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(frequently asked questions about
the Revolution and Social Justice Directory)

Total Q&A's:

Q.1 - Purpose

Q.2 - About

Q.3 - Administration

Q.4 - Bakunin-Cannabis Engine?

Q.5 - Privacy

Q.6 - Bourgeoisie Capitalism

Q.7 - Paid Placement

Q.8 - Advertising

Q.9 - Information / Organizations

Q.10 - Inactive Links

Q.11 - Banned User

Q.12 - Browser-Compatibility

Q.13 - Firefox Warnings

Q.14 - Firefox Auto-Virus Loading Function

Q.15 - Non-Endorsement

Q.16 - Featured / Recommended

Q.17 - Browsing Tip #1

Q.18 - Browsing Tip #2

Q.19 - Browsing Tip #3

Q.20 - Browsing Tip #4

Q.21 - Browsing Tip #5

Q.22 - Browsing Tip #6

Q.23 - Browsing Tip #7

Q.24 - Browsing Tip #8

Q.25 - Browsing Tip #9

Q.26 - Browsing Tip #10

Q.27 - Submitting Links

Q.28 - Submitting Links (Error)

Q.29 - Submitting Links (Blogs)

Q.30 - Submitting Links (Waiting)

Q.31 - Submitting Links (Feat.)

Q.32 - Submitting Links (Recommended)

Q.33 - Submitting Links (Active)

Q.34 - Submitting Links (Inactive)

Q.35 - Submitting Links (Archived)

Q.36 - Submitting Links (Moved)

Q.37 - Submitting Links (Limits)

Q.38 - Submitting Ideas

Q.39 - Submitting Ideas (Featured)

Q.40 - Submitting Ideas (Archives)

Q.41 - Submitting Ideas (Inactive)

Q.42 - Submitting Ideas (Limits)

Q.43 - Submitting Hints

Q.44 - Category Suggestion

Q.45 - Contributor (Links)

Q.46 - Contributor (Artist)

Q.47 - Stolen Content

Q.48 - Java / Javascript Note #1

Q.49 - Java / Javascript Note #2

Q.50 - Java / Javascript Note #3

Q.51 - Java / Javascript Note #4

Q.52 - Brackets in Quote

Q.53 - Dashes in URL

Q.54 - 404 Error

Q.55 - Invalid Link (URL)

Q.56 - Invalid Link (Place)

Q.57 - Invalid Link (Inapplicable)

Q.58 - Invalid Link (Permissions)

Q.59 - Invalid Link (Redirect)

Q.60 - Invalid Link (Temporary)

Q.61 - Invalid Link (Characters)

Q.62 - Invalid Link (Section)

Q.63 - F.A.Q.

Q.64 - More Information

Question #1
Q. Why is this link directory maintained?
A. The purpose of this link directory is to put the resources for positive, social change at your hands. The lists of Information links are maintained to keep you thinking, and the lists of Organizations links are maintained to keep you active.

Question #2
Q. Is there anywhere that I can find out just the basics about this directory?
A. Yes, you can read the About the Link Directory of Revolution and Social Justice page.

Question #3
Q. Who maintains and administrates the Link Directory of Revolution and Social Justice?
A. The software that runs the directory, the Bakunin-Cannabis Engine, was designed and programmed by Punkerslut, who is now also the current system administrator. You can find out more by reading the About Punkerslut.com page.

Question #4
Bakunin-Cannabis Engine?
Q. How does the Bakunin-Cannabis Engine work? How come you couldn't use some standard database-management system?
A. I don't even know... The Bakunin-Cannabis Engine is more than 80,000 lines of PHP code and I think I got lost around line 200. But, I did program it myself, because it needed to have something that MySQL/SQL, Drupal, Wordpress, etc., lacked -- functionality, speed, stability, and security.

