the concert part.

    "I was adopted, and I was glad that my parents took me asside, and told me I was adopted, but not everyday." -- Leo Allen, stand up comedian who appeared on Conan O'Brien

    Yeah, when I was in New Orleans, the best part of it was that Conan came on an hour earlier.

    "Give me Chewbacca, or give me death." -- Sirkuit

    "I must say alcohol is the only corporate product I am willing to spend money on." -- The Plastic Jesus

    "A bottle on Jack Daniels should of been put on the new Tennessee state quarter." -- The Plastic Jesus

    "Yes, I do believe this is true. Would you like to come and sniff some glue?" -- Dead Milkmen

    "The only reason why I wake up is so I get tired to fall back to sleep." -- Joseph, friend to The Plastic Jesus

    Little John: Are we doing the right thing robbing from the rich and giving to the poor?
    Robin Hood: Rob? We don't rob. We simply borrow and give to those who can't afford.
    Little John: We borrow? Boy, are we in debt.

    "He who sleeps here, when dying, mistaking the approach of death for the return of health, whispered with his latest breath, 'I am better now.' Let us believe, in spite of doubts and dogmas, of fears and tears, that these dear words are true of all the countless dead." -- Robert Green Ingersoll

    When I think about how stupid president George Bush is and how incredibly brutal he is being, it raises some questions about our population: how could the majority of people ever vote for him? And then I realize: wait a minute, they didn't! Of course, since nobility is a foreign quality to leaders, it is obvious why George Bush didn't extend the seat of leadership to the person who had the most votes.

    "You're not a good writer. You just own a thesaurus." -- Fan mail; to all those who think that art, literature, and poetry is only about using good words, you have my sympathy.

    Punkerslut: Hey, what was your best experience with drugs?
    Him: I only had one.
    Punkerslut: And it was...?
    Him: I ate shrooms once, and ended up defending a bathroom with a plunger.

    Him: By telling her how you feel inside, what do you have to lose?
    Punkerslut: My pride, my respect, and everything I hold dear.
    Him: Like I said, what do you have to lose!?

    Punkerslut: You're not a big fan of drugs?
    Her: Not at all, sorry.
    Punkerslut: Wha-!! Even the illegal ones!?

    Punkerslut: Man, everyone should be on drugs. The world would be perfect.
    Him: What if they don't want to be on drugs?
    Punkerslut: If anyone complains, just up their dose.

    Him: Dude, that introduction was awesome!
    Punkerslut: Bah, it was just the precum of my mental masturbation!
    Him: Uuuhhhhh...?

    Punkerslut: Hey, do you believe in the Bible? In everything it says?
    Christian: yeah
    Punkerslut: Really?
    Christian: yeah why?
    Punkerslut: Do you believe in this, then? Ephesians 6:5 Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ.
    Christian: ur taking that 2 literally
    Punkerslut: Oh, they had figurative slaves... gotchya'.

    Punkerslut: Ah, it looks like my site has become a great accomplishment...
    Conscience: Bah! It's just working-class pornography!
    Punkerslut: What the hell are you talking about?
    Conscience: You and your intellectual pornographer image.
    Punkerslut: Yeah, I honestly convey that image really strong on my site, you hack.

    Punkerslut: Do you think my site should have a literature section, on comedy and seriousness?
    Friend: Why shouldn't it?
    Punkerslut: Because, like, I want my site to be more than just some author's site -- I want to provide an accurate view of politics, philosophy, and such.
    Friend: Well, hey, the guy who wrote the Bible was just one author.
    Punkerslut: Wasn't it forty people?
    Friend: Yeah, but the thing is, you're forty times smarter than any of them.
    Punkerslut: Oh, right, so it even divides out. Yeah, uhhh, thanks for your mathematically correct cheering up.

    Koszka's! WH00T! Best place for Vegan, Punk gear! Bookmark it, because I usually have problems spelling it. http://www.koszkas.com/

    Sometimes, when I feel like torturing myself, I think back to the days of when I had high school. And I remember, most vividly (unfortunately), my teacher Mrs. Piquette, my Web-Authoring teacher. Her class was a joke and she yelled at me whenever I tried to do any of the following: (1) explain a concept of HTML to a fellow student, on account that I'm not the teacher, (2) distribute Freethought literature, (3) show my friends how I failed the quizes, on account that this was "disturbing" the class. And I remember her saying, "School is not the place for people to be thinking!" Of course, I would always respond sarcastically to her, since I'm one sarcastic bastard. Once in school, I said, "Yeah, there's no learning here... What do you think this is!? A school!?!?" Ah, those good ol' times of havoc and chaos.

    There was once a time in school where I had such a dilemma with my Web-Authoring teacher that my guidance counselor set us up a meeting to "talk things over," which turned out to be a disaster. Basically, she said what she was going to say, blah blah blah, I'm disturbing her class by getting her students to think for themselves, etc., etc.. And right as I am about to say what I think, "I do not believe that compulsary learning is any method of a sincere education," etc., etc., she says, "Excuse me, I have a meeting," and disappears, before I even get my word in. And my guidance counselor, mental inept non-human being who desired me to go to college, said, "Well, that went well!" I was like, "Am I the only fucker in this building who can see what is going on!?!?"

    For 108,

    DATE: Thursday, April 3, 2003

    * Yes, after 4 months of nothingness, I have an update for this wonderful website of mine. But for the most part, I have a reasonable excuse: I was living on the streets, squatting and such, during that time. To all my brothers and sisters on the New Orleans streets, Pockets, Humble, Stray, Jeff, and all the squatter crew, I give to you one big OI!
    * Hey! This update has articles, too! SWEET! New articles: A Challenge to the Churches, Cold, Contraception, Euthanasia, The Inaccurate View of Science, It Is Here, A Tale of a Singer and his Lover, A Tribute to Goodness, and Waking Up Cold.
    * Fixed some errors, typos, and, ummm, like, stuff....

    "I don't find your essays to be something that I'd want to associate myself with." -- Fan mail fucking rocks.

    George Bush: elected with 48% of poupular vote.
    Saddam Hussein: elected with 100% of popular vote.

    Sure, Saddam's election was probably rigged... [special thanks to, uhh, whatever that kid's name is who came up with this]

    "Yes, audio breakdown! Oh, god, audio breakdown! Yes! Audio breakdown!" -- Jake, listening to that old industrial band, again

    Jamie: You know your living in an upside down world when your best rapper is white, best golfer is black, tallest NBA player is chinese, and Germany doesn't wanna fight.

    Punkerslut: Hey, say something about women... there aren't enough stereotypes in that.

    Now, another conversation....

    Punkerslut: Man, I haven't had sex in like months.

    Christian: Good. Why don't you go find someone and have dirt sex, and then you can have lots of STDs.

    Punkerslut: Hey, I use protection, and dirt sex rocks! It's almost as good as sidewalk sex, anyway.

    Christian: You slut!

    Punkerslut: Ha, you fuckin' prudey bitch.

    Christian: I am not!

    Heh, when we all got drunk once, we were talking. I said, "Yeah, that kid, uhhhh, Fucks Cherie...." And Weddo said, "Fucks Cherie?" I was like, "Yeah, that's who he is. Who a person is is who they fuck. Like, Indian Gutter Punk names." And Weddo said, "Oh, so you're Fucks No One?" And I was like, "Yeah, just like your girlfriend is Fucks New Orleans."

    Punkerslut: Dude, Conan rocks. If he wasn't real, I would have killed myself long ago, figuring that intelligent wit doesn't exist in this humble Universe.

    Jacob Emptypockets: hahaha.

    Jacob Emptypockets: Ben, i have some sad news.

    Punkerslut: .... yes?

    Jacob Emptypockets: Conan.... conan is a 3d projection.

    Jacob Emptypockets: Upon searching all birth records, we can find no record of the man named O'brien.

    Punkerslut: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    Punkerslut: [cries]

    Punkerslut: [.....gets the bottle of aspirin]

    For 108,

    DATE: Saturday, December 7, 2002

    * NEW ESSAYS!!!! Anarchy: Law, Order, and Authority, Assorted Writings, and Romantic Tale About An Unromantic Hero.
    * Yeah, that's, ummm, pretty much it....

    Now, I know why you all come to this site... It has to be that I have something here that you want, and while I'm here getting you all to come to this site, other businesses are telling me to finish the loop of commerce, and advertise their products on my website. That's right. From now on, at the end of the essay, "Why I Detest America," you will see a flashing picture of a Jennifer Lopez poster, with the words, "Buy Lopez's Poster!" And right below the story, "A Romantic Tale of an Unromantic Hero," you will see a flashing box made to look like a window with the words, "You have one time sensitive message!" Yeap, and the books section of the site? Whoa, you definitely won't be able to go there without getting pop ups up your ass!.... by the way, I hope you all understand that I'm fucking joking.

