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About the Link Directory
of Revolution and Social Justice

    Why a Link Directory?

The Link Directory of Revolution and Social Justice is a collection of links on creating change that can lead toward a progressive, socially-just world.

There are currently 10,218 total links in the directory across 15 categories. To better organize the categories for browsing, they are each divided into two subcategories: Information Links, which has 5,648 total links, and Organization Links, which has 4,570 total links. Since websites sometimes become inactive, there is another subdivision where you'll find links to the archived versions of dead websites. They are still viewable through online services like archive.org. There are 661 inactive links, with the remaining 9,557 being active links.

The software used to maintain, update, and expand the directory is a PHP-based Database-Management-System titled The Bakunin-Cannabis Engine (BCE): Version 2.56, custom-built by Punkerslut.

If you have more questions, please see the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). For a complete list of every single page in the link directory, please view the Site Map. If you have an idea on how this link directory service can be improved, please let us know. You can always Submit an Idea or Suggestion anytime. If you're having difficulty using this form, you can always use normal e-mail, if necessary. Contact the Administrator about technical difficulties that you may experience on the website. And if you're interested in the links receiving attention lately, see the Featured Links List.

By Punkerslut, Made with Graphics by Jakob Montrasio
Image: By Punkerslut,
Made with Graphics by Jakob Montrasio,
Released under the Creative Commons
"Attribution 2.0 Generic" license

The Revolution and Social Justice Link-Directory:
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