Question #5
Q. Does the Bakunin-Cannabis Engine keep logs or any data of its users?
A. Yes, but only for users who have attempted to submit information to the directory, such as those using the "submit link" and "submit idea" functions. This is strictly technical information, such as IP address and access times, to maintain the security of the system against users who would try to abuse the system. Without such monitoring, we would not be able to ban users who submit bad data, or enforce a waiting period between when users can submit data again.

Question #6
Bourgeoisie Capitalism
Q. I have found a link in the web directory that provides no information to encourage thinking, and no organizing to encourage activism. It's just a blatant add for some product offered by the bourgeoisie Capitalists. How do I report such a website?
A. Please reach us through the Submit an Idea page or through the Contact Us page. If the website offers nothing but a way for some parasitic boss to make money and exploit you, they will be removed from the directory and banned.

Question #7
Paid Placement
Q. Is there a way for a website to get listed by paying?
A. No.

Question #8
Q. Can I buy adspace from the Link Directory of Revolution and Social Justice?
A. No.

Question #9
Information / Organizations
Q. Why does every category get divided into one section for "Information links" and another section for "Organizations links"?
A. This is to help you better find what you're looking for. When you want to find others to help you in becoming more active in changing the world, you may want to look for organizations. In that case, purely informational websites may not be as much use to you. It is the same for when you are looking to research information on a particular topic. In that case, you don't want to browse the current events of organizations, but you want to read deeply into some component of history or theory. With this division between information and organizations, the directory is better organized for finding what you need.

Question #10
Inactive Links
Q. What's the point of having a section for archived, inactive links?
A. We can still view inactive links by using services like Archive.org, which allows us to see a website at an earlier time in history. Some of these archived links, though they are old and not maintained anymore, may contained valuable information to help you better create positive change. They can still be a worthy addition to the link directory's resources.

Question #11
Banned User
Q. When I try to submit a link or an idea, I get an error message saying that my IP address has been banned for abusing the system. Can I have that re-evaluated?
A. Of course. You will have to directly contact the system administrator through e-mail, though, here: Contact Us. Users of Firefox 2.0+ may experience his difficulty, as Firefox has the tendency to forge security information, like password and username, and to send it without the user's knowledge, making you look like you're hacking the system. (A wonderful feature called "session restore.") Downgrade to Firefox 1.5 to remove this bug.

Question #12
Q. What web browsers are compatible with the Link Directory of Revolution and Social Justice?
A. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is a gigantic security risk, allowing any website to install anything it wants. Google Chrome isn't stable enough to run for a few seconds, as well as installing auto-updating malware for google, under the title "GoogleUpdate.exe", which raids and controls the Windows Registry (google gets royalties for programming its software to readd links to business in your favorites list after you deleted those links). Installing Chrome on Windows allows Chrome to modify the installation configurations of other browsers (without asking permission) while, at the same time, disabling all of its own program configurations so that it can be easily removed. NEVER INSTALL CHROME. Only use old versions of Chromium. Chrome attempts to make it impossible to uninstall its newest versions and replace them with the oldest ones, often giving "Unknown Installer Error". At that point, you pretty much will never have a working version of Chrome until you reformat your system. And Mozilla Firefox forges security packets through it's "session restore," which imitates a hacking attack. Mysteriously, this information disappears every time it appears at Wikipedia. Curious behavior for a "non-profit." Use whatever browser you want. It won't break the server. Most recommended is to go to Oldversion.com and load up Firefox Version 1.5. It's the most stable browser you'll find, and nobody will think you're trying to crack their site because of Firefox resending forged security packets over and over.

Question #13
Firefox Warnings
Q. Every time I turn on Firefox, it says "Thanks for downloading Firefox, but this version is out of date." Why?
A. That's because they want to send you a bunch of advertising by making you update your browser again. The new version doesn't have security and it threatens legitimate websites. It doesn't even have forward/backward, home, refresh, etc., buttons.