    School sucks. Apparently, they went into my private account and printed out everything I had there. That's right, I was forced to explain to my assistant principal why I had an essay entitled, "Jesus Is In My Crotch." And they seemed to have a problem with the essay, "Question: Why? Answer: Jesus!" I mean, really, what the fuck? Fuck school. Fuck high school. Wait a minute, I just forgot that I live in America and I have no rights, unless I can afford a $100 per hour lawyer. That's right. Whew, and I thought I had no rights for a second. Wait another minute.... I just insinuated in a satirical tone that I think America sucks. That must make me a suspect in the War on Terrorism. Uh oh, I can see the feds asking the libraries what books I've been taking out. Dumb fucks... I buy used books! Used books!!

    What happens when all you have is hypothesis without evidence? You get the concept of Capitalism. It's easy to stand behind the Flat-Earth theory by stating lots of non-sensical logic as fast as you can, "Because it's flat, you know, the horizon is flat." Similarly, a Capitalist can say, "Because when businesses compete, you know, the consumer is benefited." I mean, it doesn't matter to either individual that there are pictures of the Earth from outter space, and it doesn't matter to the Capitalist that statistics suggest that Free Enterprise does not benefit the consumer.

    It was Spirit Week at my school a week ago or so. And we were all supposed to get all spirited and be like, "Seekonk High School rocks!" Well, I wore this shirt. They told me to leave. I went to the police department to see if they would enforce my constitutional rights. The cop behind the counter said, "Oh, let me get the Civil Liberties officer," and then he pretended he was walking down a set of stairs.... Okay, well, that didn't really happen. But I know he was thinking it. And going to the police department got me nothing. Hooray. I pay taxes so bourgeousie pigs can stay in power and I have no rights.

    Also, I got an e-mail from some chick with the e-mail address of Sunnygirl_Number_1 @ something something something, and I tried to reply, but it was undeliverable! Oh, the cruelty! The mass inhumanity! And I get so few e-mails from girls who say I'm hot! [Punkerslut proceeds to cry]....

    Punkerslut.... is on the road.....

    For 108,

    DATE: Saturday, November 23, 2002

    * NEW ARTICLES!!!! HOO HOO!!! Censorship, Our Enemy, Feminism, Giordano Bruno Was Burned at the Stake 400 Years Ago, New HIV Character on Sesame Street, Nighttime, Open Dropout Letter, Philosophical Dissertation on Consciousness, A, Right to Opinion, The, Socialism: A Broader Explanation, and Soldier to Life's Battles.
    * NEW INTRO PAGE!!!!

    I received a new award. See it in the awards section. It's the "OmPlace Conscious Living Award." Hooray for punkerslut.com.

    First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who donated rubberbands to the Rubberband Ball Foundation. When I threatened to reelect George Bush if we didn't get enough rubberbands, we received several crates of rubberbands from Dick Cheney. (Who woulda' thought?)

    I had the best argument with a school teacher ("Webauthoring" class)...

    Student: Punker, how do you make an image be a link?

    Punkerslut: You just put the link tag before the --

    Teacher: I'm the teacher here, and nobody else is allowed to teach but me!

    Punkerslut: Yeah, there's no learning here. What do you think this is? A school!?!?!?

    I recently had an argument with a Capitalist. Though it wasn't at all about Capitalism, really, but about films. He argued that certain films corrupt people. "You mean movies like A Clockwork Orange and Full Metal Jacket, just because they're violent?" He shook his head. "No, no, no," he said, "Violence is all good and healthy. I'm talking about movies like Alladin -- what are we teaching our children when we tell them it's okay to steal bread if you're starving? Huh? Before you know it, they'll hate the police for arresting the homeless like they did in Alladin!" Mmmm, don't you just love cops? I know I do! After being pulled over by a police officer and interrogated for the crime of "running a stopsign" (though I think the really crime was having long hair), he starts to interrogate my passengers, asking if they went to school today. And then, due to the extremity of the crime, he calls in backup, and a police car comes down the road with its sirens on. Gee, what a terrible world we would live in if we didn't have police officers.

    Cop: You have a $35 ticket now... [though he lied to me as it was actually a $50 ticket]

    Punker: All right.

    Cop: What's that? What'd you say to me?

    Punker: I said 'all right.'

    Cop: [dirty look]

    One of my friends was arrested for handing out political flyers at a voting convention. The cop made up allegations of drug use and brought my friend to the station, and threatened arrest if my friend continued using his First Amendment Rights. Two of my other friends were frisked for, as the cop stated, "Looking into the windows of a closed store." They, also, were threatened with being arrested if they were seen in town again. Another friend, who had done nothing, was picked up by a cop and driven several miles out of town, with the orders to get out and find his way back. Other friends have been thrown out of city limits for things as easy looking suspicious. Jello Biafra published the album "FrankenChrist," and cops raided his building and threatened him innumerable times, as well as destroying his property. It really makes you reconsider the idea of having cops in society, especially since the law has only existed to serve the rich and the ruling. It's not about philosophy and politics. It's about the war against the state, and the state's war against us.

    Man, I miss those commercials where C3PO would catch R2D2 toking up in the Millenial Falcon. It's like they were just metallic Cheech and Chongs.

    Interesting things happen when Punkerslut is inebriated on Dissociatives...

    Punkerslut: Hey, I took 100mgs of Dextromethorphan... I can't feel my face. It's foreign occupation, I tell you. It's like Israel and Gaza Strip all over again!

    Sirkuit: Dude, your face IS Israel!!

    Punkerslut: AAAAHHHH!!!!!

    By the way, I'll probably be on the road soon, just so everyone is aware.

    For 108,

    DATE: Thursday, September 26, 2002

    New articles: Chapter 6 - Homeless [removed], On General Humaneness, Logic...

    Okay, I'm back from being homeless. Hooray. Now I'm tired. I'll go rest....


    Greetings all, this is in regards to our current goal, which is to build the biggest rubberband ball possible. What we need from you are donations. Fear not, we dont want your money - just your elastics. We are asking anyone gracious enough to mail an envolope of rubber bands to the following address :

    Rubberband Ball Foundation
    325 Troy Road
    Burnham ME

    A giant ball of elastics is a great cause to get behind, so why not?

    A few things on the Rubberband Ball Foundation: they are completely serious. It's not a joke. So send in your rubber bands, or we promise to reelect George Bush next election.

    Punkerslut: Haha.... I can imagine the difference between us and other males. "Dude, she's got big brains!" (instead of the other B word)
    Sirkuit: LMAO

    Punkerslut: They should make a food called "freedom," just so I can say, "mmmmm, freedom."
    Sirkuit: lol, wtf

    Punkerslut: Which reminds me. I made a mix of music for my friend entitled, "Music to masturbate to." He wasn't in school, so I gave it to his girlfriend and told her to give it to him. She had a riveting conversation with him, let me tell you. =)
    Sirkuit: HAHAHAHAHA

    Punkerslut: Heh, my history teacher asked what was meant by the term "Lame ducks" in the Constitution, and I said it referred to the Bush Administration.
    Sirkuit: hahahah

    Punkerslut: Dammit... Searching for "Christian Whore" or "Christian Prostitute" on Yahoo! did not retrieve the desired results.
    Sirkuit: lol

    Publicist: Hey, does anyone have any good stories about the band Creed? They've had some very touching and moving songs. Someone, please share a story about them with me!
    Punkerslut: Uh, yeah, I have a story about Creed. How's this? Creed sucks.

    You know you take Rationalism too far when someone says, "We need more TP," and you respond, "Thomas Paine?"

    "Nah, I have no problem with seeing people have sex in front of me -- all I need to know is if they have a problem with me watching."

    Teacher: Punker, you're not allowed to wear your backpack in school!
    Punker: You don't like my backpack? That makes me like my backpack more.

    I'm back from homelessness, and I'm trying to get back to where I was before I left.

    For 108,

    DATE: Friday, August 16, 2002

    * Two new Critiques! Critiques by Anonymous. The two critiqued essays are The Atheistic Professor and the Student and The Mean Philosophy Professor and the Clever Christian.
    * NEW ARTICLES, OF EVERY GENRE! Freethought and Philosophy works: Abandon Religion and Modern Sexual Taboos and Their Morality. Comedy works: American Revolution. Short stories: Darrell's Tribulation, Drum Set For Sale, Kevin's Encounter with Store Security, and Reformers: A Tale. And, finally, autobiographical: Confessions. [removed]
    * This will be the last update in some time, so enjoy it.

    Well, my friends, comrades, brothers and sisters... I have to disappear to a world where I will not be allowed to update my website or write essays, or reform for that matter. The details of my departure are confidential, but the reasons are explained in the essay Confessions. Fortunately, I will never achieve my high school diploma. I think there is a sort of pride in that. However, I will try to come back in good time, a year or two, so I can get back to reforming and writing. Good luck, my friends, with your reform, and thank you to every reader I've had.

