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Rationalism, and Freethought

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Edited by Punkerslut

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[GBG] News (God Begone)
"Because Science + Rational Thought > Primitive Myths..."

1 2 3 Religious Comics
"Comics poking fun at the foundations of religion in 3 panels or less..."

"Are you a thinker or a follower?"

"Welcome to all atheists, freethinkers, secular humanists and others who deny or question the validity of theism..."

Aaron's Page of Reason
"Arguments for Atheism, Arguments for Theism"

Alabama Atheist
"Why do people misunderstand Atheism? Are the taboos of Atheism a result of misconceptions, misunderstandings, and myths?"

Alex's Heresies
"Embracing a Physical Reality"

American Freethought
"Four-hour documentary film series on the history of secularism and censorship in America."

Amicable Atheist, The
"A source of ecstasy for the whole family! Introducing refined atheism, with 80% less cynicism for a healthier outlook on life. A mentally balanced way to start your day!"

Angry Atheist, The
"Unholier than thou?"

Anti-Christian Phenomenon
"Behold, Bastard son! We are the evil ones."

"I encourage everyone (christians, jews, unbelievers) to enter the debate..."

"Because freedom is and should always be Man's fundamental right..."
http://www.apostasie.org/ ~ http://apostasynow.org/

Apostates of Islam
"...we came to realize that far from being a religion of truth, Islam is a hoax, it is hallucination of a sick mind and nothing but lies and deceits."

"...to provide a resource for people who are curious about atheism..."

Assertive Atheist, The
"Stabbing Religion In The Neck With A Screwdriver Since 2000"

Atheism, Evolution, and Freethought
"...to promote and nurture the good life--life guided by reason and science..."

Atheism: Proving The Negative
"Analyses of God beliefs, atheism, religion, faith, miracles, evidence for religious claims, evil and God, arguments for and against God, atheism, agnosticism, the role of religion in society, and related issues."

Atheism: The Origin and Destination of Science, Logic, and Reason
"... I celebrate my own independence from all religion."

Atheism Central for Secondary Schools
"...general support for atheist students attending religious studies..."
http://www.eclipse.co.uk/thoughts/ ~ http://www.eclipse.co.uk/thoughts/index.htm

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Note: Being listed in the links directory does not mean endorsement. These links are provided as a reference for those who want to find ideas or people for changing the world.

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