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The Graphics Library of Revolution and Social Justice: Artwork Sorted by Tag

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Artwork --- Calvin Wants You To Overthrow the State! (So does Hobbes.) (Anarchy and Anarchism Directory | Description : This image came from http://www.RadicalGraphics.or... | Tags : Anarchy, Anarchism, Circled A, Calvin, Hobbes, Cal...) ::: By Radical Graphics (About: All material posted here originally appeared at ht... | Ideals: Anarchy, Animal Liberation, Anti-America, Anti-Bio...)
Artwork by Tag: Corporate
Gallery Description: Artwork tagged by its artist as "Corporate".
Random Image Tags: Anarchy (41), Anarchism (24), Circled A (37), Calvin (1), Hobbes (1), Calvin And Hobbes (1), Smash The State (1), Raised Fist (14), Fist (16), Child (8), Smile (8), Revolt (17), Revolution (22), Resistance (29), Anti-State (5), Anti-Government (3), Smash (3), Student Revolt (1), Anti-School (2), Anti-Compulsory Education (1), School (2), Schooling (1), Compulsory Education (1), Mandatory Education (1), Anti-Authority (3), Authority (4), Authoritarianism (1), Anti-Authoritarianism (1).

Tags: 2,244

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The Graphics Library of Revolution and Social Justice:
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