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Alone in my Belltower 11,019 Words March, 2006

Description: Am I really here? Is this really happening to me? The gun shakes in my trembling hands... maybe all of this is imagined...
Quote: "My psychiatrist always said I wouldn't ever let anyone get close to me. I wonder what she would say if she saw this: her patient, alone and alienated from everything he loves, in a tower, and shooting at people."

Among Friends, Among Enemies 9,696 Words June, 2003

Description: A futuristic tale of revolutionaries attempting to regain the lost wealth that was stolen from them.
Quote: "It follows that every revolution begins with an expression of heresy -- the countless pamphlets, essays, articles, presses, all combined for the working purpose of erecting a new form of society -- and after enough momentum had been built up, the first blow had been struck."

Assorted Writings 3,507 Words ---

Description: Short pieces, some inspirational, some allegorical, some written under the influence.
Quote: "Who can say, with social justice as their primary concern, that a man has no right to govern himself?"

Beautiful 584 Words July, 2003

Description: A story about a squatter and his journey through the forest of a socially violent life.
Quote: "To argue against my natural inclinations is to challenge debate with the nature of what makes me be."

Blessing of Society, The 2,091 Words November, 2003

Description: Interesting piece detailing the nature of society, both in its failure of creativity and its failure of political activism.
Quote: "Upon departing, I said to her, 'It would be fortunate if we were to have sex.' Every encounter from there on, she imagined that I didn't exist."

Camping Trip To and From Hell 9,895 Words September, 2004

Description: A trip to Little Helsinki brings out the best in some, the worst in others, and the most ugly in everyone, in this story of a small town combined with yuppy commercialism and a fetish for the Finnish nationality.
Quote: "For some families, it's enough to take a camping trip into the middle of the wilderness, so that we can return with a newfound appreciation for modern technology such as toasters, and a new-found hate for the mannerisms for each other."

Camping Trip To and From Hell Part 2 9,908 Words December, 2004

Description: Another adventurous journey through the horrifying realms of real life, with our travel partners, alcohol and drugs.
Quote: "...I bet I will not be thinking about this guy handing out free beer -- quite literally, this man is the pinnacle of human achievement and advanced civilization. He is embodied with the ideals of a better world: inebriation, control of your mind, charity, and kindness."

Cold 1,408 Words March, 2003

Description: Two homeless, squatters attempt to leave the cold New England winter.
Quote: "And when I had an itch to scratch there, I reached to do what I had to do, and immediately ripped my arm out of my shirt -- my fingers were so cold, so numb with frost, that to bring them to my stomach was to stir the worst of pains."

Dairy-Free Yogurt And Blowjobs 2,266 Words February, 2002

Description: Dialogue, satirical and comical, between two observers as they witness two people engage in each other.
Quote: "Krayzie said, 'Affection and lust. What more do you want?'"

Darrell's Tribulation 2,681 Words July, 2002

Description: One homeless man falls in love with his car, but his brutality towards car jackers results in his prison sentence.
Quote: "...it was not uncommon for guards to beat the inmates on account of some near insignificant infraction."

DMT Overdose 5,862 Words November, 2006

Description: Experimental fiction with an experimental drug.
Quote: "The misery that infects this world, loved ones who create suffering for each other, the eternal hunger for something more, the belief that love dies with courage, the histories of one thousand oppressed people..."

Drum Set For Sale 1,025 Words July, 2002

Description: One professional drummer decides to sell his drumset, but there is something more to it than that.
Quote: "Drum Set For Sale -- Hit Hat, Crash, Cymbals, Tom-Toms, Bass Drum, Bass Petal, Snare Drum -- Comes With Five Years Of Notes."

Final Flight of the Crack Mobile 5,522 Words February, 2005

Description: The driver is on DMT, the navigator is on crack cocaine, the passenger is full of terror, and god... I can't seem to find god anywhere in this scenario.
Quote: "When I think of these two people, individuals whom I have come to regard as the sole family of my life, it makes me ask myself questions; a true sign, my dear reader, of knowing good people as great friends."

Habit, The 4,467 Words June, 2003

Description: The idea of a heroin addiction doesn't seem pleasing to all of us -- but it does to the character of this tale.
Quote: "Edward was a scag junkie, a dope fiend, a horse addict, a junk head, a smack lover... Eddy was a heroin user."

Habit 2, The 7,872 Words February, 2006

Description: Cocaine finds its way in to the habit of a psychologically stable person, but its absence starts to cause some problems.
Quote: "Shortly after I decided to give up my cocaine addiction, I realized that my life was completely going to fall apart."

