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Are There Any Valid Arguments Against Squatting? 1,844 Words June, 2010

Description: All justifications for outlawing squatting are based on unsound arguments. Such laws are based on abstract and contradictory concepts of property -- not on the maximizing of all human happiness.
Quote: "If the right to squatting is ever going to be recognized, it will need revolutionary power -- not parliamentarian power. It will be enacted by the congress of the streets and the media of community groups."

Are You Learning Anything In School? 1,255 Words September, 2010

Description: There will always be lessons that your rulers would like to feed you, but what are you learning? Is it anything that might help you become a more self-developed individual? Ask these questions.
Quote: "When authority and power are in control of a social institution, it tends toward slavery and servility. The state, when it is organized without the participation or consent of the people, is abusive, cruel, and manipulative."

Be A Rebel 1,588 Words October, 2003

Description: An inspirational piece directed towards those still confined to the cruelty of compulsory schooling.
Quote: "Life matters to us because we make it matter. Be a rebel."

Better World Is Possible, A 2,575 Words November, 2004

Description: Some hope mixes with some reason, as memories and emotion start to create a belief system.
Quote: "If a generation that cherished love and affectionately adored honesty were to create two gods, they would be pessimism and optimism."

Can the School and the University Make You Free? 1,310 Words August, 2010

Description: Everywhere, education is pushed forward as some kind of salvation, as though you can be emancipated from all harmful forces of society by learning some rules. But there is more to it than is presented by the ruling parties.
Quote: "They are learning to sacrifice their real amibitions and desires, so that they can better feed themselves in this cannibal economy."

Child Abuse And Damage 1,576 Words February, 2002

Description: Scientific evidence and humane reasoning argues against the vindictive brutality of child abuse.
Quote: "Science would confirm that such brutality is destructive."

Classes of the American Schooling System, The 662 Words August, 2009

Description: The American schooling system is divided into classes, between the students and their masters. Between these two groups, there are frictions and conflicts, and each class has its own interest.
Quote: "From the most righteous administrator, to the lowliest teacher, each has participated in crushing individuality and in suffocating creativity. Each holds a responsibility in giving the next generation an emotional and intellectual lobotomy."

Compulsory Education is an Evil to the Mind 1,095 Words February, 2010

Description: When you force someone to learn knowledge, you are not improving them. You are not uplifting or enlightening them. You are training them to understand and use coercion.
Quote: "But the schools of today are insensitive, destructive, and thoughtless. They do not lift students to greater heights, but they chain them to ridiculous standards. They do not clear the path that each has chosen to take. They fill it with obstacles, barriers, and endless piles of meaningless busy-work."

Death Penalty, The 2,225 Words 2,225 Words

Description: Arguments against Capital Punishment, based on the premise that unnecessary suffering and cruelty is immoral.
Quote: "Who laughs when another cries? Who can honestly feel their heart warmed as another's is destroyed?"

Discourse on Liberty, A 2,027 Words July, 2003

Description: An analytical look at the development of rights and liberty for oppressed groups.
Quote: "...it is attacked by every dictator, scorned by every politician; it is held in animosity by the enemy of the people..."

Draft, The 824 Words April, 2002

Description: Thoughts on the idea that the government can fight a war by subduing its own people into fighting.
Quote: "To kill a man is one crime of itself. But to force a man to kill is an unspeakable atrocity."

Euthanasia 2,488 Words April, 2003

Description: Paper discussing whether there is humane passion in opposing or supporting Euthanasia.
Quote: "I believe in any person's right to suicide or Euthanasia, primarly because I believe in rights."

Feminism 1,894 Words November, 2002

Description: Defense of the idea that women ought to be treated without discrimination or brutality.
Quote: "Of all the greatest arguments against the equality of the sexes, none are as great as ignorance, deceit, and conviction in orthodox values."

Freethought Manifesto, The 6,230 Words April, 2002

Description: A guide to clear-thinking in a age where political, religious, and social deception are at large.
Quote: "History has been plagued with the tyrants who believed they were capable of controlling the main stream of thought. They would not allow changes in current."

Fuck This School 1,004 Words May, 2003

Description: Interesting story of the shirt I wore to school and the real meaning of free speech in an oppressive government.
Quote: "...can such a comparison, between a school and a Totalitarian nation, be justified? I think it can. In both situations, there is no real choice for any person who is subjected to the laws..."

