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They're Rioting Over a Dead, Black Man -- Not the Value of the Pound

How to Debate Those Who Believe that the Value of Human Beings is Less Than What they can Produce at Work

To the Wall Street Journal (WSJ)

By Punkerslut

Photograph by Daquella Manera, CC BY 2.0 License
Image: Photograph by Daquella Manera, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 License

Start Date: August 10, 2011
Finish Date: August 10, 2011

Info: TeaPartyExpress.org


     You have been publishing lie after lie concerning the riots in Britain. It's such obscenely bad reporting.

     From an article by Ainsley Thomson, Guy Chazan, and Nicholas Winning, "Water cannons have been deployed in Northern Ireland in the past, but they have not been used on the U.K. mainland before." Wrong -- water cannons were used during the Brixton riots of 1995 and the 1980's, both of which were riots stemming from the police indiscriminately murdering black people. Many of those who were murdered while being detained were being arrested for the crime of "Pickpocketing from Persons Unknown." (There are Youtube videos of these riots, or check the BBC Documentary, "The Battle of Brixton.")

     But what caused the riots? "Birmingham police said they were questioning a man on suspicion of murder after three men were killed in a collision with a car in the city in the early hours of Wednesday." Was this what caused the riots? "A police spokeswoman said it's too early to say whether the incident was connected to Tuesday night's disorder." Nowhere in the article do you ever say it, do you ever come out and spell it out -- the cops killed another black man and forensic already confirmed they planted evidence at the crime scene.

     What's this about investigating a man for murder while driving a car? Mark Duggan was shot was a machine gun at point blank range, while he was in the back of a taxi, and the bullet they pulled from the police car, allegedly shot by Duggan, matches a police-issued weapon. There's more than a page about budget cuts, about government funding getting cut, about how parliament wants to cut all of the subsidies that go to Capitalists like the Wall Street Journal, etc., etc.. It's almost like you're insinuating that the whole cause of the riots has to do with how parliament values the pound or the dollar, and nothing else.

     Why would anyone ever want to set fire to the entire city of London? You have the answer! The Wall Street Journal knows!!! "Because they've stopped passing legislation in the government that is favorable to us!" Oh, but a few seconds before ending the article, you point out, "The violence first broke out Saturday in the ethnically mixed London district of Tottenham, where a peaceful protest over the police killing of a local man, Mark Duggan, degenerated into rioting."

     So, the riots started from the killing a black man? Why isn't that the first line of the article? Why are you quoting the the president, the governors, the senators, everyone, talking about how it's all about the valuation of the pound and the dollar? Why do you spend a page shining a bright light on the bloody-handed masters of state, and then, "Oh, by the way, they killed an innocent man"? Oh, I know why -- because the Wall Street Journal thinks a human being's life is worth less than the wealth it can gain.

Andy Carloff

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