I Don't Want To Die For Something Not Worth Dying For 203 Words April, 2002

Description: Short dialogue between two people on the meaning of dying for a cause.
Quote: "Dying from old age simply means dying from life -- is that a worthy cause? Life?"

I Sleep In A Squat, Like Everyone Else 1,958 Words January, 2006

Description: A homeless squatter is standing alone on the bridge between two societies. Which way will he go? Who will help him make his decision?
Quote: "How to live without an income is a question of urban survival, especially for those of us who have special needs (i.e. alcoholism)."

Kevin's Encounter with Store Security 1,233 Words July, 2002

Description: A homeless street kid tries to heist some bread and the security detail is on to him.
Quote: "If shoplifting increases, you're off my staff. That's only how the rules are. I'm sorry to tell you this."

Learning to Enjoy Green Strawberries 1,258 Words July, 2011

Description: A group of children retreat to the hills to enjoy their favorite activity, picking and eating strawberries. But there is strife among this young society.
Quote: "Strawberry Hill had become a ritual for the children. They herded together and talked while making the hour walk up a hill to an endless field of wild strawberries..."

Legend of Morris and Skippy: The Divine Dialogues 11,417 Words July 27, 2005

Description: Two angels fresh out of heaven are given a task by god, but they have some ideas of their own once they get to their destination on Earth.
Quote: "I've lived in heaven all my life. I'm very comfortable here and I've always made extensive use of the available amenities up here. I'm used to death, and I'm not curious about anything else."

Life is Life 4,578 Words October, 2003

Description: Journal entries from Boston, New Orleans, and Los Angeles, from a homeless gutter kid.
Quote: "Take me away, because I never want to see a California sunset again, or a homeless Californian girl trying to make the best of what she has."

List of Things to Be Afraid of, A 2,266 Words February, 2005

Description: One man, one piece of paper, and a lot of memories spilled out between the lines of a list.
Quote: "Never forget... you cannot outdrink any of the gang members from Hell's Angels."

Mr. Chemistry 2,754 Words March, 2004

Description: Story of a drug dealer, his life and his ways, and the tale of his most recent encounter who brings him an odd request.
Quote: "Drug dealer. Such a profound term. One who deals in drugs. Not only the selling, but often the trading, using, and producing."

My Talk With God 4,503 Words July, 2004

Description: One soul brings god to court in order to reach a verdict about the nature of mankind and the essence of divinity.
Quote: "I created sex, mankind turned it into rape. I created life, mankind turned it into death. For every field of flowers and trees that I have given you, mankind has paved over them with a new parking lot."

Nautical 1 11,290 Words April, 2003

Description: Three kids stuck in a dead-end school decide to try some alternative method of getting freedom for their souls.
Quote: "A Tale of Travel to Another Dimension; How Three Kids Found a Piece of Meaning in this World of Ours..."

Nautical 2 6,898 Words May, 2004

Description: One man and his journey unfold in Las Vegas, with a bitter past and haunting future.
Quote: "In a way, my tripping with Carla was much like sex. Not only was it enjoyable and pleasing, but it was a meaningful and emotionally bonding experience."

Nighttime 2,075 Words November, 2002

Description: One girl whose life has focused around her academics finds something interesting taunting her in a crypt.
Quote: "Her life seemed to be going completely normal, until one evening when she was invited by her friends to go out at night..."

Noise, The 3,373 Words March, 2008

Description: Alone in the city, alone in my place of employment, and I hear something...
Quote: "There is a wilted flower in a pot making one last dying stretch to get sunlight through the dark glass. Nobody's noticed."

Portrait of an Honest Politician 7,262 Words June, 2013

Description: The Libcon Party needs to wrest control of Hambournewich from the Rightleft Party, and they have a candidate available who has just been released from his obligations, but is there anything about this character which might interfere with their plans?
Quote: "Just give them what they want, and they'll pay for it. That's our job, it's what we do. And these people want you to be an honest city councilor, civilized and amenable to the cultural products of civilization, which these citizens believe themselves to be."

Reformers: A Tale 6,056 Words August, 2002

Description: A group of people save the world from an oppressive, prevailing ideology, to find themselves with a new problem.
Quote: "It was the 24th century, and the reformers and their activity had reached a peak. There were thousands more organizations, all bent on Humantiarian and Rationalist reform."

Review of American Beauty 1,222 Words May, 2002

Description: Short review of a movie with the author's common attitude of cynicism and pessimism.
Quote: "The father, for instance, blackmails his company for rumors and a sexual advance that never took place, only to spend the money from the blackmail on drugs and weight lifting equipment..."

Romantic Tale About An Unromantic Hero, A 1,158 Words December, 2002

Description: One man walks into this world and believes that honesty is the only method to find real love.
Quote: "...what separates him from the other individual thinkers was his unavowed lust for love, his desire for affection, and his outright honesty in it."

