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Drugs and Psychedelics
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Better Living Through Chemicals 7,562 Words December, 2005

Description: A defense of the use of drugs, as a means to produce euphoria, enlightenment, or happiness, as well as a means for satisfying many of mankind's problems.
Quote: "These substances have created such ecstatic pleasures, such powerful emotional outlets, and an increase in creativity and open-mindedness -- this much about drugs cannot be denied by any party."

Bhang, the Ancient Elixir of Cannabis 5,809 Words October, 2010

Description: For thousands of years, people have been putting this mysterious, green substance into their bellies and into their lungs. What is its meaning?
Quote: "Bhang, as a drug culture that isolates itself against heroin, may very well serve to save the lives of some of those children."

Daily Marijuana Users 2,001 Words February, 2010

Description: There are many geniuses who used marijuana daily, ranging from Carl Sagan to Louis Armstrong. They admired what the substance was capable of doing for the human consciousness.
Quote: "In connecting you to your environment and society, you'll feel and understand others in remarkable ways."

Dialogue on Drug Laws 2,631 Words September, 2005

Description: Considerations on the positive or negative influence of drug use upon society, presented in a debate between a pro-drug and a con-drug person.
Quote: "All laws would be tyrannical, but I can only hope that the people who saw such laws could see how ridiculous they were, and would revolt."

Drug Culture 2,947 Words April, 2003

Description: Arguments for the positive effects of drug use and the mind-expanding properties of psychodelic drugs.
Quote: "I felt better about it. The following days and weeks were of great happiness."

Drug Tests and the Question of Dignity 3,105 Words April, 2010

Description: Drug-testing is a way of questioning a person's soul and their integrity. It is about driving into someone's personal life and destroying anything that could be defined as privacy.
Quote: "If there is a valid reason for the right to privacy, it is because we should have the right to break the law where it harms no one and effects nobody -- from reading illegal literature, to recording songs from the radio, to smoking dope."

Drug Use is Culture Use 1,635 Words January, 2010

Description: When someone reads a book or listens to a lesson, they are taking in a culture. But when someone consumes an intoxicant, they are activating the same parts of the brain. They have the potential for creative change in human beings.
Quote: "Culture has the intention of exciting our passions, giving life to our hopes, and spurring ideas in our minds. Drugs accomplish this task in a far more direct route."

How Am I Going To Overthrow the System if I'm High On Drugs? 4,698 Words June, 2010

Description: The common argument is brought up that someone who uses drugs is less efficient, and therefore, drug-addicted revolutionaries won't be able to overthrow the system. Is this view in line with the evidence, though?
Quote: "Within the drug-user's mind, the chemical is melding with their receptors and their nerves, while the hands of the activist are busy working, organizing, and resisting."

Marijuana: A Tribute 2,593 Words January, 2007

Description: A tribute to the wonderful qualities of one of the earth's oldest plants.
Quote: "Strange and foreign things are more likely to inspire fear than curiosity in adults. In our youngest years, the greatest fear we have is that we will not have enough time or energy to uncover every secret of the universe."

Mind-Altering Substances 4,128 Words April, 2003

Description: A justification to use drugs, based on the philosophical idea of freedom and liberty of body.
Quote: "That a person can listen to any music they desire or read any book they want. This is freedom, and it is what I believe."

Reason to do Drugs, A 4,680 Words November, 2003

Description: Explanation of the spiritual insight and philosophical enlightenment that may come with drugs, whether hard, soft, or psychedelic.
Quote: "I contend that these are nothing more than lies. Now that the government has taken a program to promote them, I contend that they are now nothing more than mindless propaganda."

Right to Cognitive Liberty, The 1,383 Words October, 2010

Description: It has always been argued by the most free that everyone has a right to think as they wish. If this is true, then why can't we use drugs as we wish, when it only changes how we think?
Quote: "To taste the brilliance of LSD or to be enveloped in the love of Psilocybin mushrooms -- it is as illegal as to read a common-language copy of the Bible in the Middle Ages."

Substance Addiction 1,525 Words December, 2005

Description: Should we imprison drug addicts or rehabilitate them? What plan does society have for those who become slaves to a harmful substance?
Quote: "No one with any sense is in favor of arresting individuals addicted to drugs. But, few people are willing to accept the idea of 'legalizing drugs.'"

Think For Yourself With Drugs 1,016 Words October, 2009

Description: Your experience on earth is just what your body interprets, and if you can control how you interpret it, you can control your experience. Think for yourself, by understanding drugs.
Quote: "Such a small amount of chemicals and electricity decide your feelings, your memories, and your dreams. But are we limited to whatever chemicals the brain produces?"

Underground Drug Scene, The 2,535 Words May, 2003

Description: Thoughts from the culture, attitude, and philosophy of illegal drug users.
Quote: "It is no secret that drugs have been used in many religions to help people attain understanding and spirituality."

What Does Drug Prohibition Mean For Addicts? 2,676 Words July, 2010

Description: Prohibition of drugs has been used to curb the amount of people who get addicted, but what does it really mean for those people? What kind of effects does this policy have on their day-to-day life?
Quote: "This is the attitude created by drug prohibition. It does not encourage positive behavior, but it creates reasons to engage in even worse behavior."

Why Heroin Should Be Legalized: A Story 3,772 Words February, 2011

Description: The story of a recreational marijuana user and his friend, the heroin user.
Quote: "Heroin -- the greatest high imaginable. Before trying it, my mind was full of all the popular and even underground conceptions of drug use, from DARE propaganda and government "educational films" to Hunter S. Thompson and Allen Ginsberg..."

Your Body Makes Drugs! 665 Words October, 2009

Description: All of the emotions and thoughts you experience are just caused by your brain making drugs and chemicals that effect you. Essentially, your brain is the biggest drug dealer you'll ever meet.
Quote: "We never leave any organ of the body unattended; we give nutrients to our organs and exercise to our muscles. These are the natural ingredients towards healthy living. But why is it that the brain's processes are left so neglected?"

Your Food is Full of Drugs! 2,234 Words August, 2011

Description: Everywhere, from the opiates in lettuce to the stimulants in raspberries, from the intoxicants in tea leaves to the morphine-like drugs produced by bacteria, everywhere you will find drugs naturally-occuring in our healthiest foods.
Quote: "The world today is obsessed with anti-drug 'clean living.' Everywhere from government-sponsored radio programs to the pamphlets published by most human resource departments, everywhere you will hear the message that drugs destroy the body and mind."