    Now, of course, I had a NEWS entry set up for my next update (you know, various bits of comedy and wisdom)...

    That onion ring that accidentally came with your fries: an honest, genuine mistake or a secret conspiracy of restaurants to get you addicted to onion rings?

    This is really sad... Robocop goes slower than Johnny 5.

    "I would rather fail at my dreams than succeed in my nightmares." -- Self-quote, of the man Punkerslut

    When Bush gave his State of the Union address, it was awful. "And so, in my state of the -- my state of the union -- or state -- my speech to the nation, whatever you want to call it, speech to the nation." If I were there, I would have stood up and shouted at the top of my lungs, "Speak English or get the hell out of my country!"

    THIS JUST IN!!! "Bush to Vow Crackdown on Corruption". Of course, when I first read this headline, I said, "What? Is he resigning?"

    Christian Girl: Well what do you do about problems in the world?

    Punkerslut: Absolutely nothing... I sit at home, on my couch, in my air-conditioned living room, and spent 14 hours, watching electrons hop around on a glass surface. I just lay there, and allow the world and everything to pass me by. And as the glimmer and the glare of the TeeVee come to a focus, and I see that Steve Erkel is being chased by Winslow again, I can say to myself, "I'm happy with who I am."

    Christian Girl: Really?

    I deserve a medal for this: bush3.jpg.

    Duder: Well, you know the rule: fight fire with fire.
    Punkerslut: That's stupid. You don't fight fire with fire. You fight fire with water.

    I also got more hatemail. Hooray.....

    Dear Punkerslut,

    Let me begin by stating you are a fucking moron. A complete fawking moron. Don't step on a bug, dont eat an animal.... What fucking bullshit. If we did not control the animal and insect population we would get overrun. I suppose you allow ants, cockroaches and spiders to freely roam your house? I dont think so. People like you....... ah never mind, you wont listen. You're a fucken moron.

    Ah, but at least my response was civilized...


    Thank you for the warmest of e-mails. I appreciate it. I was also wonderfully delighted to see that there are people out there that are capable of spelling the word "fucking" many different ways ("fucken" -- "fawking" -- "fucking"). Also, by simply referring to your opponent's philosophy as "fucking bullshit," you are very capable of convincing them that their philosophy is in err. Or, by referring to them as a "complete fawking moron," you also accomplish the same task. Yet, ironically, you ended your e-mail with "you wont listen." Ah, but if grammar was a real human being, you would have killed her right there. What I find amazing, though, is that you are actually capable of BELIEVING that if we didn't kill animals, that we would get overrun. Even comparable in absurdity to the so-called revealed religions of the world, you think that if we do not kill animals they would take over the world. Does it not strike you odd, then, that the 10 billion animals that are slaughtered every year also are reared by factory farming? Odd -- you claim that if we didn't kill them, they would overrun the world, yet it is the human species who is breeding them! But thank you for your e-mail. I have been able to observe a wonderful amount of hypocrisy, contradiction, and failure to offer respect towards your human beings. Thank you and have a nice day.


    For 108,

    Yeap, that's how that went... I got another e-mail from some hunter. The title read, "Are you gay?" It is true that these hunters are wonderful when it comes to the compilation of the written languange, their awe-inspiring sentiments grasping the soul and bringing it to new heights. Yes, just look at these words, "Are you gay?" And then their e-mail, "You sound like a gay animal rights activist, if you want to preach to me, you should read the bible first and find out what Jesus says about so called animal rights." What a wonderfully assorted compilation of wordage.... Actually, the e-mail was grostesque, idiotic, and rather revealing of both the attitude and mentality of this particular hunter. Yaaaay....

    The same hunter wrote to me this.....

    Probably, if you were old enough, you were against the Vietnam war. Well, I fought there and many of my friends died there, defending our rights to be FREE to do what we want when we want, and your free to do what you want when you want, in part because of me and men like me, and more power to you.

    That's right, ladies and gentlemen. By sending our army and soldiers to a country that is 3,000 miles away from us, that has not declared war on us, that has not posed a single threat to us, we are defending ourselves and our liberty. After all, if someone poses no threat to us and we kill them, we obvious are demonstrating our rights and freedoms. Hooray for America and hooray for nationalism!

    Why do idiots e-mail me? I mean, really, what'd I ever do to them? Of course, as I once said to my old editor, "If stupid people are offended, I can't be held responsible!"

    For example...

    Maby if your learned to understand the simple people of the world a bit better, you'd be more open to the suggestion of natural existence. (with natural existence referring to a state in which every being in this world pays its own role, making EVERY aspect of existence absolute PERFECTION. When individuals like yourself attempt to "be different" and gain otherwise nonexistent attention by intentionally doing exactly the opposite of your role in nature, you duck it all up.

    See, the problem is, even I don't know what the hell they're talking about. Sometimes people say odd or stupid things, and then explain it like, "inside joke," and everyone responds, "Ah, it makes sense, but you're still stupid." This is not one of those situations. This correspondent doesn't make sense and is stupid.

    Atheism is for anyone who has been unsatisfied with the excuses provided by the clergy about why god sends non-believers to hell, about why god does not answer prayers, about the contradictions in the Bible. Atheism is for anyone who has not been won over by the hypocrisy of the church and the cruelty of orthodoxy. Atheism is for anyone who has not been beaten to submission by authority, for anyone who has felt that there is reason for seeking out truth, for anyone why has ever doubted the truth of ancient scripture, for anyone who has ever found beauty where others see blasphemy, who discovered thoughtfulness where others see heresy; Atheism is for those whose sincerity of heart has not bee crushed underneath the feet of the cyclopse of religion.

    I was thinking of some good Socialist mottos to put on picket signs for those of us protesters... These seemed adequate.

    Liberate Labor!
    We Cannot Live Without A Living Wage
    No Peace Without Justice
    Refuse To Work Refuse To Buy
    Our Lives Are Worth More Than Profits
    People Not Profits
    Not Another Day Without Justice

    Well, right here I was going to say something to attract women, but I don't think anything I've EVER said has managed to do that, so I'll just fold my arms, close my eyes almost all the way, and nod my head slowly... as though I'm cool. [proceeds to do as he said.] Yeah, but I was going to be more specific like bitch about how I gave my phone number to some girl and how she never called me, and now I'll never see her again.

    By the way, Saved By The Light was the worst movie ever made in the history of filmography. There's only a few cool parts. Like the guy suffers major brain damage, and his mother is talking to him, "You're acting crazy." He says, "I'm not cra--.... what's your name?"

    Close to where I live, there were several plain-clothes-ed men asking for $5 because they got lost on the train and they want to buy a ticket back. However, it appears that the cops and other law enforcement agents have discovered, or at least believe, that these men are scammers who want to get a quick $5 for food, mostly of them being homeless, hobos, bums, or squatters. And, it is indeed true, that these men are called the "criminal class." Of course, when our society thinks of the criminal class, it is likely that we think of men who, though perhaps not daring, enjoy breaking the law as an "easy way out" of restrictions on us due to economy. Instead, though, the criminal class is made up of men who have no other way of surviving, as a job at minimum wage working 40 hours a week will not provide them with enough money to keep an apartment and to get enough food. Among the cultures and the foreign nations that were exploited by Mercantilism, or the millions of dead soldiers who were used by monarchs to advance Imperialism, or the billions of starving people in the world today -- these are all reasons for fighting and detesting the Capitalist system, as it is responsible for producing such cruelties.

    For 108,

    DATE: Wednesday, June 26, 2002, 2:11 A.M.

    Finally, the book Class War which I had promised is here. It took me a while to compose (around 2 months). It's full of research, though. I never want to endorse anything that doesn't have full proof that it is true. So, with the research of the various areas of the economy, I have come to the full endorsement of Socialism. Now, though, I may be taking a small break. I'll still be writing, but not essays. Rather, I'll be spending my time reforming. I can write essays and inform a few individuals all that I like, but that alone isn't enough. I have to talk to those who oppose my views, Capitalists, Christians, Creationists, Omnivores, etc., etc.. I have to try and make a change in society. When I write an essay, it's sort of like another front to allow me to attack a form of injustice. With all of the fronts currently acquired, I think it is just that I start doing some reforming and work for justice. This means writing letters, talking to people, debating, bulletin board debating, etc., etc., etc.. Perhaps, I can find some way of adding my battles to this site, showing the letters and the responses I get. Of course, where I'd put them, I have no idea. (Make another section for my letters, etc.? Not sure...) Ah, well.... I'll be out there making a change, so, good luck to all individuals who stand with me.

    I love spam mail! Apparently, some woman in Africa has found me to be so trustworthy (even though I've never met her) to transfer 28 million US dollars through the bank for her. Wow, I'm right on it!

    Don't forget to visit the UK anti-Snaring site: Anti-Snaring UK.

