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Animal Rights

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Ethics: More Than Just Right and Wrong 2,254 Words April, 2003

Description: Not answers, but questions, about the nature of ethics and its regard to our ability of self-restraint.
Quote: "Today, in our modern world, as well as in the works of the ancient world, we find that one action or another may be immoral, or unethical."

Examining An Argument 1: Debate on Education 6,440 Words March, 2002

Description: Examination of a debate between myself and a colleague, demonstrating their usage of false arguments.
Quote: "Like I said, with the current state of affairs -- evidence and statistics agreeing with me -- those who do not pursue a higher education, and even those who do, often forget almost everything they learn."

Examining An Argument 2: Debating A Capitalist 3,420 Words April, 2002

Description: Yet another examination of a debate between myself and a Capitalist, demonstrating their usage of false arguments.
Quote: "It is rather interesting that you can make such statements, such Ad Hominem Abusive arguments, but I have heard much of the same from other Libertarians."

Examining An Argument 3: Debate on Nutrition 2,489 Words April, 2002

Description: Yet still another examination of a debate between myself and an omnivore, demonstrating their usage of false arguments.
Quote: "Thats a bunch of crap you sinful foreigner."

Free Will and Determinism 1,365 Words November, 2001

Description: Piece delivered to a group of people on the evidence of Determinism, and answer to some critics.
Quote: "When I say that Free Will does not exist, I mean it in the sense that our actions can be entirely predicted when enough knowledge surrounding these actions is collected."

Human Life is Sacred 3,010 Words August, 2005

Description: A journey in to the question of "what is natural" and "what is unnatural," with historical interpretation.
Quote: "If one were to classify homosexuality as unnatural, simply because it doesn't appear to serve any end in nature, then why isn't the bulk of what we do considered unnatural?"

Inaccurate View of Science, The 937 Words April, 2003

Description: Offering an alternative method of viewing science and our understanding of knowledge.
Quote: "...for a society to prosper, it must have well-reasoned attitudes towards the confronting political, economical, and social issues."

Life and Death 5,239 Words May, 2003

Description: Ideas to think about on the matter of life and death, in regards to suicide, euthanasia, birth and abortion, death penalty, necrophilia, and burial.
Quote: "The question of life and death has been a subject for every poet to write on, for every theologian to postulate upon, for the philosophers and authors to write of, and for every person who has ever thought about meaning and purpose."

Logic 2,488 Words September, 2002

Description: The philosophical argument about how we know things -- and an even deeper look into it.
Quote: "What is your evidence of evidence? By what means do you claim that Logic and Reason are accurate methods of obtaining truth? And, by identifying facts and results, these means of detecting the validity of Logic and Reason are based on Logic and Reason."

Philosophical Dissertation on Consciousness, A 1,872 Words November, 2002

Description: Some thoughts and questions on the idea of consciousness being produced in the brain.
Quote: "Our brains, like all other physical things, is composed of matter. In this sense, it is composed of different atoms..."

Philosophical Dissertation on Consciousness 2, A 7,538 Words July, 2004

Description: A revisition of the questions and thoughts originally posed on the nature of consciousness.
Quote: "If a computer program was capable of carrying on a long, coherent conversation with a human being, would we be able to judge it as a conscious entity?"

Preference and Culture 2,570 Words June, 2003

Description: Some thoughts on the ethical implication of activities that do not harm others.
Quote: "There are some moral philosophers who will go to the extent to say that every action is amoral, and simply a matter of preference."

Question of Rights, The 2,002 Words January, 2004

Description: Some inquiries, thoughts, and questions concerning our idea of rights and how, or if, they are adequately justified.
Quote: "We see then that the current issue is decided upon based primarily on the idea of preconceived rights. What, then are the reasons that justify or villify a right?"