Question #14
Firefox Auto-Virus Loading Function
Q. Whenever I start Firefox, it installs new programs on my computer that my expose my operating system to hackers!
A. Disable the "Update Firefox" option, and it'll prevent your computer from downloading viruses. The newest version of Firefox, currently 6.0, allows anyone to install any virus on your computer. The documentation on this part -- the accessibility of Java to the rest of your system -- is miserably low for a good reason.

Question #15
Q. Why is there a notice on every page telling me that this web directory does not endorse the links that appear in it?
A. The web directory is provided as a resource for those who want to find ideas or people for making change. Some of these websites provide good, but that does not mean that we agree with everything or anything that these websites say. We could go through and evaluate content by certain standards, holding up a certain standard, but we leave that up to the conscience of our users.

Question #16
Featured / Recommended
Q. How does a website qualify for a placement within the lists of "Featured Links" and "Recommended Links"?
A. To become featured or recommended a site must genuinely serve the community by offering ideas or activity to change society. No listings here have been purchased or can be purchased by anyone!

Question #17
Browsing Tip #1
Q. When I'm looking through the pages of a directory's listings, I find that there are too many or too few links per page. Is there a way to change how many listings there are per page?
A. Yes, you can. Simply fill in the "Listings Per Page" field in the navigation bar with the number you want and click "update listings" (or just press enter). The minimum is 1 and the maximum is 200, so take advantage of the full range you're allowed.

Question #18
Browsing Tip #2
Q. I notice that many of the listings in the directory have multiple URL's listed for them, each separated by a little ~ symbol. Why is that?
A. Those URL's are mirrors, or copies of the original site. Either that, or those URL's are for older versions of the website, which may be available through the use of archive.org. If it happens that they are mirrors of the original site, you can use them to access the site, if it happens that the primary site is unavailable.

Question #19
Browsing Tip #3
Q. I found a mirror or an older version of a website of a link in the directory, but the mirror is not listed.
A. Send us a note about it so we can update that link listing, that way we can provide a more secure and stable browsing experience for all of our users. Please use the Submit an Idea link or the Contact Us link.

Question #20
Browsing Tip #4
Q. The list of Featured Links has provided me with some very interesting links as far as what's getting attention lately. Is there a way to see such links for just a category?
A. Yes, just check out the "Recommended Information" and "Recommended Organizations" listings in the main page of each subject directory.

Question #21
Browsing Tip #5
Q. In the lists of inactive websites, I notice that you list the original URL, even though it's broken. Why is that?
A. We always list the original URL's of broken websites to help our users. Most archiving services, when bringing up an old website, will require the original URL of the website. However, we do not advise that you copy and paste these URL's directly into your browser address bar. Since the site has become inactive, the domain or the URL may have been purchased or "acquired" (cybersquatted) by some unethical individuals. Capitalists often try to steal domains for websites that die, so they can steal the traffic going there. They may even place viruses, spyware, porn, and warez, all grouped together, on the same page. For this reason, we do not link to the original URL's of broken websites, but we provide this link as pure text, so you can find out more.

Question #22
Browsing Tip #6
Q. How do I find out about links receiving a lot of attention lately?
A. Check out the links listed in the various categories for the Featured Links section of the directory.

Question #23
Browsing Tip #7
Q. Is there a way to view the Featured Links of the past?
A. Yes. Just click the link for the Featured Links, and select an option for viewing Featured Links of the past. You can view either the past links organized by category of featured links, or past links organized by date of publication.

Question #24
Browsing Tip #8
Q. When I'm looking through the directory listings, I notice there is a listing of "A | B | C ..." with the whole alphabet, but it starts with "@," "1," and "话." What do these symbols mean?
A. When you click any of those, it will jump you to the page in the current directory where listings begin with that letter. That means @ links you to listings that start with a symbol, 1 links you to listings that start with a number, and 话 links you to listings that start with a non-English character. When using this extra navigation piece, the directory will still remember the number of listings you have set per page.

Question #25
Browsing Tip #9
Q. I have found some really great websites in the directory, but some of them are in languages I do not understand. How do I view them in a readable language?
A. Use Google Translate, which can translate and re-render an entire website in the language you desire.