    For all my allies, the Humanitarians, the Rationalists, the truthseekers,
    For 108,

    DATE: Saturday, June 1, 2002

    * New ARTICLES!!! Our Fellow Creatures, Reformer: My Blood, Review of American Beauty, Will I Forget?"
    * Uummm, and, like, that's about it.

    I recently started putting my essays on a website that allows users to criticize you. One user criticized my essay, "Of Racism," because in it I quoted the Bible as saying it condoned slavery (which it does). The person who criticized me used brilliant logic, "when you look modern chruch today you charity work." Wow, I say, I am so blown away. Maybe I was wrong all along, because -- after all -- "today you charity work" is absolute logic! Actually, I couldn't decipher much of the letter at all.

    You know you don't watch enough TeeVee when you have this conversation....

    Punkerslut: I am not a Communist.
    Capitalist: It's like Homer said: "Communism works in theory."
    Punkerslut: Homer was a roaming bard born thousands of years before Marx.
    Capitalist: .... Homer Simpson?

    Punkerslut: Is summer school hard?
    Beast: no, it's wicked easy
    Punkerslut: Nice.
    Punkerslut: Can't wait!
    Beast: you going?
    Beast: for what subject(s)?
    Punkerslut: Most fucking definitely.
    Punkerslut: Math: First quarter: 36. Second Quarter: 27. Third Quarter: 78. Fourth Quarter (so far): 59.
    Punkerslut: Advanced Algebra.

    For 108,

    DATE: Saturday, April 27, 2002

    * NEW ARTICLES!!!!! Nostradamus Considered, Nature of Hate Crime Legislation, The, Tale of Harry the Masturbator, The, Treatise Against Vivisection, A , Why I Cannot Be A Christian
    . * NEW CRITIQUES!!!!! Smith, Wesley J., Bacon, Sir Francis.

    My old way of getting out of trouble was to claim, "If stupid people are offended, I can't be held responsible!"

    This is some interesting news...

    Corporate espionage turned to gunfire yesterday at the DEM Robotics Facility when security discovered an unauthorized attempt to gain access to the computer system. The discovery occurred during a false fire alarm, believed to have been initiated by suspects posing as a Spectrum Wheel painting crew. Magical security discovered one of the painters accessing an executive's computer while performing routine fire alarm patrols. Security was immediately notified and efforts to contain the intrusion were initiated. With their cover identity exposed, the five men incapacitated guards outside the facility and fought their way to the garage complex before escaping in the stolen Spectrum Wheel van. The assailants left four security guards dead and two in critical condition. Witnesses claim the painters consisted of four human males and a dwarven male.

    AOEUI (Dvorak keyboard)
    UAIOE (KMFDM band)

    If you can read this, you're not the president.

    Heh, Cliff Walker died. He's the guy who made Cliff notes. When President Bush found out, he said, "That's too bad. He was my favorite author." [Hehe, stolen from Conan O'Brian]

    sieg sieg

    deutsche schuld

    I heard that some kid in Germany shot up his school, but he aimed for the teachers: 14 teachers dead, 2 kids dead, and 1 cap dead. He was dressed in black and armed with a shotgun and a handgun. Only four were wounded. The kid was expelled a few days, from those teachers, before the exams and (consequently) graduation. (I suppose this is the part where you want my opinion? Okay, then... Death is death, and I cannot in any way condone it, unless it is necessary for destroying oppression. However, since this child had numerous run-ins with teachers and, since teachers often oppress without thought and with heart, their deaths can sometimes be permissible -- as is the death with any authority figure who abuses their power through tyranny and corruption. However, I am not knowledgeable enough to say that what this kid did was moral or immoral. Still, though, since he was expelled, what he did appeared to be an act of vengeance. Perhaps he was too consumed in a fiery rage to think clearly, and his fate was inevitable. Whatever the causes, whatever the reasons, the cruelty of teachers has led students to fight back, and society's uniform voice will wail loudly, "Inhumanity," but rarely has society ever given a look at the brutality and cruelty of teachers, of their policies, of their absolutely ridiculous methods of teaching. Something like this was bound to happen. And it was set up by the schools.)

    Jay Sherman went to behind the scenes at the new Planet of the Apes and he saw the statue of liberty in the scenes and said, "Oh my god... they're filming it again! Damn them! Damn them all to hell!"

    Caeser: Et tu, Brutae? (And you, too, Brutus?)
    Immanual Kant: Et est gut. (It is good.)
    George Bush: Putting a blender in my tub makes bubbles!

    For 108,

    DATE: Tuesday, April 16, 2002

    * NEW ARTICLES!!! Freethought Manifesto, The, Affirmative Action, Of Racism, Should Atheism Be Defended?, Survival, Examining An Argument 3: Debate on Nutrition, Endings Of Movies You Never Saw, Ya'll Know What Poly Means?, Draft, The.
    * NEW ABOUT SECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    * I'M REALLY TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!
    * IGNORE THAT LAST STATEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    While playing Meridian 59 (yeah, it's back, so hooray), Creep broadcasted, "Babies in the morning, babies in the evening, babies at supper time!!! When babies are on the bagel, I can eat babies any time!" Hehe, I still laugh at that.

    When there was a petition to see who was selling their souls, one person wrote, "I want the new soul The Lord has waiting in heaven for me. I can't wait to get rid of this sinful soul and get a soul with NO sin and be replenished and walk with the LORD! That day will be glorious when the Lord calls his people to come home to Him! I love you Lord Jesus and I'm ready for you to come rescue me from this awful world! Jesus Rules!!!!!!!!!!"

    "We don't like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out." - Decca Recording Co. rejecting the Beatles, 1962

    I was debating a Muslim before. A real pain. Not because he was a Muslim, but because all of his claims were vague and indistinct. He's a clip of the argument...

    Punkerslut: What is god?
    Muslim: A creation cannot define its creator.
    Punkerslut: I can define my parents perfectly fine.
    Muslim: But they are not your absolute creators!
    Punkerslut: So, Islam may be defined as "Faith in that which we do not know that we have faith in."
    Muslim: You're missing my point....

    There were a lot of Red Herrings. I would call him on his fallacies, scientific and historical and philosophical, and he would quickly try to move on to the next thing, and then shoot out five new random arguments. Not to mention someone who was completely unskilled in logic. "You cannot make something greater than you. That is logic." (Actually, I do not recollect that being any of the rules of logic.) Talk about a waste of my time. I like to keep an open mind, but an hour of that is ridiculous.

    There was this Taxi driver and he was going along, and he was hitting all the Irish people he saw. "There's a [INSERT MINORITY HERE] person! There's a [INSERT MINORITY HERE] person! " So, then he sees a priest. He lets him in the Taxi. Going along, he sees another [INSERT MINORITY HERE] person. He thinks, "Hhhhmmm, I can't hit him with the priest in the car, so I'll just go close enough to scare him." He goes by the [INSERT MINORITY HERE] person and hears, BU-BUMP! He says, "Oh, shit!" The priest says, "Oh, don't worry about it. You missed him but I got him with the door."

    "To state that the road to hell is paved with good intentions is an assumption. It is based on an immutable truth, though. The road to heaven is paved with bad intentions."

    "God: He wants your Sunday mornings and your soul!"

    There I was, driving and I go to switch lanes with my instructor, when a van comes barreling down the right lane, and woosh -- nearly crashed. My instructor, instead of directing me of how to get out of the incident, screams, "What are you trying to do!? Kill us?!" During the whole lesson, his voice was filled with the putrid smell of indignance and his mentality was based on a brutal nature. Later, we talked a little while in the car...

    Instructor: You nearly took 30 years off my life there.
    Punker: Come on... It's more like 10 years.
    Instructor: Hey, shut up and keep your eyes on the road.

    Keel: so did ya hear the catholic church is nearing bankruptcy? hah, WHERES GOD NOW!?
    Punkerslut: Hehe, he's come to his senses. =)
    Keel: ROFL
    Punkerslut: Catholic to Pope: "Here! I have a donation!" [lifts up $100 bill, as it disappears into thin air] Pope to Catholic: "Hhhhmmm, that's been happening often lately."

    I finally received some hatemail. I was so proud of myself....

    "The Internet, while an interesting medium of mass communication, is also defiled by individuals such as yourself."

    Apparently, to this individual, to allow freedom of thought is to defile something -- that as long as our conscience is free, we will forever be a cursed being. And this is the very nature of the foul creature called Censorship! It is brutal and as long as intolerance is fostered by society, it will be here forever. In fact, I shall practice my right to Free Speech right now: fuck.

    There have been a lot of other Punkerslutian haters out there as of late. For example, Richard has been annoying me and calling me fake (etc., etc.), and when some random person said "...maybe you should add 'Ignore your friends.' and 'Act like a little child.' or even 'Refuse to take criticism.' to your profile... it'd make such a good addition.", I thought it was Richard. However, after closer examination, I realized it was S-Man-1, from the article Examining An Argument 1: Debate on Education. If he's trying to apologize, he's going about it the wrong way, slightly. (If, by "slightly," I mean, "In the most extreme way imaginable.")