Humanity 1,477 Words March, 2002

Description: An inquiry into the nature of what causes a person to be humane and to sustain that ethic.
Quote: "What are the methods that have drawn the sympathies, the affections, the passions from the mortal soul of individuals? Kindness, empathy, sincerity -- that is, to say, humanity..."

I Chose Not To Be Normal 280 Words 2001

Description: One of the original intros to this website and an all around decent piece from a revolutionary.
Quote: "Be Normal: Exist, Consume, Obey. But I chose not to be normal. I decided that there was too much cruelty and dogma in this world to condemn my existence to silence."

Insurrection in Our Hearts 2,367 Words March, 2004

Description: An examination into the ideas of truth and honesty in social situations, and how they compare with a political point of view.
Quote: "We have become the tools of a culture that holds no reverence for goodness, kindness, truth, or justice. In this state, we have allowed our souls to decompose."

It Is Here 1,054 Words March, 2003

Description: Narrative describing the poetry of revolution and the prose of thoughtfulness in mind.
Quote: "What will they call it, when the seething emotions of despair and hopelessness rise to the top, and individuals start doing what they want, refusing and resisting at every cost?"

Life of a Child, The 1,039 Words June, 2003

Description: Using passion in words to describe the prison of home, school, and church that are used to destroy any freedom in the soul of children.
Quote: "A man will not afford the rights to his own child, that he would afford to any other man in the world. And it is this, which I regard as the greatest treachery of all history."

Meaning of Social Justice, The 4,636 Words January, 2009

Description: An inquiry into the origin of our rights, our freedoms, and our advantages of society.
Quote: "The dead are gone, but what they have done belongs to the living."

Need to Abolish Mandatory Schooling, The 1,565 Words February, 2007

Description: Forced behavior can only result in a slave mentality and other accompanying social ills that are antagonistic to a genuine education.
Quote: "Curriculum. You need to be somewhere at a set time. Either at the orders of an authority or a bell, everyone in one mass shifts to another position and another place to engage in a new activity."

Of Racism 2,589 Words April, 2002

Description: Arguments against the reasoning of Racism, and the reasons that cause virtue in an individual considered.
Quote: "Racism is blind inhumanity. Without caprice, it will throw responsibility onto that which no man can possibly be responsible for: race."

On General Humaneness 936 Words September, 2002

Description: Piece discussing the value of humaneness towards your fellow man and creatures.
Quote: "...I have seen hundreds of pictures of oppression and brutality, and almost always the oppressors have justified the action on some superstitious creed."

Open Dropout Letter 617 Words November, 2002

Description: Letter sent to my high school administration when I had to tell them that I was dropping out.
Quote: "Student of life's lessons; Teacher of humanity's ways."

Pacifism 1,925 Words April, 2003

Description: Not only opposition to war, but opposition to violence and physical coercion is a humane objective.
Quote: "My opposition to violence, to the use of physical brutality as a method to reach a conclusion, is based on my humane philosophy, and my love of every conscious being."

Reformer: My Blood 25,696 Words May, 2002

Description: Memoirs from one man whose single aspiration was to reform and change society.
Quote: "As reformers, we do not fear rejection of our ideas. The history of civilization has shown almost every populace to be ignoble and credulous."

Religious Freedom as Cultural Freedom 4,700 Words December, 2006

Description: Examining the government's actions in restricting private behavior and its relationship to civil rights.
Quote: "It cannot simply extend to those whose ideas and customs are religious; it must extend to all ideas and customs of the individual, so long as their behavior is not directed upon others."

Replacement for the Universities, A 5,710 Words March, 2011

Description: Socialists and Anarchists have developed a thousand ways to replace compulsory high schools with voluntary community education. But there is still much to be decided about replacing authoritative universities with autonomous societies.
Quote: "Is there a way out between these two systems? Must we be confined to a form of organized labor that supports authoritarian education in higher learning? Only to be left with the alternative of one that creates libertarian thought in elementary education and literacy?"

Sexist Tragedy, The 1,216 Words October, 2003

Description: Offering a defense of the idea of equality, and the ramifications that it has on the liberty of all when there is a slavery.
Quote: "There are few crimes so painful, so utterly thoughtless and culturally supported, than that of Sexism."

Social Equality, the Great Destroyer of Sexism 1,115 Words November, 2009

Description: Even if Feminism could lift the bondage of gender-slavery, it would need social equality to completely liberate the woman. To switch from paternalism to serfdom is just a change of masters, not a true liberation.
Quote: "The only real freedom that the woman can have is the one that is real to all individuals -- Social Equality. In order for the woman to be her own master, she must have everything that makes man his own master, that makes a child their own master."

