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Whenever I use a piece of artwork for any of my essays, I make sure to give credit to the artist. Most of the time, the artwork is done by NiD or Havok, part of the Punkerslut.Com crew. Some of the times, it's artwork from online image libraries. Either way, here are the contributing websites and artists...

-- Punkerslut

Anarchist Black Cross
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Page It Appeared On...
American Flag/Nazi Flag America: Police State Incorporated
Bars Affirmative Action
Broken Chain Reflections on Representative Government
Capital Libertarianism and Socialism
Cell Freethought Essays
Cell 2 Life of a Child, The
Cellbars Need to Abolish Mandatory Schooling, The
Cells Matter of Political Philosophy, The
Chainer Privilege: Its Role in Oppression
Cocktail It Is Here
Cop Anarchy: Law, Order, and Authority
Cross Borders Literature (Serious) Essays
Democracy We Deliver Draft, The
Dreaded Anarchist Of Racism
Fight Cops Origins of Anarchy, The
Free My People Humanitarianism Essays
Growth Be A Rebel
Hand Paw Animal Rights Essays
Home of the Slave America: Police State Incorporated
Man Main
Neither Master Nor Slave Using Fascism to Destroy Fascism
Officer Friendly? America: Police State Incorporated
Pig With Club Kevin's Encounter with Store Security
Power to the People Power: Its Cause, Its Result
Prisoner Death Penalty, The
Revolt Government and Politics Essays
Roar Role of Authority and Liberty in a Just Democracy, The
Skulls Struggle for the Right to Opinion, The
Strength Vote With Your Labor
Wage-Slavery Communism Versus Capitalism
Women Free Feminism

Eric Drooker
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Page It Appeared On...
Abortion Rights Ethics of Abortion
Air Raid Domestic Terrorism Versus National Militarism
Atlas In Love Virtue of Romanticism, The
Bee Hive Economics of Capitalism, The
Burning Man Insurrection in Our Hearts
Civilian Airstrike Principles of Anarcho-Communism, The
Construction Worker Whisper to a Friend, A
Cosmic Kiss Vision of a New Morality, A
Epiphany The Noise
Female Crucifix Abortion: My Opinion
Flood 2 Without a Journey
Gas Masks Introduction to Who and What We Are
Gears Practical Applications of Society in an Anarcho-Communist Community
Ghetto Crime: An Analysis
Golden Gated City Healthcare: A Universal Right of Every Worker
Homeless Giant I Sleep In A Squat, Like Everyone Else
Industry Vs. Nature Consideration of Moral Value
Joy Sexist Tragedy, The
Jubilation Religious Freedom as Cultural Freedom
Junkie Mr. Chemistry
Lion for Real, The To the French, Clandestine Bombmaker
Lockdown Dissent Rights of the Guilty, The
Love in the Afternoon "Of Marriage," by Sir Francis Bacon, Critique
Mothers of the World Dialogue on Abortion
Rooftop Life is Life
Self Portrait Tale of Love Apart, A
Showdown Discourse on Liberty, A
Drowning Saxophone Tale of a Singer and his Lover, A
Slingshot Vs. Tank Reform Versus Revolution
Terminal Rage Physics of Anarchist-Communism, The
Tree Hand Tribute to Goodness, A
Under Brooklyn Bridge Cold
Upwardly Mobile Blessing of Society, The
X-Ray Manhatten Industrial Labor Versus Domestic Labor

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Anarchist Index

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Black Blox Links
Crucifix Smash Reform is in the Hands of the Anti-Christ
Crush the State Are We Barbarians?
Jump Essays

University of Minnesota's War Posters Collection
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Page It Appeared On...
Attack Begins in the Factory, The Communism Versus Capitalism - Counter-Arguments, Francois Tremblay
Away With The System Communism Versus Capitalism - Questions against the Affirmative Case
Good News From Home Communism Versus Capitalism - Affirmative Case for the Assertion
He's a Fighting Fool Communism Versus Capitalism - Questions against the Negative Case
Informed America is a Free America, An Introductory Notes to Communism Versus Capitalism
She's a Swell Plane Communism Versus Capitalism - Answers to the Questions
We Want Rags Communism Versus Capitalism - Conclusion, Francois Tremblay

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Page It Appeared On...
Image #1 Plea for Vegetarianism, A
Image #2 Why I Am A Vegetarian
Image #3 Hunting: The Bloodsport