    For 108,

    DATE: Friday, April 5, 2002

    * The Great Freethinkers article is finally up! Hooray! See the great Freethinkers in all their glory here!
    * Other new articles: This Is What He Meant, Unavailing, Examining An Argument 2: Debating A Capitalist, I Don't Want To Die For Something Not Worth Dying For, Lies of Islam, The Essential of Vegetarianism, Let's Make A Government. Check out the Vegetarian article. It's superb (albeit a bit long). I added it in the middle of the week, too.
    * Other unnoticable changes. (Like, um, stuff, yes.)

    Bush's declaration about the "Axis of Evil" has confirmed what his adversaries have always believed: his vocabulary is limited to Saturday morning cartoons. Just this morning, Bush made the statement, "Osama bin Laden is a mad scientist trying to rule the world. Accordingly, I will run the Bat signal."

    Apparently, my previous host -- www.freewebz.com -- has very poor technology when it comes to tracking visitors. Also, with my new host, I have been getting very conflicting information. So, I put a tracker bar at the bottom of my main page to see if there was much of a change. First day of the tracker bar goes by and it says 15 hits -- but my previous host (which does some tracking) says only 2 hits! Something shady, brothers! Something shady indeed!

    Although there may not appear to be, there certainly is a difference between the Modern Progressive Movement and the Philosophical Freethought Movement. The primary difference I see is that the Progressives base most of their beliefs on facts, whereas the Freethinkers base most of their beliefs on facts and theory. For example, many Progressives talk about Mumia Abu Jamal, the black radio talkhost who has been on Death Row. Mumia, the story goes, was imprisoned and sentenced to death without enough evidence. The Progressives respond by saying that the Death Penalty is inhumane and that Mumia should be freed. Now, accordingly, the Freethinkers would find the Death Penalty as a gross injustice, period -- although Freethinkers may not be devoted advocates dedicated to liberating Mumia, the Death Penalty is certainly inhumane, because it is causing unnecessary suffering. Whether Mumia really should have been found guilty or not is something that only a few of us are knowledgeable of. However, the point has been demonstrated: the Progressives bring up the case of Mumia; they do not present a theory of justice, or a theory of morals. They simply bring up the case and point to its inhumanity. The Freethinkers may bring up the case of Mumia, or the case of any other convicted of the Death Penalty, and then will demonstrate a theory of humaneness, that we ought to live with causing the least amount of suffering to each other. That is the difference between the Modern Progressive Movement and the Philosophical Freethought Movement.

    Another good example would be the case of Animal Rights. Progressives may tend to use unstable evidence, or pictures of animals in suffering, to denote that animals deserve rights. However, Freethinkers will "philosophize" -- "Since all men are equal despite skin color, then should not all animals be equal despite quantity of legs?" The Progressives detest religion, but largely because of it being the cause of the destruction of civilization over the last thousand years, whereas the Freethinkers detest it for that, as well as the illogic of it. "Since there is no evidence of any spiritual beings, there should be no belief in such a deity." The Modern Progressive Movement and the Philosophical Freethought Movement are different, indeed, however they are often mixed up, and I just wanted to make sure that everyone was clear on this. (Oh, yeah, because my opinion is soooooo important.) =)


    I write a lot. This is simple fact. Much of my life has been dedicated to demonstrating humaneness and rationalism in my writing. Because of this, as I know I have stated before, I have not had chance to pursue a social life. No friends, no girlfriends, etc.. I usually have always said, "Maybe, once I write that article," or "Once I get this far," or "Once they realize the brutality of their actions..." It's never happened. It always seems that there is more to be done, more to be reformed, more work, more change, more effort -- more blood and life. Just a thought.

    For 108,

    DATE: Friday, March 29, 2002


    * New Book! A Real Education
    * New Articles! This Is War, Religion Is Ignorance, Dairy-Free Yogurt And Blowjobs, What Is A Hero?, Examining An Argument
    * New Main Quote!
    * New Host! That means less down time!

    I'll have the article concerning the Great Freethinkers up in a few days perhaps.

    I hate Anarchists who write the Anarchist symbol on school desks and not know who the hell Bakunin, Kropotkin, Goldman, or Ferrer were. I hate Christians who think their religion has demonstrated considerable goodness. I hate the teachers who abuse and torture students. I hate the politicians who lack the dignity and courage to become statesmen. I hate principals, cops, M-TeeVee, TeeVee, Theocrats, the president, preps, jocks, cheerleaders, and goths who are obsessed with misery. I hate the skum between your nails and I hate stupidity of Westerners. Downright vile, cruel, and disguisting ignorance, resulting in pain and suffering.

    "Moral insanity, sexual perversions, repression, inferiority complexes, petty crimes - these often follow in the wake of blood transfusion." - Stupid Christian Magazine (Watch Tower)

    "What is it?"

    "I think it's a body."

    "Are you sure?"

    ".... no."

    "Looking for bin Laden, but they already know where the Pope is."

    From Futurama, as seen by Keel (I never watch the horrid machine called TeeVee).

    Fry: Father is there anything you can do to help?
    Priest: I can offer prayer.
    Fry: Ok, but is there anything you can do to help?

    For 108,

    DATE: Saturday, March 16, 2002

    Some UPDATES!
    * New articles! This Day, Concepts of Socialism, Humanity, and the short essay of A Plea for Vegetarianism.
    * New articles index!
    * New NEWS entry!
    * Uummm, like, stuff....

    Unlike the higher arts, fucking isn't something that only sophisticated people can enjoy.

    A Clockwork Orange...

    Churchman: "What does God want? Does God want goodness or the choice of goodness? Is a man who chooses the bad perhaps in some way better than a man who has the good imposed upon him?"
    Alex: "But what I do I do because I like to do. "

    Punkerslut: Hey, how's it going?
    Iastari: Yo.... hey, can you bait a hook?
    Punkerslut: Of course. It takes a moron
    Iastari: So, you good at it?
    Punkerslut: I would never bait a hook with a live worm. That's cruel. I hold that all animals deserve rights, and I won't eat them or bait them.
    Iastari: Yeah, but, are you like a good baiter?
    Punkerslut: No, I would never do that.
    Iastari: Well, for a second, just say you would. Do you think you'd be a master at it?
    Punkerslut: For the last time, I said no!

    Punkerslut: I don't see a reason to believe in god.
    Fundy: I am that I am.
    Punkerslut: But can you prove god?
    Fundy: I just did.
    Punkerslut: Oh, let me go run off to church right now.

    A quote from a fictional character...

    "Their commanders will let them drop fire on people, but they won't let them write FUCK on their airplanes because it is obscene." - Colonel Kurtz

    And a quote from a real character...

    "I am proud of the fact that I never invented weapons to kill." - Thomas Edison

    For 108,

    DATE: Saturday, March 2, 2002

    Updates, babe, lots of 'em!
    * NEW ARTICLES! Child Abuse And Damage, Super-Rad 80's Lingo, Legends from ARPANET, and Heartlessness in Monogamy.
    * NEW SHORT ESSAY! The Cruelty of Christianity!
    * NEW LINK! ...blasphemous... -- Okay, okay. So maybe a new link isn't the most exciting thing to happen, but 'ey, you know? It's Jawbreaker's site, and you don't just ignore a website with an intelligent webmaster.
    * As you can see, the main page set up has been changed so now you can see the best of the best: in books, critiques, articles.
    * Whoa! Speaking of critiques, the section is finally working with six critiques of five authors! Craziness! Out of controll-ness!
    * I changed the way the article The Freethought Papers was set up. Now it is divided into its own sections. Yippy!

    INRI -- This acronym can be seen at the top of every crucifix, but just what does it mean? A little research conducted and I realized that it means, "I'm Not Really Important." Yeap. Not too glamorous at all, is it? Truthful, at least.

    The death of Percival Bysshe Shelley...

    Shelley accidentally drowned off Leghorn while returning in a small yacht from an 1822 visit to his friend, the bisexual Lord Byron. Sharing his fate were his friend Williams and a sailor lad, all of whom had unsuccessfully faced a squall which submerged them. When shelley's body washed ashore near Viareggio, its face was so disfigured that his body had to be identified by the copies of Aeschylus and John Keats's poems doubled back in his jacket. "The face and hands, and the parts of the body not protected by the dress, were fleshless," wrote the poet's friend Edward Trelawny. [Who's Who In Hell, by Warren Allen Smith, page 1008.]