Question #26
Browsing Tip #10
Q. I'm browsing through the inactive listings, and the main linked page for a resource has lots of broken links and images. Is there a way to correct that?
A. Try clicking the "[Source]" link in the top right corner of the inactive listing. This will bring you to the archive.org page where a listing of all available versions of the inactive website you're trying to reach.

Question #27
Submitting Links
Q. Is there a way I can submit links to one of the directories?
A. Yes, you can submit links by clicking the "Submit Link" link in the appropriate category where your link belongs. Thank you for contributing, as it provides greater information and opportunity for those seeking social change.

Question #28
Submitting Links (Error)
Q. I'm getting an error message when I try to submit a link. What's wrong?
A. There is only one kind of error that can occur when submitting a link: the URL field is left blank. If the other fields are empty, such as title and quote, it's fine, since we can find those for ourselves, but the URL field must be filled. If you are filling the URL field, but still receive the error, you may have a problem with your internet browser or connection in disabling POST data.

Question #29
Submitting Links (Blogs)
Q. I would like to submit my blog to the directory. Is that okay?
A. Of course. It must be related to the directory it is submitted to, though. Also, it must be viewable to everyone. This means it should not produce the message "This is a private blog" or "This blog is available only to invited users" when someone visits the link. This directory is about social justice -- not about excluding people.

Question #30
Submitting Links (Waiting)
Q. I submitted a link days, weeks, or months ago, and I am starting to think that nobody is actively maintaining these submissions. How would I find out?
A. If you've been waiting for a link to be published, and it has not, it's possible that it may have been rejected, or that it is already in the database. If you've been waiting too long, please, drop us a line and we'll inform you on the status of your link, idea, or hint submission. Reach us through the Submit an Idea page. Please note that submitting the same link multiple times will not increase its chance of acceptance.

Question #31
Submitting Links (Feat.)
Q. There is a website that ought to be listed in the Featured Links section. How would I nominate it for one of those categories?
A. Just click the Submit an Idea page and send us a note on what website you think deserves to be a featured site and why.

Question #32
Submitting Links (Recommended)
Q. Is there a way to make suggestions for the list of Recommended Links that appears in every category under Information and Organizations?
A. Yes, just click the Submit an Idea page and let us know your suggestion in the commment field. Tell us what site deserves to be recommended and why you think so.

Question #33
Submitting Links (Active)
Q. I have found a website in the listings of inactive websites that is now back online at its original address. Is there a way to tell the editors of the link directory?
A. Yes, you can use the Submit an Idea page to inform us.

Question #34
Submitting Links (Inactive)
Q. I have a link to a website related to social justice and revolution, but the website isn't active anymore. Going to the page produces a "404" error or it's a default host-page.
A. You can still submit the link. By using archiving services like Archive.org, we can find an original version of the site and post a link to that, instead of it's current, broken link. But you have to let us know about it so we can add the website!

Question #35
Submitting Links (Archived)
Q. While looking through the lists of inactive websites, I found a listing that didn't have all of the archived versions listed. How would I submit an additional archive of an old, inactive website to the directory?
A. Click the Submit an Idea page to let us know what website needs another archived version, and the url to find that archived version.

Question #36
Submitting Links (Moved)
Q. One of the websites in your listings has moved to a new address and can't be found by going to the old one anymore. How do I let you know?
A. Just click the Submit an Idea page and send us a note on what website needs an updated link.

Question #37
Submitting Links (Limits)
Q. Are there any limits when submitting links?
A. Yes, some of the fields are limited in the number of characters they accept, but each field lists this value. Everyone is also limited to only submitting one link every fifteen seconds. If you are interested in becoming more involved as an editor of the link directory, please, let us know.

Question #38
Submitting Ideas
Q. I have a new idea about how you can display the information already in the database.
A. That's great! Let us know by sending up your comments through the Submit an Idea link.

