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Affirmative Action 1,581 Words April, 2002

Description: Arguments against Affirmative Action based on the fact that it is a form of Racism.
Quote: "It is the epitome of shame to claim that you are the student at your university, or the worker at your job, because of your race."

Agitate! 3,374 Words August, 2010

Description: We need to get people stirred up about the misery and exploitation of their current life, and to enlighten them to what kind of vision is possible for humanity.
Quote: "Agitation is not simply the providing of facts, but it is the meaningful interpretation of them. It is to impassion and inspire -- to open the eyes of the soul to what the mind has been seeing the whole time."

Alternative to Nazism, An 2,310 Words January, 2004

Description: Some thoughts of the alternatives to any ideology that focuses on one race only.
Quote: "There is never a vice so destructive, that alternatives can't be found -- no act so merciless, that a change of heart and ammends are impossible. To Nazism, I state that the alternative exists."

America: Police State Incorporated 5,258 Words June, 2003

Description: Describing the activities of an Anarcho-Communist revolutionary in an oppressive state.
Quote: "Take the greatest draught, the worst famine, the most horific plague, and you will find a squatter shivering, skin tightly wrapped around bone and lack of nourishment, and a diseased body, but you will find him surviving, because if there is one thing we can do, that is it."

Anarchism, the Philosophy of Liberation 887 Words November, 2009

Description: Every oppressed and exploited group must feel the desire to liberty. But the organized thought that recognizes this relationship in all authority, is the philosophy of liberation. It is Anarchism.
Quote: "Anarchism does not see the borders placed by governments, the laws made by states, or the deeds cherished by landlords. It only sees a world where each individual has an equal right to living a full life in society..."

Anarchist Versus the Statist, The 5,889 Words May, 2005

Description: An attack, first on the system of Capitalism, then on the system of government as a method of curing Capitalism.
Quote: "Among the greatest of reforms to our world that I desired, there was that of Socialism. Observe our society, and you'll see that the greater part is in agreement. Capitalism produces an enormous amount of social ills."

Anarcho-Syndicalism, as Philosophy and Practice 2,106 Words July, 2010

Description: Anarchism and Syndicalism work together as a philosophy that analyzes the problems of society, and then applies a reasonable and direct solution to them.
Quote: "Syndicalism, like Anarchism, seeks to replace the rule of a few over the many with self-rule for all. But Syndicalism focuses on economics, and the mastery of the Capitalists. Anarchism focuses on politics, and the mastery of the politicians."

Anarchy: Law, Order, and Authority 1,088 Words December, 2002

Description: Questions regarding the origin of authority in government.
Quote: "By what right would one government have the right to tell one person to do, any more than the one person would have the right to tell what the government to do?"

Anarchy and the Warlord Question 1,001 Words October, 2010

Description: Anarchy is always rebuffed by the argument that we should have a state even if the only reason is keeping out the more oppressive governments.
Quote: "Externally, there is always the fear of conquest by other warlords. But internally, there is the threat of the people."

Anarchy, or the Development of Free and Voluntary Relationships to Accomplish Shared Aims 2,143 Words March, 2011

Description: Government is built up by everyone's participation in it. If we can accomplish our desires without it, the state will begin to decay.
Quote: "Every person naturally has a right to a voice in the decision-making in any environment where they live or work. Supporting government, by voting for particular candidates or political parties, is seen by many as the only exercise of this right."

Are Political Parties Healthy For Society? 843 Words July, 2009

Description: A short examination of political parties and how they relate to people; particularly, how they relate to individuals, and their attempt to change society.
Quote: "You joined the political party, so that you could change society, in a way that you felt was necessary. But in the end, you become disenchanted, because it was you who has become changed by the political party."

Are We Barbarians? 7,623 Words August, 2004

Description: Arguments on the property relations of society. Analyzing sexism, racial slavery, Feudalism, animal rights, labor solidarity, and political autonomy.
Quote: "Just as we have in the past, today we must cut these chains. We must overthrow the property relations of society, that no person must suffer the brutish effects of a slavery."

Art of War is in Deceiving Humanity, The 614 Words October, 2009

Description: If someone wants to slaughter in foreign lands, they need the cooperation of those in their home land. In order to bring battle to others, one must conceal and deceive from all who are around them.
Quote: "All warfare is based on deception. To approach another human being, with the intent to do harm, is itself a deceitful act."