    Punkerslut (7:32:21 PM): Hey, you know any tracts, comics, essays, books, whatever, by Christians that can easily be refuted? I want something easy in my critiques section of my site.
    Punkerslut (7:32:30 PM): (Yeah, and I'm already working on the Chick tracts.)
    Detached (7:32:30 PM): Jack Chick

    "Mama, I just killed a man. Put my gun to his head. Pulled the gun, now he's dead." You know, when I sang these lyrics when I was in 2nd grade, I didn't know how horrific what it described was. It actually is considerably inhumane.

    Two men are outside in an alleway. After one has beaten the other thoroughly, he rests on the ground bleeding. The rain continues to pour hard. The individual who beat his friend walks over to the near lifeless body on the ground, picks up his head by his hair, and presses the end of a pistol against the bruised and bleeding flesh. The beaten victim gulps and breathes. A second passes, and so does a life, as the bullet pierces the soft, tender flesh, exploding in all directions, spreading blood over the clothes of the gunman. The gunman rises from the cadaver, standing almost solemnly over his dead friend, the rain water becoming a light red. A few paused moments of hesitation and he walks away, puddles splashing with every step.

    This update took a lot out of me. It's been a while since I updated, sure, but now I'm just gonna chill out and work on kicking some ass. Yeah. Mos def. =)

    For 108,

    DATE: Friday, February 22, 2002

    UPDATES ---- (yeah, those pesky things)

    * I redid the links part entirely.
    * As you can notice, my website is now part of the Asshole Network. Hooray for me.
    * New Short Essay: The Cruelty of Eating Meat. Be sure to check it out.

    Now for the more irrelevant and less immediate news...

    I finally finished that article "Should Atheism Be Defended?" It's 11,000 words. I submitted it to the Internet Infidels to see if I can get it published as a feature. Let's all hope, eh? =)

    Alladin is a Muslim. This I just remembered. In the movie Alladin by Disney, there are many references to Allah. Like when the Sultan had problems with his daughter, so he said to his daughter's pet tiger, "Allah-forbid you should have any daughters!" And then when the Sultan finally does marry off his daughter, he says, "Allah be praised!" But I just really want to say to all those Muslim haters out there.... Are you really ready to hate Disney's most lovable character?

    I submitted the following to www.wherewereyouon911.com...

    There I was, in school, when the most horrible tragedy occurred. It was unspeakable, the most horrendous abomination to plague the face of the earth. To think of the hearts crushed, of the smiles destroyed, of the relationships gone. In a thousand years of contemplating, I could not secure enough tears to accomodate this one disastor. And for what? I'll tell you for what... For my peanut butter sandwich, those little maggot-crawling bastards. There I was in the cafeteria and somebody poked me from the side. Flinching in pain, some asshole grabs my peanut butter sandwich and runs. Little motherfucker! And it all happened on September 11th. www.punkerslut.com

    Eventually, they decided to take out my website, those wenches. See it directly here.

    This is somewhat amusing...


    Brazil: 0.5% to 0.9%
    Argentina: under 0.5%
    Czechoslavakia: 1.0% to 1.4%
    France: Up to 10%

    [RESOURCE: Page H26-32 of The Man's Body, edited by David Heidenstam.]

    (Not that it's saying anything remotely controversial.... is it?)

    "There are two places they send people for having too good a time. One is prison. The other is church." - Dusty, from The Nature of the Beast.

    Many reformers and social critics come to their reform-issue from personal experiences. The founder of MADD - Mothers Against Drunk Driving - lost her son to a drunk driver. Many gun control advocates can justly claim that one of their loved ones was lost to a gun. There are numerous examples of these, I am sure. In my opinion, I think it is a sort of inobjectivity among people - a cultural nihilism, if you will - that blurs reason and decapitates logic. It is good and well that these reformers approach their reform-issues in democratic ways (and some not in all that democratic ways). However, there is a problem that lies beneath this: people are so seemingly ignorant of problems that they need to be stuck hard with them before they realize how horrible these problems are. I'm not siding with MADD or gun control advocates. I am simply saying, they fail to use reason, observation, and logic prior to the experiences. They also take on a stance of "Us Versus Them." I've seen some of them lecture and speak. They will do whatever is necessary to further their position: lying, exaggerating, slander, sympathetic stories, side with causes that at heart they disagree with but only to get attention or aid, etc., etc., etc.. Dr. Laura was a Homophobic radio show host for years. She apologizes for her remarks, but then the Human Rights Organization responds by saying that it is not enough. I've seen groups use false statistics or misleading statistics. If a prominent Atheist made the declaration that Hitler was Christian, and therefore Christians tend to be bad people, I would absolutely disagree with this statement -- even if it whipped crowds of Atheists into frenzies or deconverted Christians. My goal is not Atheism or Vegetarianism. I have said before that my goal was Rationalism and Humanitarianism, two concepts that embrace Atheism and Vegetarianism. But I think I may have been in err when I said that. Honestly, I think my one goal is truth.

    Gloria: Every year, thousands of people are killed by handguns.
    Archie: Would it make you feel any better if they was pushed out of windows?

    Awwwwww, isn't this sweet? I was harassed by a Racist.

    Hitlers Helper88: Seig Heil you fuckin Marxist cocksucker

    Jeeze... I'm not even a Marxist. I think I should contact my local center for hate control.

    For 108,

    DATE: Friday, February 8, 2002


    * New links!
    * One old article added. ("Why I Detest America" -- Hooray! Down with Patriotism!) Also a new article: My Deconversion Story. It's hot off the presses! Read all about it! Your friends will!
    * Changed "Archived News" to just "Archives." Now you can access old quotes, too.
    * New main quote. Yay-ness.... and stuff.

    "There is one thing I hate more than piety, and that is patriotism." - Charles Babbage, quoted in page 108 of Charles Darwin's Autobiography.

    I don't see why they call them New Age Religions. In a thousand years, they'll still be regarded as Old Age Mistakes. (Ooohhhh, sharp, critical wit.)

    Beast: lol, you make that up yourself?
    Punkerslut: Yeah, I did.

    "When the foot comes down, I'll be the first to hold up the pin." - Sirkuit
    "The society that trades a little freedom for a little order loses both, and deserves neither." - Jefferson

    I'm still debating which of these two quotes I like the best, but I would most likely side with Sirkuit.

    [Warning: The following is impersonal and not intending to offend anyone.] Don't speak your mind; I can't stand silence.

    The purpose of the First Amendment is to allow people to offend each other. That's why the laws of the United States interpreted it as killing other people for about 100 years (AKA: Dueling). It is also why rape is common in prisons. "Hey, I got my first amendment rights!" That's practically what many prisoners say when they pretty much don't have anything else. Also a terrible cry for reform among our reformoratories.

    There have been many requests that have asked me why I am referred to as "Punkerslut." There is no mystical answer, but I shall provide the real one anyway. Initially, I heard the word "Punkerslut" used in a Sublime song ("Thanks Dub" off of "40 Ounces to Freedom") and then I tried to casually blend it into my vocabulary. "Hey, you Punkerslut, yo'!" - yes, my very timid gangsta' slur of 7th grade. Someone regarded it as "phat," but, eh, well. It's quite odd, too, because in no way am I a slut. Perhaps I listen to Punk ocassionally - Bad Religion and Propagandhi - but I wouldn't call myself a punk, anyway. If anything, my name should be IndustrialHead-Outcast, because I love Industrial, and I don't get much human contact. Anyway, more on the Punkerslut... I called someone a Punkerslut in M59 once and they were fucking superiorly pissed off. They said, "I'm not a Punkerslut and stop calling me that." I said, "Whatever, it's not like I'm trying to offend you." And then this random, baby, 5 year old infant cry, "I am not a slut!!!!!!" Crazy Monogamists. So, being the semi-sane individual I was, I apologized and never spoke to that person again. Of course, she broadcasted the fucking message, so like 100 people saw it, including the administrator who also saw reason to get ticked off. "You call her, or anyone, a slut again, and your ass is grass, pal!" (Something like that.) And it was just a really big, unnecessary shit-storm. So, then I used my e-mail address as punkersluta@excite.com, which I still use. And then I signed up for a Bulletin Board to argue pro-Atheism, and I used Punkersluta. Then when I went to The Dogma, it went to Punker (I guess I messed up when I signed an article as just "For 108, Punker,") and then I had them fix it to Punkerslut. So, ummm, yes, that is the provocative and profoundly sexual origin of my name: Punkerslut.

    KMFDM's CD "Boots" has come out. It's their first publication as a collective since they broke up in '98 or whenever. I hope it proves to be a good CD.

    I think that TV should be renamed to MR. TV = Television. MR = Mindrot. Mindrot, the viewing of television and programs from thousands of miles away, is addictive and counterproductive. After a nice viewing of the tube, you can claim to have gained little. But, sit down and write an essay, think, consider the views of society, and you'll have gained something that will make a life time. If you are content to not think, to not question, then the old adage fits perfectly well, "Life goes on, even though the thrill of living has not."