Question #39
Submitting Ideas (Featured)
Q. In the listing for Featured Links, I notice that there are categories, such as 'Making Change' and 'Creative Problem-Solving.' How would I make a suggestion for a new category within the featured links section?
A. Just click the Submit an Idea page and fill in the details about what new category you think would be a good idea.

Question #40
Submitting Ideas (Archives)
Q. Archive.org looks like the primary archiving service for dead and inactive websites in the directory, but I found another one. How do I tell you about it?
A. Just click the Submit an Idea page and fill in the details about the new archiving service.

Question #41
Submitting Ideas (Inactive)
Q. I found a link to a bad archive URL in the inactive directories. How do I report it?
A. Send us a message about the inactive link with a bad archive URL here Submit an Idea. We'll have it fixed it no time.

Question #42
Submitting Ideas (Limits)
Q. Are there any limits when submitting ideas?
A. Yes, some of the fields are limited in the number of characters they accept, but each field lists this value. Everyone is also limited to only submitting one idea every sixty seconds.

Question #43
Submitting Hints
Q. I have my own hint that would fit perfectly well in the Frequently-Asked-Questions or within the hints box. How do I submit it?
A. Click the Submit an Idea page and fill in what kind of hint you think should be displayed in the link directory.

Question #44
Category Suggestion
Q. There's a subject directory that you're not listing that really deserves to be a part of the Link Directory of Revolution and Social Justice. How do I submit my idea?
A. Let us know by filling out the form at Submit an Idea.

Question #45
Contributor (Links)
Q. Is there a way I can contribute links to the directory on a regular basis and not have to worry about the 15 second wait between submissions?
A. Yes, there is! It's possible to become a link editor and to have access to a broader range of functions that allow you to better navigate or edit the link directory. If you are interested, send us an e-mail through the Submit an Idea link or through the Contact Us page.

Question #46
Contributor (Artist)
Q. Is there a way I can contribute art to the directory?
A. Yes, there is! Send us an e-mail through the Submit an Idea link or through the Contact Us page.

Question #47
Stolen Content
Q. I have found a website listed in the link directory that uses stolen content, such as text and images, from other websites, without properly citing where it came from. How do I report this site?
A. Please, let us know through the Submit an Idea page or through the Contact Us page. If the site is really stealing content, we'll remove its listing and ban it. If the site it was stealing content was providing good content, it may even be added to the directory, if it qualifies and wasn't listed here already.

Question #48
Java / Javascript Note #1
Q. I'm visiting a website that's from the link directory, but it keeps throwing pop-up advertisements at me!
A. Try disabling java and javascript in your browser. This disables the majority of ads. However, some e-mail services require java or javascript to be turned on when you are using them, though such e-mail services are highly unstable anyway (such as Windows Live). Gmail, for example, has no problem handling java- or javascript-disabled users.

Question #49
Java / Javascript Note #2
Q. It's taking too long between page clicks for web pages to load on one of the websites listed in the directory. Is there any way to speed things up?
A. Yes, easily. Turn off java AND javascript in your browser to increase your speed by as much as ten or twenty times. Note that you may need java or Javascript for some online services, like forums or e-mail. Wikipedia, for instance, is almost 100 times faster when you turn off Java and Javascript.

Question #50
Java / Javascript Note #3
Q. My computer keeps downloading viruses and spyware when I'm browsing through sites!
A. Java and Javascript were programmed with "backdoors," that allow pretty much anyone to install anything on your computer. If you disable both of these, your web experience will significantly improve. This is especially true of Java. You'll lose some animated graphics in exchange for a computer that works functionally. Some very old, primitive, online services still use Java and/or Javascript, though, and you may need to allow these.

Question #51
Java / Javascript Note #4
Q. Can I get a virus just by looking through the directory?
A. No. Even if you have java and javascript turned on, you won't be able to get a virus from anything in the directory. Unlike Google, we don't pull any information directly from the site, meaning that you can look through the listings and be assured of security from malicious code!