Authority: Political and Economic 781 Words June, 2009

Description: Arguments against Anarcho-Capitalism from an Anarcho-Syndicalist view. Why both political and economic authorities are opposed to social justice.
Quote: "You can avoid enforcement of the law, but you need to be in a prison! Oh, and you can also avoid the exploitation of a Capitalist system, but you need to be starving in the streets!"

Authority, the Role that Destroys Conscience 1,786 Words January, 2010

Description: Everywhere that authority develops, it becomes tyranny. It turns the ambitions and hopes of the ruler into a cruel nightmare enacted against the people.
Quote: "It is not enough for a single person to write down on a piece of paper that they personally can lead society to greatness and prosperity. But if a single person writes it down, gives the paper to others, and hears it repeated by a large section of the population, they'll start to believe it."

Bosses and Politicians, Two Kinds of Masters 2,223 Words August, 2010

Description: Those who control you, economically or politically, are your masters. And they will try to limit your personal liberties just as they were monarchs.
Quote: "Your boss is a master because they possess productive property. They have needs, like you, but they don't work, like you. Instead, they have their needs satisfied by the produce that you make, part of which feeds yourself."

Can the Law Create Your Vision? 1,827 Words August, 2010

Description: Using the state and the legislative body of a nation is often the first method think of when considering changing the society and the world, but is it the best? Can it really deliver the vision you imagined?
Quote: "For what is it that the law can introduce, except prisons and police, to create the change it wants? It only motivates humanity by fear and threats, which boils the emotions of revenge and stubbornness on the part of the subjects."

Can the Political Party Help You? 471 Words July, 2009

Description: What does the political party have to offer you? It will attract you because it offers you an opportunity to change the world in the way you like. But the problem is, it will make you also change it in ways you dislike.
Quote: "You're trying to get enough people to vote for a candidate who supports your platform. If you can get enough voters, why not encourage those people to fulfill your platform instead?"

Can the Worker's Party Help You? 564 Words August, 2009

Description: Everyone has a logical reason for opposing the Capitalist system. But nobody has a rational argument for joining the Worker's Party to achieve a change in society.
Quote: "From fighting discrimination to environmental protection -- from ending wars to improving your standard of living -- the union and the General Strike are the greatest tool."

Can There Be Socialism Without Anarchy? 2,622 Words August, 2011

Description: Socialism is a system that provides the rights of equality and participation to all workers in industry, but can that be accomplished if there is still a government?
Quote: "Socialism, when it is limited to achieving its aims through government, has two trends: reform and revolution. Both are very wide areas, with great differences in ideals and official beliefs, but they both narrow in when it comes to the tactics of power."

Censorship, Our Enemy 1,782 Words October, 2002

Description: A defense of the idea that liberty of opinion is the greatest liberty.
Quote: "As true liberty and freedom does not have borders or restrictions, unless another's liberty is at risk."

Cooperative Society, The 4,438 Words October, 2009

Description: If society organizes cooperatively, then each person has an equal stand in the decision-making process. But if society organizes itself with domination, then each person must sacrifice their liberty and security to the ambitions of a master.
Quote: "The law enables those who want to do violence; liberty empowers those who can create good."

Delegation, Not Representation 4,390 Words March, 2011

Description: There are always demands to know what the Anarchist or Decentralized, Libertarian system of society would look like. Given that there have been many free and cooperative associations in the past, why not look to their methods?
Quote: "By establishing the Representative as an essential, permanent fixture of the social organization, the people lose their right to recall their leaders. In fact, they lose their right to recall the social organization altogether."

Dialogue on Affirmative Action 865 Words June, 2003

Description: Thoughts and ideas expressed in a dialogue, questioning the motives and effects of an Affirmative Action policy.
Quote: "By choosing one person over another, on the basis of their race, that is Racism."

Dialogue on Political Superstition 3,036 Words February, 2013

Description: Religious superstition has convinced people that the world was the center of the Universe for hundreds of years, but today, it is more convincing to doubt the church than to doubt its opponents. The same attitude is slowly establishing itself with the state, as well.
Quote: "And what kind of laws do you propose that we shall have? Would you like those that have been enacted by the governments all across the world?"

Does the Nation Represent You? 1,363 Words October, 2009

Description: Your politicians, teachers, professors, and community leaders will all tell you the same thing -- your nation represents you, and you should respect and love it.
Quote: "Your friend is the common people, those who suffer the tyranny of capitalism and the state, the worker, the citizen, and the subject -- of any country!"