    And remember, kiddies!... Blasphemy is just the voice of reason in the closed-room of sacred ignorance.

    For 108,

    DATE: Monday, February 4, 2002

    * Two new letters (in articles section, feind!)
    * New pix

    Carl Sagan has much to say on StarTrek... "The idea that Mr. Spock could be a cross between a human being and a life-form independently evolved on planet Vulcan is genetically far less probable than a successful cross of a man and an artichoke." (page 375 of A Demon-Haunted World.) I'm sure that the producers of StarTrek won't even leave their homes now that they're so embarassed.

    As far as music goes... The only reason Beethoven is popular is because of the movie A Clockwork Orange by Kubrick. Nobody can really argue with that statement. Speaking of things you can't argue with...

    "The fact is that far more crime and child abuse has been committed by zealots in the name of God, Jesus and Mohammed than has ever been committed in the name of Satan. Many people don't like that statement, but few can argue with it." - Kenneth V. Lanning, Supervisory Special Agent at the Behavioral Science Instruction and Research Unit of the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Quote from the October 1989 issue of the professional journal, The Police Chief.

    You ever get lonely?

    Only around people.

    Amusingly enough, I saved the following conversation so I could post it on my website, and Adramaleck saved it so he could show his girlfriend. In fact, I'm willing to bet 99% that we both continued the monotony and general droning of the conversation for the mere fact that could make it more interesting to those who we were going to show it to. Enjoy!

    Punkerslut: "The idea that Mr. Spock could be a cross between a human being and a life-form independently evolved on planet Vulcan is genetically far less probable than a successful cross of a man and an artichoke." - Carl Sagan.
    Adramaleck: lol
    Adramaleck: not true
    Punkerslut: True, true.
    Punkerslut: The genetic makeup of foreign life forms entirely would be different. Consider the formation and the duplication of chromosomes in an entirely different body, not only in quantity but in quality and how the quantity would adversely affect the condition of the organism!
    Adramaleck: a human and an artichoke are not the same type of being, neither do they have the same type of cellular structure, animals have the same type of cellular structure, but a plant's structure of cells diffrers greatly from an animals.
    Punkerslut: Point being? We're talking about a goddamn alien and a human!
    Adramaleck: yeah, the aliens are still living and are animals
    Punkerslut: But were developed in an entirely different atmosphere.
    Punkerslut: Oxygen could be poisonous to them, just like it was to early animals on earth!
    Adramaleck: Vulcans consume oxygen as well.
    Punkerslut: Consume?
    Adramaleck: yeah
    Adramaleck: you and I consume it as well
    Punkerslut: You could call it "consume."
    Adramaleck: consume does not only mean eat
    Adramaleck: dude,
    Punkerslut: But the point is, Vulcans could be silicon based lifeforms.
    Adramaleck: vulcans are on the same starship as them, in the same exact atmosphere
    Adramaleck: therfore they breathe oxygen
    Adramaleck: therefore
    Punkerslut: Yeah, but, hypothetically, another alien race would be near improbable.
    Adramaleck: Which is why you don't see every alien race crossbred with humans.
    Punkerslut: I think humans and aliens would be fucking instantly if we ever met. No alien and human crossbreed has ever happened because aliens are yet to be discovered.
    Adramaleck: As you can see, from a normal vulcan and a human, they both look the same on the outside, the vulcans are not covered in fur nor scales, but skin, same as humans
    Punkerslut: There are too many different variants among alien life forms which are to be considered when you're making a mix of life: the compound element of how the life is based (carbon? silicon?), the type of nutrients needed to keep it alive, the method of fucking reproduction! (asexual, sexual), etc., etc., etc..
    Adramaleck: The writers made them have the same method of reproduction as well as being the same type of life from.
    Punkerslut: Yes, they may look the same, but looks don't matter. They are in the humanoid form (two legs, two arms, upright, etc., etc.). And sure, the writers may make them magically the same exact genotype with slight modifications, but the fact is that if humans tried to mate with an alien life form on another planet, it would be absolutely damn near in-fucking-possible.
    Adramaleck: Not as impossible as with a human and a plant, though.
    Punkerslut: But you have to take into consideration that a plant has the same atmosphere and was developed in the same settings as humans.
    Punkerslut: An alien race may not even be carbon-based! It might be poisonous to oxygen, which would make mating a fucking difficult job.
    Adramaleck: as were vulcans, if they can breath on the same starship as humans, and humans can visit their planet.
    Adramaleck: and they can visit earth
    Punkerslut: That's the hypothetical situation; I'm talking about an actual alien life form.
    Adramaleck: without tanks of shit
    Adramaleck: lmao
    Adramaleck: tanks of shit.
    Adramaleck: ther type of air they breathe rather.
    Punkerslut: Yeah, why wolud they breath that? =)
    Adramaleck: i dunno it'd be a bit thick to breathe don't you think?
    Punkerslut: Heh, they wouldn't need tanks of that. They could just bottom their partner and breath through their asshole.
    Adramaleck: lmao
    Punkerslut: Shit-breath enima.
    Punkerslut: That might be painful.
    Adramaleck: a bit
    Punkerslut: Still, an alien life form is not likely to be able to reproduce with a fucking human. The atmospheres are by far much too different.
    Adramaleck: oh i know.
    Adramaleck: humans cant breed with horses.
    Adramaleck: im just saying its more probable then a human and an artichoke.
    Punkerslut: I don't know about that. I mean, another alien life form might be a sponge that normally is at 140 degrees F.
    Punkerslut: Ow, try fucking that.
    Adramaleck: depends WHAT alien life form =P
    Adramaleck: there could be an exact copy of humans on another planet and sicne they arnt from earth, they would be considered aliens
    Punkerslut: Exactly. If you searched hard enough, you'd find an alien life form that'd be close enough.
    Punkerslut: Could be, yes, since the Universe is so goddamned big.
    Adramaleck: we should use weed to do a peace agreement thingy.
    Adramaleck: lol
    Adramaleck: sorry, stoner moment.
    Punkerslut: Heh, what the hell are you talking?
    Adramaleck: if aliens ever invaded us
    Punkerslut: All right, dude.... cool, cool. So, we come to an agreement: it's unlikely that a human would successfully breed with a given alien life form compared to a human mating successfully with an artichoke, however, if an alien with a duplicate genotype was found on another planet, or even a close genotype, would be more likely to mate with a human than a human and and an artichoke. Agreed?
    Adramaleck: yep.
    Adramaleck: but its more likley that a human would mate with an undefined alien species than an artichoke because there are an infinite amount of them because the universe is infinite.
    Punkerslut: But an undefined alien species is more likely to be something un-likety to mate than a compatible mix for humies.
    Adramaleck: it's still more likley to be able to mate with an artichoke, because theres a 0% chanse of a human and an artichoke
    Adramaleck: Think about it, about the odds.. lol
    Punkerslut: Heh, I wouldn't say 0%, but far goddamned unlikely. A human would fuck a 140F sponge and then find out that it was an asexual organism.
    Adramaleck: lol
    Adramaleck: nothey would more likley do the semen-egg thing.
    Punkerslut: "Wait a minute? Is my penis supposed to be a hot green color?"
    Adramaleck: take the egg from the sponge and take the semen from a humen
    Adramaleck: lol
    Punkerslut: Well, if you want to get artificial about it, then modern geneticists could certainly mix an artichoke with a human. With an alien life form, geneticists wouldn't know where the fuck to begin.
    Adramaleck: but then again we may never know because it may take hundreds of thousands of years to make a sponge...
    Adramaleck: and it would be discareded before that point
    Punkerslut: It takes long to make a sponge? I wouldn't say that.
    Adramaleck: yeah, but it wouldn't make anything
    Adramaleck: it wouldn't work.
    Punkerslut: A human sponge hybrid!
    Adramaleck: im talking an alien sponge dude
    Adramaleck: dude
    Adramaleck: they can grow ears on things
    Adramaleck: lol
    Adramaleck: isnt that fucked up?
    Punkerslut: I think Spock should have been a human-sponge hybrid. Captain Kirk: "Spock.... would you...... like some water?" Spock dips his hand in a cup of water and soaks up the water wit hit. "Thank you, Captain."
    Adramaleck: lol
    Punkerslut: That'd be sooooo awesome.
    Adramaleck: that would be the best
    Punkerslut: Okay, so, if you take a human and a random alien life form from anywhere in the Universe, it is less likely that they'd mate rather than when you take a human and an artichoke. However, when you wish to mate a similar genotypical alien organism with a human, it is more likely than a human and an artichoke mating. Aye aye?
    Adramaleck: the random one is still more likley to
    Punkerslut: I seriously doubt that, man.
    Adramaleck: because it has a chanse of being a geotypical
    Punkerslut: Consider all the kinds of alien organisms.
    Punkerslut: It does, but not a big one.
    Adramaleck: consider that a human has no chanse of mating with an artichoke whatsoever
    Punkerslut: It is more likely to be a simple life form.
    Punkerslut: There's always a chanse, even if a small one.
    Adramaleck: ok ok whatever
    Adramaleck: what you said up there
    Adramaleck: lol
    Punkerslut: Yeah, yeah.... I thought so. [is genetic master of all biology]

    For 108,

    DATE: Friday, February 01, 2002

    I did a few things. Here they are...