Question #52
Brackets in Quote
Q. Why are there brackets within the quote field of a particular link in the directory?
A. This indicates that the editors of the director were unable to find a good quote on the website to describe it. This may occur on some websites that may not naturally have tex on them, like an online art gallery with a very shy host.

Question #53
Dashes in URL
Q. I copied a link URL and then pasted it into a text document or the address-bar of the web browser, but there's a bunch of dashes randomly throughout it. Why is that?
A. This happens when you're using Internet Explorer. Since that browser is incapable of handling proper wordwrap functions, extra code is added to the links to make sure they are accurately displayed. When copying the link, this produces needless dashes, meaning the link isn't the right link anymore. Users of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome do not experience this problem -- instead, Chrome users suffer from instability. Users of Firefox experience forged security and session issues, meaning that it looks like you're repeatedly entering different username and passwords to access a system. If you disable "session restore," or downgrade to Firefox version 1.5, this is no longer an issue.

Question #54
404 Error
Q. I tried accessing a page from the directory, either full of listings or the main page for a directory, and the page was unavailable. Where can I report a broken page or 404 Error?
A. Just send us a message mentioning the broken link and the url where you found it. Contact us using the Submit an Idea form.

Question #55
Invalid Link (URL)
Q. For one of the websites listed in the directory, the link goes to a bad page. It's either a 404 page or a default host page, indicating essentially a "blank" website or webpage.
A. Let us know about it through the Submit an Idea page, and we will add it to the inactive directory where an archived version will be accessible. In the meantime, you can always use archive.org to view the otherwise inaccessible website.

Question #56
Invalid Link (Place)
Q. I found a link that is in the wrong subject directory, for example, something listed in Environmentalism that deserves to be within Anarchism. Where do I offer my suggestion?
A. Please, send us a note about it through the Submit an Idea page.

Question #57
Invalid Link (Inapplicable)
Q. I found a website listed in the directory, but it is not a resource for either information or organizing. Should it really be listed here?
A. Please let us know about the link by clicking the Submit an Idea link, and we will give the listing a more critical review.

Question #58
Invalid Link (Permissions)
Q. I clicked a website in the directory, and the first page it brought me to said 'You need permission to view our website!'
A. Click the Submit an Idea link to let us know about it. We will delete the entry and ban it so that it cannot be added again.

Question #59
Invalid Link (Redirect)
Q. I clicked a website, and instead of going to where it should have, it brought me to some other place entirely instead!
A. This is an example of "cybersquatting," where unethical Capitalists try to steal the traffic going to websites that are trying to make a genuine change in society. If you report the website to the link directory, we'll remove it from our directory, while providing an archived version of the website before it was hijacked by the exploiting Bourgeoisie.

Question #60
Invalid Link (Temporary)
Q. I clicked a website listed in the directory, and it looks like it's unavailable, but I really need it immediately.
A. You can always use Archive.org to look up an original copy of the website or webpage from an earlier date.

Question #61
Invalid Link (Characters)
Q. When I'm looking through the directory, I found a character in a listing that looks like ₳ or .
A. That's just a minor glitch in the database. If you send us a note about it, mentioning which link it was and the page where you found it, we'll fix it in no time. Remember to reach us through the Submit an Idea page or through the Contact Us page.

Question #62
Invalid Link (Section)
Q. I found a link listed in the Information section of a directory when it should be listed in the Organizations section. Can I make this as a suggestion?
A. Of course. Please, let us know about the link in its improper Information/Organizations directory through the Submit an Idea page.

Question #63
Q. There's a question that I have about the directory, but it's not listed in the FAQ!
A. You should submit your question so that we can answer it here. Please use the Submit an Idea form.

Question #64
More Information
Q. Is there anywhere else on this website where I can find out more about the directory?
A. There are a few small hints that are randomly generated on every page that you visit, but this FAQ is the most definitive source of information about the directory. The About the Directory of Revolution and Social Justice page contains a brief overview of the website's purpose.

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