Domestic Terrorism Versus National Militarism 1,506 Words March, 2004

Description: A comparison of world leaders who act within the laws and criminals who act without.
Quote: "Understand here, that I am making no pardoning plea for Adolf Hitler and his ways. This is not a pardoning plea for Nazis; it is an indictment of government."

Domination and Cooperation, the Two Forms of Organizing for Society 1,124 Words August, 2011

Description: Social structures throughout history have been based on one of two principles, cooperation and domination. One is based on liberty, the other on authority. Which produces the better society?
Quote: "The members of this organization believe that they can reach their shared aim best by uniting together under one particular leadership. Society is nothing more than the creation and destruction of these groups, as well as their inter-connections."

Don't Express Your Dissatisfaction With the Vote 2,668 Words August, 2010

Description: There is always the impulse to express yourself over your environment. Don't do it by creating a government to pass laws onto you and everyone around you.
Quote: "Since change has been accomplished through social efforts, and it has been done against dominion established by political efforts, any real social movement must necessarily be Anarchist."

Ending Oppression and Exploitation: The Two Routes 756 Words June, 2009

Description: A comparison of the methodology and the accomplishments of workers' unions and political parties.
Quote: "If Socialists worked on creating a federation of workers' unions, then we would be on the route that has historically been successful!"

Every Individual is Part of the Whole 582 Words August, 2009

Description: As much as you are an individual, you will be effected by the organization of society. You can be an individualist, but you will be rocked and effected by the actions of the collective.
Quote: "As a Socialist, many will argue how I can be an Individualist. If I believe in making things more public and more common, how can I also be a defender and believer of the individual?"

Feelings of Vengeance, or Feelings of Revolution? 10,192 Words July, 2010

Description: What are you motivated by? Are you genuinely willing to create a world based on non-exploitive relationships, or are you infuriated with the misery created by Capitalism?
Quote: "If vengeance means anything, in terms of revolution, it can only mean the disempowering of those who abuse, exploit, and enslave the masses. Admitting any other form of vengeance would turn us into the murderers we want to remove."

First, Truly-Socialist Government is Deep in Deliberation, The 3,827 Words July, 2011

Description: Those followers of the early forms of Socialism come together, rebuking all forms of authoritarianism, to create a government. But a lone Anarchist has some objections to these honest individuals.
Quote: "A plateau? That depends -- does civilization surge up and down, like mountaintops, or does it ever reach a perfect equilibrium, like a plateau? Things are always changing."

Glory of Crime, The 628 Words September, 2009

Description: Laws are like sins. They're imaginary values that have no relationship to the happiness of the people. It's just an artificial barrier put up, that stifles human passion, just to benefit an isolated few.
Quote: "We should aspire to be like the criminals in the German Peasants' War of 1524 AD, or the Chen Sheng Wu Guang Uprising of 209 BC."

Glory of Secret, Criminal Societies, The 8,017 Words December, 2017

Description: Crime is glorious, but when we come together as criminals and make a Criminal Society, then we are making something greater than ourselves or the state which we resist.
Quote: "Participants in Criminal Culture become unique from both revolutionaries and criminals. We have only one unbreakable rule: we only fight exploiters, and only do so in a way that benefits the exploited..."

Greatest Threat To Your Liberty is the Government, The 1,412 Words February, 2010

Description: If your freedom is limited or restricted, it comes from the government. Its source is in the law, in the politicians and police who stand behind it. This is where the first and greatest enemy of freedom is from.
Quote: "To resist those who would take away our freedom, we must be organized. We must be prepared and ready. We must use strategy in choosing our forms of action, in choosing the targets of our activity."

Gun Control 3,932 Words August, 2004

Description: Considers the arguments made by the opponents and proponents of gun control, and then offers a peaceful and humane alternative.
Quote: "If there was ever an opportune moment for the public to defend themselves against the government, the video tapes of police officers beating African citizens being released is perhaps the most opportune moment of all. Yet, even then the Conservatives held back."

How Does the Law Effect People? 1,007 Words October, 2009

Description: Investigating the effect of outlawing a behavior, and how well people can be protected by laws. How the criminalization of a minority group means worsening social frictions, and greater human suffering.
Quote: "In regards to bad laws, the people resist them and become alienated from society. And in regards to good laws, the people should be aware of them already, and where they are not, they will resist them."