    * NEW links!
    * NEW articles!: I got some old ones up and a MUST READ: "Worth and Humanitarianism."
    * Fixed a few OLD errors!

    I decided not to put up my latest book on education yet. I'm too tired. I just spent several hours HTML-formatting a few old articles (after digging them up from the bin). And all I want to do is write, not HTML-ize. But, at least I'm independent with HTML. "They will say that only the free should be educated, but I tell you, only the educated are free." - Epictetus, Discourses

    Everyone should do themselves a favor and read Eugene Khutoryansky's article on Objective Morality. Very intriguing and intelligent. See it here: http://members.aol.com/okhutor/essay/morals.html. Also, there is a particularly talented artist who deserves reference here: DeathBoy. DeathBoy is by far quite impressive. His music is American Darkwave - just some really good dark techno. I suggest "Sunday Killing Time," "Acid People," and "Importance Mindless Bi." Incredible stuff. Highly suggested.

    The motto of "In God We Trust" for the United States is officially being changed to...

    Just another typical day in America: fuck it all and kick some ass.

    I'm not kidding, either.

    Did you know that in the StarTrek movies, they regard a parsec as a measure of speed when in reality, a parsec is a measure of distance? Geeze, I really hope somebody got fired for that one.

    After the events of September 11th, I went on to write Why I Detest America -- perhaps not the most time-sensitive title. Richard Gere, however, went on to say, "There is a lot of hostility, but we need to turn that into something positive, like compassion and caring." (Not exactly that, but along those lines.) The amusing part is that a lot of people boo'd him for that remark. What a bunch of fucking brutes. Brutalitarian would be the perfect way to describe them. They can be defined as barbaric monstrous: cruel, vicious, and vengeful. Men with only one thing in mind: kill and get joy from it. Such is the definition of vengeance: to unnecessarily cause suffering to help some striving ego define itself, so that some attention-starved, mentally-decrepit "vengeful" person can help satisfy their urge to cause pain. Anyway, I vow never to make fun of Gere again. (Give me three hours, okay?) It takes balls to promote compassion, tolerance, and understanding to a group of Americans, let alone after September 11th. (Not only did it require courage, but it required an open, kind, and warm heart.)

    Also, concerning September 11th, I'm quite pissed off about how everybody keeps referring to it as "a wake up call." That, apparently, since 9-11, they feel that life is short and they need to get on with what they're doing. It's unfortunate that the thousands of children who starve everyday have no effect on the American public. Interesting, to say the least, if not pompously ignorant and barbaric.

    For 108,

    DATE: Monday, January 28, 2002

    As you can all see, I took down NiD's picture from the main page and replaced it with a digitally altered picture of myself. I know, I know. With such good artwork as NiD's, it was quite difficult. But just click his name and you can go to his site and see all his other artwork. I can only bring you more promises with this news item, sorry, friends. Anyway, I reformatted the NEWS style. From now on, I'll bitch and moan more. People told me to save it for the articles, but fuck that. Now, there's nothing new. Just that pic. However, I finished that article on education. Unfortunately, it turned out to be 300k. Don't you just hate writing a small article and it turning out to be a book? Blasticus. It won't be up until Sirkuit writes the Forward to it. So there's something for you to look up to. Tthe UPDATE...

    * Got a new main picture.
    * That's all....

    Thought of the Day: Physical force and violence are perhaps the least sophisticated and primitive methods of accomplishing a task. Perhaps it's just that I go to high school where violence is not all to uncommon, and where threats are by far much more common, but I think it would be a logical statement to declare somewhere. As far as violence goes, I cannot detest it enough. It was breeded of hate and directed aimlessly. For what reasons do people become violent? Because someone called your girlfriend a slut? That's genius. Beat up the person who said it and I'm sure they'll take their word back, of course then you'd be nothing short of the Inquisition - forcing opinions by threats of violence. No educated person solves their dilemmas by resorting to violence. Use reason and compassion rather than brute ignorance and barbaric violence. The only time you should ever fight is when your body, or someone else's body, is at risk.

    Also, Thought of the Hour: I really hate TeeVee. I just realized this when I turned on the television and flipped through the channels. I saw this girl on Ricky Lake whose mother detested her daughter's boyfriends because they were, "skinny, artistic, filthy losers." Sounds just like Punker! The girl on the show said she felt comfortable when she had sex with men who didn't shower. When asked why, she said it was attractive for men to care more about world issues than their physical appearance. She's also an Atheist and studying the environment. She just seems perfect for me - I hate showers, shaving, etc., etc.. Anyway, I really hate TeeVee. I saw this infomercial where some jackass was trying to sell me pills that make me smart. That's the perfect product: The only people who need to be smart are the ones who are dumb enough to buy it. The guy goes on and on about how it's "all resourced," but not once does he mention his resources. And then he just goes on with all this bullshit and says that if you eat two pieces of toast in the morning, it'll kill you. I changed the channel and saw a commercial. A woman in a bathing suit was looking in a mirror, "Have you ever looked at your body and wanted to cry?" That's a rather cruel thing to say to a viewing audience. The woman went on to describe how a health pill would make you lose weight. (Hey! Who needs a high self esteem when you're thin?) I think I will specifically destroy that "health-pill" product in stores when I see it. Then I saw a soap opera. Some girl on it said to her ex, "Just because you have a Y chromosome and I have two Xs doesn't mean you're better than me." I mean, fuck.... I screamed at the TeeVee. The reason I was angered had nothing to do with genetics. When a stupid person tries to sound smart, it annoys the fuck out of me. After screaming at the TeeVee, I turned it off. I still think about that chick who finds it comfortable to have sex with men who don't shower -- if only she lived near me.

    Finally, Thought of the Minute: Sour Patch Kids are the best Vegan treats around! Eat 'em up, kiddies!

    Punkerslut: Conan's on!!!!
    KeeL: duh
    Punkerslut: You better be watching.
    KeeL: of course

    For 108,

    DATE: Saturday, January 19, 2002

    I added the main picture and removed the old crummy thing that used to be there. Yay! I look professional!

    For 108,

    DATE: Thursday, January 17, 2002

    rabbit-fucking impulse

    It's official: "Make them suffer!" is voted as the article with the best beginning and the worst storyline. I changed the intro to the site (yay). That's about it, but I got some news about things you might be seeing in the future. I'm writing an article an education. It should be complete very soon. Also, there will be the following articles: "The Ten Most Influential Freethinkers" and "The Freethought Manifesto." And maybe a critique or two, soon. Also, maybe we'll get a comix section: Ervus and Floyd - two intellectual geniuses who argue about politics, science, and technology. It's about time we had some intelligent humor in this world. However, I want to have at least five episodes before I release it. The same thing with the critiques section: I want at least five critiques before I open the section. I have about 3 critiques complete and 2 episodes done.

    Sirkuit is cool because I'm cool.

    For 108,

    DATE: Friday, January 12, 2002

    ...while some seek refuge (and possible salvation from eternal damnation) in foggy sects/cults/general bullshit;
    others work as if there was no tomorrow.
    count me in. (ŠKMFDM Inc. 2001)

    - A superb quote from a great artist. KMFDM's Sascha Konietzko in brilliant. Check out his site some time: www.kmfdm.com.

    Aside from that... I did a few things. At the bottom of each article in the articles section, there is a link to www.punkerslut.com. That way, if someone opens it up in their frames-based site, they can still navigate around my main site. Minor, but hey, this is the news section. It's supposed to be based on factuality, not entertainment, you 'foon. Furthermore, I set the auto-font on my pages to Times New Roman. (Whoa-ho-ho!!! TONS of excitement going on around here!) Made it so that there's no bottom scroller bar on the first frame thingie when your window doesn't fit all of the stuff in there.... Heh, okay, that's like the most boring thing in the world. Added a few new links to the Links section. Made it so that when you open up a link in the second frame, it automatically opens up outside of the frame when it's not at my site. And now, for some relevant news: I added a new article, entitled, "Free Love Is Free Expression." Should get some good reviews. Oh, yeah, and now it's official: I have my own domain name. Goodness for me.

    For 108,

    DATE: Sunday, January 6, 2002

    The newest articles are "The Rights of an Animal" and "Movies You Hated." The second one was kind of a joke. (I'd never really hope for physical violence to any director.... no matter how bad their film.) Perhaps I'll have my own domain name soon. Enjoy the new stuff, friends!

    For 108,