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    Web Site: http://www.magicknack.blogspot.com/

    Name: Havok
    Birth Name: (aka) Kalisti
    Sex: yes.
    Age: lest you know too much.
    Living In: Eugene.
    Education: Bizerkley, UofO, UofW, & Berkley. [Is there a difference between Bizerkley and Berkley? Yes. -- Punkerslut.]
    Occupation: Art.

    He/She lived!

    Artwork Title...
    Piece It Appeared In...
    Alien Love Beauty as a Sexual Object
    Aliens in the Arizona Desert Nautical 2
    Blue Storm Eagle Day Dialogue on Drug Laws
    Goddess Protects Travellers, The Nautical
    Gospel of Dead Boy Camping Trip To and From Hell
    I Am Earth, Earth is Me Politics of Diet, The
    In the Beginning My Talk With God
    In the Garden of Geddon Better Living Through Chemicals
    IOAOIOI Mind-Altering Substances
    Kalisti 4 Examining An Argument 1: Debate on Education
    Kalisti 7 Immigration
    Kalisti 9 Sanctity of Marriage, The
    Kalisti 11 Inaccurate View of Science, The
    Kalisti 15 Among Friends Among Enemies
    Kalisti 16 Dialogue on Astrology
    Kalisti 25 Superstition
    Kalisti 27 Camping Trip To and From Hell, Part 2
    Kalisti 28 How Religion Works and Why I Don't Believe It
    Kalisti 29 Moral Inquiries Regarding Beast
    Kalisti 35 Drunken Punker Adventures 1
    Kalisti 36 Better World Is Possible, A
    Kalisti 38 Polyamory
    Kalisti 39 Life and Death
    Kalisti 41 Nature of Hate Crime Legislation
    Kalisti 43 Sexism and Sexuality
    Kalisti 47 List of Things to be Afraid of, A
    Kalisti 50 Essential of Vegetarianism, The
    Kalisti 54 Drug Culture
    Kalisti 55 Someplace Better Than Here
    Kalisti 60 Story of a University Boy
    Kalisti 70 Drunken Punker Adventures 3
    Kalisti 74 Why Pedophilia Isn't Bad
    Kalisti 75, Scene 1 Punker is an Asshole, Part 1
    Kalisti 75, Scene 2 Punker is an Asshole, Part 2
    Kalisti 76 Nature of Spirits, The
    Kalisti 78 A Philosophical Dissertation on Consciousness, Part 2
    Kalisti 79 Preference and Culture
    Kalisti 80 Pacifism
    Kalisti 80, Scene 2 What Do We Call It?
    Kalisti 81 Masochism
    Kalisti 82 A Philosophical Dissertation on Consciousness
    Kalisti 83 Heartlessness in Monogamy
    Kalisti 86 Challenge to the Churches, A
    Kalisti 89 Of Regulatory Law
    Kalisti 92 Evidence that God Exists, The
    Kalisti 98 On Behalf of Religious Followers
    Kalisti 105 Underground Drug Scene
    Kalisti 106 Marijuana: A Tribute
    Kalisti 107 Dialogue on Sex
    Kalisti 108 Homosexuality
    Kalisti 109 Ethics: More Than Just Right and Wrong
    Kalisti 110 Punker is an Asshole 3
    Kalisti 111 Question of Rights, The
    Kalisti 113 Religious Rule, The
    Kalisti 114 Appeal to American Workers, An
    Kalisti 115 Taxation of Religion, The
    Kalisti 116 Beautiful
    Kalisti 117 Assorted Writings
    Kalisti 120 Cruelty of Eating Meat, The
    Think Reason to do Drugs, A