How Will Anarchy Help Me? 606 Words March, 2009

Description: One-paged flyer on how decentralized, community rule is more efficient at serving the people than top-down government.
Quote: "Does anarchy help with the protection of the our rights? Is it going to make our homes safer? Will it extend our liberties?"

If Socrates Debated an Anarchist Today 2,452 Words September, 2011

Description: We make our discoveries without trying to, and we often make our findings without any expectation of what we will get. That's the kind of attitude you need when understanding a debate between the ancient, Greek philosopher Socrates and an Anarchist.
Quote: "Since everyone was generalized with liberty and land, opportunities for development and the development itself, there would be no need for the specialization of law, courts, prisons, and armies."

Immigration 1,887 Words January, 2005

Description: A short essay describing the conditions, the causes, and the other important information on those who immigrate.
Quote: "Before civilization would know the world, there was no slavery, there was barely any property, and the most destructive form of war was a simple, aggressive feud."

Is the Police Officer Your Friend? 521 Words August, 2009

Description: Everywhere you look, you can always find the police. But are they really there for you, or are they there against you?
Quote: "The police are not upholding the law, then. They are upholding the law when it persecutes the poor, the unemployed, and the homeless."

Is the Politician Your Friend? 411 Words July, 2009

Description: Is the politician on your side, or are they on the side of those who got them into office? Where is their interest? You'll find that it's for those who are against you.
Quote: "We live in a world where capitalists prop up a politician for their own gain. It is no different than a world where aristocrats prop up a king for their interests."

Kill Their Young! 1,105 Words September, 2010

Description: Every government that makes wars is ready to sacrifice one part of their people immediately, the young. It is those who have not yet experienced society that are condemned to death by it.
Quote: "Those who die in the war, then, are not those who have lived a full life -- those who have filled their days with the passions of love, their years with the experience of friends."

Law is a Religion, The 3,882 Words October, 2010

Description: Religion enforces itself through principles and declared positions, even though it never fulfills the love it promises. Government does the same, never delivering the liberty it uses as bait.
Quote: "Theologians and philosophers for the church have always looked up scripture, as though they were looking up law."

Liberal Doctrine Versus the Anarchist Philosophy, The 2,883 Words December, 2009

Description: Liberalism, as a philosophy, has failed to achieve its aims. It cannot create freedom of speech, it has not ever achieved self-government, and it only makes blaspheny of economic justice.
Quote: "The ultimate failure of Liberalism is not its ideals, but that it has no intelligent way of either creating or sustaining them. Liberalism compliments freedom and blesses the worker, but only Anarchism creates freedom and emancipates the worker."

Liberals Opposed to Big Business and Conservatives Opposed to Big Government 1,046 Words May, 2011

Description: According to Liberals, the biggest problem we face is big business. According to Conservatives, it is big government. But, no major political group is altogether opposed to any big, dominating, authoritarian structures.
Quote: "Liberal political parties tell you that your biggest problem is when Capitalists steal from you. And for Conservative political parties, they think your biggest problem is when government steals from you."

Libertarianism and Socialism 1,526 Words July, 2003

Description: Considerations on the idea of liberty, economically and politically, between these two divided camps.
Quote: "Yet, for this statement to have any meaningful context, one must understand another question: what is personal liberty?"

Mass Media and Your Culture as an Identity 1,608 Words November, 2009

Description: By listening to the message of media conglomerates and governments, you're starting to identify with them. The concerns they brought up become concerns you think about. You become them. Or, at least you think you do.
Quote: "A newspaper doesn't have to lie to deceive you. When the media deceives you, it is to give you a culture that you think truly represents you -- when it is a culture that is actually your enemy."

Matter of Political Philosophy, The 6,540 Words March, 2005

Description: The motives and rules of political science are dissected and examined.
Quote: "The interest of Political Philosophy is to uncover a method of society that will allow for the greatest prosperity."

Maybe Nothing Changes 786 Words September, 2005

Description: An observation of Europe's continuing battle against the spirit of Fascism, as the devilish beast continues to feed upon victims.
Quote: "...they'll come for the Socialists, the advocates of Democracy, the journalists, the union organizers, the Liberals, the Leftists, everyone with an opinion that goes against the grain of society... and somewhere, I think everyone's missed the whole fucking point."

Method of Social Justice, The 814 Words September, 2009

Description: Each social movement has taken certain methods, and has had certain effects. What are the results? How should we organize? What methods should we use?
Quote: "The method of social justice is much like its aim: free, cooperative, and voluntary associations. Do not rely on the political party or the company union, whether it's the Socialist Party or the American Federation of Labor. Social justice comes with Radical Unionism -- or Anarcho-Syndicalism."