Social Struggle Within Mathematics, The 9,835 Words May, 2013

Description: Property, capitalism, religion, and tradition are all enemies when it comes to revolutionary, anti-capitalist, anti-state, vegan mathematicians and our fight against all ancient forces of evil and authority.
Quote: "To many people, mathematics can feel cold and unnatural, sometimes awkward and sometimes lonely, but they probably don't know that mathematicians throughout history have been inspired to some of their greatest creations by completely social issues. Mathematical thinkers are not formed in the test tube of cold logic but in the ferment of the Social Struggle."

Student Strike, The 2,374 Words March, 2010

Description: Together, the students are capable of refusing and resisting their professors and administrators. They can force their rulers to give in to their demands. It is within our power.
Quote: "These students went on strike, because they realized that their experiences of the world was incompatible the lessons of their instructors. What they felt and knew by living was completely different from what their schoolmasters had been lecturing to them."

Teaching By Force 1,503 Words October, 2009

Description: In our present world, education is forced. The student has no choice whether they want to receive the so-called knowledge that is being given to them. And this differs little from authoritarian, violent educational systems of dictatorships.
Quote: "This is the teacher who uses force and violence in order to give education. It is always one of the students who had obeyed, listened, and never questioned. The weakest of the previous generation teaches the new one."

This Day 724 Words March, 2002

Description: An Atheist's take on a mother who sacrificed her own children to her god.
Quote: "Nurturing them and giving them the outlook that there is no Satan to take their souls, no souls to take, is the best thing a mother can do."

This Is War 1,817 Words March, 2002

Description: Description of the horror of a war, showing the political motives behind some wars.
Quote: "Days no longer consisted of holding a reverence for beauty and sympathy -- they consisted in endlessly following the steps of death: avoiding being killed and slaughtering those of another political faction."

This Is What He Meant 978 Words April, 2002

Description: A quote of Henry Stephens Salt on Humanitarianism is expanded upon.
Quote: "When Henry Stephens Salt said this, over half a century ago, it was as powerful then as it is today. Salt meant that cruelty and brutality were to be done with, conquered by affection and understanding..."

To Die For Books 6,880 Words January, 2016

Description: There are many who have died for ideals and movements, for positive change and for the good things in society. But what about those who have died for books?
Quote: "It must seem almost impossible that a tradition of ideas would leave behind no history."

Tribute to Goodness, A 463 Words January, 2003

Description: Small piece on living a good life, written while I was a homeless squatter.
Quote: "A Tribute to Goodness... and those friends I have met on the street, who gave to me the gifts of fairness and compassion, adventure and lust."

Universities: Building Tools for Domination 4,941 Words June, 2010

Description: The university system does not work to improve the condition of all people, but only to make instruments for the dominating class to exploit society. They are not a help to civilization, but a hindrance.
Quote: "Like the theologians for the Catholic Church, the lawyers and judges interpret the laws, constitutions, and rights; but they do it for the benefit of the few, so that they can dominate over the many."

Virtue of Romanticism, The 1,588 Words August, 2003

Description: Arguments for the instrumental meaning and purpose of being open and sincere.
Quote: "Dreams keep me from forgetting how much I love them."

Why is This Called "Free Education"? 1,357 Words October, 2010

Description: Everywhere in the world's developed nations, so-called 'free education' is pushed as an ideal, but is it really free in any sense? Are you even free to leave it?
Quote: "Even if schooling were free, the student and the teacher are selling their liberty to the state. The price cannot be too high, either, because those who must wear chains can possess little of their own."

Whisper to a Friend, A 1,278 Words June, 2003

Description: Reflections on a friend and what is meant by unity and strength.
Quote: "I find myself with friends, always in circulation, but always left with the times we had together, those experiences that strengthened our comradery, our courage."

Will I Forget? 1,135 Words May, 2002

Description: The question that every activist asks themselves about their own cause.
Quote: "Religion has drowned the world in blood -- it was the source that men tapped when they needed aggression, it was the epitome of cruelty..."

Worth And Humanitarianism 1,875 Words January, 2002

Description: An attempt to humanely and scientifically compose a meaning of a finite existence.
Quote: "Every moment paused for a kiss, a touch of affection, is still a moment paused for the sake of brightening another's day..."