Soldier to Life's Battles 1,342 Words November, 2002

Description: World War 2 brings a story of one man and the conflict a lover gave to him.
Quote: "54th Battalion. 4th Division. Unit 984. Belgium. 1944. Crumble buildings. Strewn bodies. A growing fear. Boiling, uneasy groans."

Someplace Better Than Here 6,096 Words June, 2004

Description: A schitzophrenic mental patient and his psychologist are at conflict when it comes to the matter of an afterlife.
Quote: "With a pipe, a syringe, and a glass of water, you have all the tools you need to change human emotion! You become your own god!"

Story of a Rose, an Artist, and History, A 888 Words July, 2004

Description: In the future, an artist creates something that some fear, that some love, and that some adore.
Quote: "It is the fault of the persecutor to harbor the sick ideas of oppression -- not the fault of the oppressed to fight back."

Story About Metal and Wood, A 15,348 Words December, 2014

Description: Youth wants the future, but the future is not ready yet, and the forces of ancient and old tradition still have their power.
Quote: "Your theories about wood are making you anti-social and unpopular, you're not eating well and I've heard that some of the winds high up in those minds can make you light-headed and permanently drowsy in your soul..."

Story of a University Boy, A 4,907 Words November, 2003

Description: One writer takes to the task of completing a story for his local paper, but finds difficulty in writing what he feels.
Quote: "... in many ways, he reminds me of myself, a young John Mahkno, attending a community college and finding the wife that I did."

Survival 5,934 Words September, 2002

Description: A rather gruesome and daunting tale of how some colonists decided to survive, instead of working.
Quote: "...but I remained apathetic and nihilistic, allowing the more barbaric side of me to come through. I did nothing; I stopped nothing; I allowed this to happen."

Tale of a Singer and his Lover, A 1,989 Words April, 2003

Description: Wealth and fame came to one singer, and so did a lover, but he never expected this to happen when fame left him.
Quote: "Two decades past of life like this, until he met one woman who he would fall madly in love with. Her name was Tracy, and she lit a passion in him that he could not deny."

Tale of Harry the Masturbator, The 606 Words April, 2002

Description: One man and seemingly normal life, but a rather interesting aspect on one of his unusual, public habits.
Quote: "His eyes would caress the legs, the thighs, the breasts, the stomachs, the faces of all the beautiful people. It was dark, too, and there were only a few disco lights."

Tale of Love Apart, A 1,091 Words May, 2003

Description: A tale of a squatter and his attempts to get back to the arms of his lover.
Quote: "But today, I know I remember her face, and today, I know how good it was to be in her presence. Thinking of those days past, I loved her company."

Tale of the District Attorney and the Judge, The 1,359 Words February, 2009

Description: One single person stands accused of a murder. A court of law stands to be subdued by the reins of authority, as this person's fate slips beyond mercy.
Quote: "Many outside sources think that it's about time the government looked good in ringing up some murderer. Confidence is failing, in all ranks of the social order. This will make all of us look good."

To the French, Clandestine Bombmaker 5,514 Words July, 2008

Description: The story of a young man in France, his battle with an unstoppable machine, and those who must make inconceivable sacrifices in this war.
Quote: "Dividing the explosive material into usable pieces for a bomb isn't quite difficult. In our friend's opinion, 'It requires a decent eye, a butter knife, and an untamable rage. That's all it takes to become a terrorist. And my pain is just fuel upon the flames.'"

Unavailing 709 Words January, 2002

Description: Unobtrusive prose written to gather small fragments of honest, sincere emotion.
Quote: "We're already dead. An open grave in hell awaits us. This is just to tell you that the end has not yet come."

Waking Up Cold 1,251 Words April, 2003

Description: A tale of a squatter, his journey through life, and a battle against the elements.
Quote: "Understanding that suffering must come with street life, he laid back down, trying to sleep still."

What Do We Call It? 1,402 Words November, 2001

Description: A conversation among government officials on where to place prisoners in cost-effective manner.
Quote: "Although the prisons are not overly crowded, there is a high escape rate from prisons."

What Is A Hero? 10,649 Words March, 2002

Description: One king appeases a god in the wrong way, when she asks that he becomes a hero.
Quote: "There you sit, in your plush bed, and the biggest worry is whether or not your meal will be warm tomorrow morning."

Without a Journey 3,571 Words June, 2007

Description: Abandoned by his friends on their journey, one traveler exchanges words with a stranger over beer.
Quote: "But it was just a stop on the way to Vancouver, Canada. We've been traveling out of Austin in an old BMW van. There was nothing about the great north that attracted me so much."