Nation, Culture, and Religion -- Pillars of Tyranny 2,218 Words November, 2003

Description: There are three things that make you associate with your masters and controllers, three things that divide you from those who are potentially your comrades. One is your identity to nation, one is your identity to culture, and another is your identity to religion.
Quote: "The economic tyranny is based on ownership of property, as the political tyranny is based on ownership of people, and the religious tyranny ownership of souls. By giving people an identity associated with those who oppress them, they give in to their subjugation."

Nationalism, the Socially-Acceptable Form of Racism 2,138 Words July, 2010

Description: Instead of advocating for a race, people feel more comfortable advocating for a national. But to advocate for a nation's tradition, is to advocate for its original people, which means Racism.
Quote: "One page of the history book turns to another, as one empire crumbles to make room for another. In the history of any nation, one will necessarily find one race dominating and controlling another, no matter how small the differences may be."

Nature of Hate Crime Legislation, The 1,319 Words April, 2002

Description: Some thoughts to consider when a law is made to persecute a person for the ideas they hold.
Quote: "Is it at all a creed of liberty that conscience should remain under the jurisdiction of the state, that what thoughts we are allowed to have should be chosen by politicians?"

Newtonian Physics and the Measurement of Social Revolutions 2,603 Words September, 2010

Description: Newton provides us with just some of the elementary properties of matter, but can these be applied to social movements? Can we use physics and calculus to teach us about the Socialist uprising against Capitalism?
Quote: "'The Revolution = Mass of the Revolutionary Movement * Acceleration of the Revolutionary Movement * Amount of Society Changed by the Revolutionary Movement.' It's basic, textbook Physics."

Origins of Anarchy, The 2,820 Words July, 2005

Description: The question answered here is on what the difference between a revolutionary and philanthropist is; the matter of equity and justice over charity and bounty.
Quote: "As men and women who seek change in society, our primary objective is this: to organize the social forces in a way that justice, peace, and equality genuinely exist."

Philosophy of Libertarian Socialism, The 980 Words August, 2010

Description: Many political philosophies of the past have either incorporated some form of authority and some form of property, but what about Libertarian Socialism?
Quote: "In resisting Government, the revolution must be Libertarian; and in resisting Capitalism, the revolution must be Socialist."

Physics of Anarchist-Collectivism, The 9,039 Words January, 2007

Description: Examination of the origin of the state and its role, and then an analysis of profit and its relation to power. An alternative is offered.
Quote: "A Communist Revolution, or a riddance of the Capitalist class from the burden of society, will not relieve the workers of the state; and further more, an anti-Statist Revolution will only rid the people of those who delegate and oversee the slavery of nations, their statesmen."

Police Brutality: The Official, Government Position 719 Words September, 2009

Description: Police officers violently attack citizens and abuse the privilege given to them so that they can protest us. And the legal system is never interested in delivering justice against one of its own pawns.
Quote: "You can kill a man, but only if you wear a badge. It has always been this way, in every country, in every era."

Police Officers: The Machines of Tyranny 681 Words October, 2009

Description: In every tyranny, the police become absolutely necessary. Without them, the state could not subsist against the attacks of the people. Monarchies and dictatorships wouldn't last without the violence of cheap, hired thugs.
Quote: "Instead of stopping murder, they went after prostitutes and pimps. Instead of stopping corporate crime, they went after workers on picket lines."

Politician Cannot Make You Free, A 1,101 Words November, 2009

Description: The role of a governor is one of domination, control, and mastery. It is within their power to imprison and enslave you, but not to liberate or empower you.
Quote: "That is the natural character of the politician. They do not look at the people as their brothers and sisters, their fathers and mothers -- the politician looks upon the populace as their prey."

Power: Its Cause, Its Result 5,471 Words December, 2003

Description: Examination of the causes which give rise to a power, and the results of this culmination of political strength through military force.
Quote: "Not one more secret police. Not one more gestapo jail. Not one more piece of government propaganda. Not one more president or congress. This is our battle."

Practical Applications of Society in an Anarcho-Communist Community 9,330 Words April, 2003

Description: Ideas on how to work in a completely Anarchistic and Communist society.
Quote: "...in all of my investigation into these matters, I have not discovered many pieces or articles which dealt with the practical applications of society."

Principles of Anarcho-Communism, The 421 Words November, 2003

Description: Very brief dissertation on the reasons that develop one to Anarcho-Communist thought.
Quote: "No one should be allowed to own the means of production, the farms, the factories. They must be collectively owned by everyone."

Privilege: Its Role in Oppression 2,499 Words October, 2005

Description: Privilege is responsible for maintaining an oppressive order or inhumane laws. Understanding it is necessary to our struggle.
Quote: "The revolution needs bold individuals who are willing to make sacrifices in order that the majority can understand and live in freedom."

Property-Requirement for Voting and Capitalism's Classic Conflict with Democracy, The 3,294 Words August, 2011

Description: The property-requirement for voting is an ancient and traditional part of the republican, elective system of government. Conservatives and Liberals don't discuss it, though, because it means their system is inherently exclusive.
Quote: "Private ownership of the means of production is at odds with Inclusive Society -- the two cannot exist side-by-side. The history of the world should be enough to demonstrate this point."

Question of Social Policy and Worker Autonomy, The 2,517 Words September, 2011

Description: Socialist governments and organizations try to satisfy human necessity, but what do they do to satisfy unique and individual expression?
Quote: "The political system is the physician, society is the ailing patient, and the proposed law is the prescription. This is exactly the case when looking at the way politicians expect the society's fixes to come from Public Investment and Economic Regulation."

Questions to the Anarchist 1,070 Words August, 2009

Description: Three short and quick questions about how we are going to overthrow the state, how anarchy will work, and how it will be maintained.
Quote: "Anarcho-Syndicalism. It is an ideal and a tactic: it wants a world organized from the bottom-up by the workers, and it organizes workers into the form necessary to replace Capitalism and the State."

Questions to the Non-Revolutionary Activist 1,942 Words March, 2010

Description: You can try to change society in two ways. By cooperating and changing the system from the inside, or by resisting and forcing it to change.
Quote: "What will happen, after you have reformed this evil, whether it is war or sexism, unemployment or discrimination? The powers that created this social ill will go on to create more problems, to implant more divisions among society."

Questions to the Socialist Party Member 535 Words September, 2009

Description: If you believe in worker-emancipation, then why do you believe in obedience to the political party? If you believe in breaking chains, why do you start with forging them? These are the questions to the Socialist Party Member.
Quote: "...if that political party threatens and holds control over its members, does it really serve to change a social order based on threats and possession? Doesn't it just train people to be controlled and possessed?"

Reflections on Representative Government 4,350 Words November, 2004

Description: An inquiry on the system of representative government, as an improved authoritarian system from the monarch system, but ultimately, still not freedom.
Quote: "The ruling class has the interest of maintaining their power, above all other interests. The rights of the people, the liberty of the citizens, all of these are second grade interests to any politician."

Reform Versus Revolution 1,852 Words May, 2005

Description: Should we become men of action, and violate the law? Or should we become men of words, and change the opinion of the public?
Quote: "That is to say, we are hindering their ability to exploit the citizens and workers of all countries. And, beyond that, to act as a current and standing threat to the corporations, to stand as the defender of internationally understood rights of the people."

Resistance to Authority, the Only Defense of Liberty 1,122 Words February, 2010

Description: Liberty comes through fighting those who threaten it. It comes through resisting governments, states, and laws. It is only through this resistance that we are really capable of defending freedom.
Quote: "In defending our right to self-control, we can only be defending ourselves against one source: authority. What is it that could restrict us, besides the law of some master? What is it that could possibly want to put us in chains, and dominate us, other than ambitious senators and skillful kings?"

Right to Opinion, The 2,643 Words November, 2002

Description: Paper defending a person's right to believe as they wish, whether unpopular or cruel thoughts.
Quote: "There is one battlefield that has almost been entirely unsuccesful in the case for Civil Rights. This is the battlefield for the Right to Opinion."

Rights of the Guilty, The 6,367 Words July, 2004

Description: A treatise defending those who are guilty of crimes, while creating a new and progressive prison system that protects the public and reforms criminals.
Quote: "The element of brutality in all of these examples comes from one distinct source: the idea that individuals who have committed no crime, or have paid for crimes they have committed, have no rights -- and it is this idea that must be entirely discredited if civilization is to make progress."

Rojava, the Anarchist Community Emerging from the Syrian Civil War: The Small Pockets of Anarchist, Feminist, and Environmentalist Communities in the Middle East Today 4,145 Words November, 2015

Description: What is happening with the Syrian Civil War today? Are there really Anarchists and Anarchist communities springing up in a land wracked with religious extremism and endless war?
Quote: "...there was not yet any Anarchist society that was fueled with the energies and strengths of millions of people. At least, that was the case -- until November 12, 2013."

Role of Authority and Liberty in a Just Democracy, The 4,145 Words October, 2004

Description: A discourse, describing the effective and useful purposes of authority as much as those of liberty, and how both work together in collective organization.
Quote: "I have this one contention to make and prove in this essay: that the essence of all just authority stems from the common natures of mankind, and that the essence of all just liberty stems from the common differences of mankind."

School of Thought Known as Social Anarchism, The 2,696 Words February, 2010

Description: There are many forms of Anti-Capitalist Anarchism, beginning originally with Proudhon's Anarcho-Mutualism and concluding with Rocker's Anarcho-Syndicalism. Peter Kropotkin and Emma Goldman promoted Anarcho-Communism, while Mikhail Bakunin founded Anarcho-Collectivism.
Quote: "The phrase Social is attached to the title, because it indicates an anti-state ideal that wants to replace the world with a more social humanity."

Socialist Movements Involved in Government 4,645 Words May, 2011

Description: Before World War 1, the Socialist Movement had made great strides in all countries, pushing in every direction against the Capitalist machine. But then it all disappeared. Why?
Quote: "What was so different about the Italian Socialist movement at this point? Why did the Socialists of Europe's boot know so much more than the Socialists of Middle Europe, or the Socialists of the Far East?"

State is a Church for Capitalism, The 756 Words August, 2009

Description: The acts of exploitation, consumer abuse, and imperialism all are legitimized and justified by government. The state doesn't serve as a force of law, but only as a moralizer and servant of capitalist oppression.
Quote: "From annexing lands in war, weapons contracts, breaking unions, forced labor camps, to supporting foreign dictators -- the state has done everything it can for Capitalism to flourish."

State Socialism versus State Capitalism 1,494 Words November, 2009

Description: Is there a significant difference between a society managed by political party officials, and one managed by managers for capitalists? In both systems, the worker is dominated and controlled, and there is no real Socialism.
Quote: "Under a state, whether it calls itself Socialism or Capitalism, the decision-making power is in the hands of a few -- those who hold the exclusive privilege to society's productive wealth."

Story of the First Government, The 1,670 Words August, 2009

Description: Going back to the early ages of mankind, where all of the land was common property, there was a struggle between two individuals. The individual and the state, or the worker and the capitalist, or the subject and the ruler.
Quote: "And what if you claimed the sky, the air, the mountains, and the forests as your own? Could you even imagine trying to defend these things on your own?"

Stranger in an Anarchist Land, A 2,860 Words May, 2010

Description: During the Spanish Civil War, a Liberal wanders into the industrial congress of an Anarcho-Syndicalist village. There is a lively exchange between two people on how society functions within Anarchism.
Quote: "When the people already have a common goal, and they pursue it collectively, what is the effect of authority?"

Struggle for the Right to Opinion, The 5,733 Words April, 2003

Description: History of the oppression of the groups of people that tried to express their opinion against a vicious majority.
Quote: "Wherever there has been an unpopular opinion, there has always been a government to oppress its followers. When a person is allowed to think and speak freely, then I will call their environment a living Democracy."

'The Nation,' as a Symbol 1,637 Words November, 2009

Description: There are many who want you to think that the nation is you, that what is good for the country is necessarily good for you. But that is a patriotic morality, which does not see good in helping others, or bad in hurting them.
Quote: "Sometimes it is called Patriotism, and other times, it is called Nationalism. We understand that it is a morality focused on a nation, an ethical system based on a particular, geographic region."

To Those Who Support War 4,911 Words July, 2005

Description: Considerations of all the difficulties, the conflicts, and the pains that arrise with war and militarized activity.
Quote: "...every state, whether European or American or Asian, will always be guilty of these crimes against humanity."

Using Fascism to Destroy Fascism 2,299 Words June, 2005

Description: We should never use the means and methods of racists or Nazis in accomplishing our goals. Civil Rights should never be abridged.
Quote: "That philosophy of racism which has seemed to be in decline should be allowed to decay; do not resurrect its gestapo tactics. Should you ever need a valid reason for living, let it be to love the creatures of the world and to work for a better planet for all of us."

Vicious Brutality of American Law Enforcement, The 1,261 Words May, 2011

Description: Police officers are more interested in fighting dissidence than in fighting rape. They are more likely to investigate those fighting the state than those who committed murder. It is a brutality of a vicious type.
Quote: "Throughout the entirety of this system, the millions who are forced out of their homes by force, the millions who are raped and have no voice of defense; throughout the entire thing, there is the strand of torture, torment, and cruelty."

War is an Act of Authoritarian Government 1,197 Words June, 2010

Description: To command people into battle and armed conflicts is the most supreme of all authorities. There can be no war between nations without there being authoritarian control of the population.
Quote: "The longer war lasts, the greater the drain on the strength of the people to submit to their government -- to accept their state's orders, and even to admire its courage and power."

What Does Authority Do For People? 1,030 Words September, 2009

Description: The people provide their own food and the flesh that provides their civil defense. When authority enters into this organization, how are they benefited? Is their condition improved at all?
Quote: "Governments naturally offend the people. Prison, death squads, torture, laws, exploitation, and censorship. There are still places on the planet where religion is governed, where conscience is barred."

What does the Government have to Fear of the People? 6,095 Words April, 2006

Description: The United States government, like all other states of the world, is not the absolute defender of the people's will. In fact, it manufactures their will.
Quote: "The force behind both political and economic authorities then is distinctly violent and cruel in nature. For those who are in control, the only goal they can have is the maintenance and development of their power."

What is the Relationship Between Capitalism and the State? 701 Words July, 2009

Description: Every member of the state depends on the capitalist for their position. So whenever they make considerations about laws and the state, they are thinking about the Capitalist class who got them into office.
Quote: "The government is just a church for the capitalist class -- it's a moral front for the masters of industry. It only legitimizes and justifies the exploitation of the masses by the privileged class."

Where Do Their Guns Come From? 414 Words July, 2009

Description: The relationship of laborers and the military aggression; and what you can do to stop it. Consider yourself as an individual who contributes to civilization's general wealth. Why should you sacrifice your cooperation and your security in some war over profits?
Quote: "...If you want to stop it, boycott the war. Stop supplying the armies!"

Why Cooperation is Better than Authority 2,291 Words May, 2011

Description: People can build their societies based on the domination of a few ordering everyone around. But, they can also build their societies based on voluntary cooperation, instead of coercion and force. Which is better?
Quote: "Few are willing to follow the principle of voluntary participation to its end. That would mean that government is arbitrary, and could have no other use than the abuse of its authority."

Why Anarchism Must Triumph 1,607 Words October, 2017

Description: Civilization is based on some very simple principles, which anyone can figure out. But the real question is, can anyone figure out a way to make these work with government and the state?
Quote: "Those who look at the experiment of State Democracy and want it to continue simply believe that the cost, so far, has been worth it. I do not understand how they cling to Limited Government just as much as they cling to their Patriotism and belief in duty to the state. "

Why I Detest America 2,827 Words November, 2001

Description: Opinion piece requested by many on my thoughts of the 9/11 tragedy and patriotism in contemporary America.
Quote: "What can be said of the United States? Does it do its share to help the poor?"

Without Government, Terrorism Has No Justification 1,787 Words November, 2009

Description: Terrorism stems out of an individual's inability to cope with another culture -- sometimes because they're just different, and other times because that other culture is repulsive, coercive, and violent. By cutting off cooperative methods of solving social problems, government justifies acting outside of its laws.
Quote: "Right, not Might! That has been the rule of the representative government philosophers. But the laws are not made by the people, they are made by corporate-supported candidates."

Without Workers, There Cannot Be Soldiers 3,473 Words April, 2011

Description: All armies need food, housing, and weapons to subsist, but all of these things can only be produced by the laborers. The strike then has some use in creating peace among humanity.
Quote: "The Spartan soldier, like the terrifying Samurai warrior of Japan, finds the greatest glory in their moments of violence and war. They do not appear so fierce, though, when you consider that both the Spartan and the Samurai were mere government bureaucrats during peacetime..."

You Are Not Self-Ruling If You Choose a Master 2,041 Words June, 2010

Description: It has often been argued that you are 'self-ruling' if you choose a master, but self-rule actually means the absence of a master.
Quote: "Only a very isolated few, like kings and nobles, are outside of these spectrum of choosing masters: the capitalists and the governors are society's current masters."