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Open Letter on
Gay Rights and
Public Education

To the People
Behind TruthAtSchool.org

By Punkerslut

By Punkerslut, Made using Graphics by Nikolai Alekseev and Filip
Image: By Punkerslut,
Made using Graphics by Nikolai Alekseev and Filip,
Released under Creative Commons
"Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported" License

Info: Truth At School Home Page and...
More Info: "Red Flags to Watch For" (to detect if your child is gay) by the Truth At School group

Punkerslut to the
TruthAtSchool.org Group

Date: August 2, 2010


     There are some very interesting arguments on your website in favor of limiting or prohibiting information about gays and lesbians in school. For instance, you point out that teaching equality of all regardless of orientation is "usually part of a bigger policy saying, 'We do not discriminate based on race, religion, etc.' This policy will be used to label anything the activists don't like-including too much emphasis on traditional families and heterosexuality-as 'discrimination.'"

     Too much emphasis on "the white race" or "the male gender," when it is within a teaching curriculum in school, is discrimination. Likewise, it is similarly true when there is such emphasis on heterosexuality. When this policy of discrimination was implemented on grounds of race and religion, was it used just as a tool to force the many to accept "the agenda of the black race"? No, that really didn't happen, nor did it happen when equality of education for both genders was implemented. But somehow, extending our sense of compassion and acceptance to another, neglected group is going to result in this oppression. There isn't any justification for thinking this way -- it's just an unsupported idea that feeds on peoples' fears.

     "These programs claim to protect students, but why protect the behaviors of homosexuality, bisexuality and cross-dressing? Conduct codes already exist for actual bullying and real harm to any student." It was also argued "Why implement a civil rights act that prohibits discrimination on the basis of race? The law already says that everyone is equal!" Yes, that is true. But, you seem to be forgetting what you are the greatest proof of: intolerance towards those with a different orientation of lifestyle. It is necessary to pass anti-discrimination laws, even though everyone is "equal," because there are bigots who discriminate. I suppose you would consider the anti-lynching law as a waste of time, since murder was already prohibited and any further laws would not be able to stop any "real harm."

     "Students are trained to be activists who will pressure school boards, be very 'out' and visible to other students, and become the darlings of their sympathizers in the media. Club meetings feature 'X' rated topics and dwell on rejection of traditional values, particularly religious beliefs that don't accept homosexuality. 'Straight' supporters also attend and may be encouraged to explore alternate sexuality. Students with same sex attractions will be cheered on by club members if they begin this behavior." News flash from the year 1750: discussion of sex is no longer considered dirty, or "'X' rated." It's a healthy, and dare I even say essential, part of human existence. Also, nobody is "encouraged to explore alternate sexuality" in terms of having sex. You might more accurate say that they discuss alternate sexuality.

     "Such lessons equate acceptance of homosexuality with religious/racial tolerance. Many such programs are now in middle and elementary schools. In reality, they portray traditional values (and thus, parents and communities holding them) as 'hateful.'" Racial and religious tolerance programs make bigots seem 'hateful.' Naturally, if we have a society based on inclusion and accepting every human being, it will make people who disagree seem like bigots and hateful. You would even give up the ideas of peace, truth, and acceptance, if they meant believing that war, lies, and exclusion are 'hateful.' But it's a fact of life -- if everyone has a right to live their lives as they want, those who get in the way are hateful of not only people, but the concept of liberty.

     "Special events: days of 'diversity,' 'pride' days, and a 'day of silence.' Organized by a handful of students and teachers, the whole school is intimidated into going along. The goal is to portray homosexuality as a civil right." Oh, and isn't it a civil right? What is your interpretation of it? Do you believe that people who are gay and lesbian should be imprisoned? Do you think that police should drop their rape cases, their murder cases, and their child-kidnapping cases -- so that they can work on an investigation into gay-rights organizations?

     Only a few years ago, this was the reality, and the court dockets of Louisiana, for instance, from earliest times to 2006, involved prosecution and imprisonment of gays. You see, it is important to stress the right to being gay as a fundamental, civil and human right -- because it was not long ago that the government was putting people into prison for activity that harmed nobody.

     "Diversity and 'sensitivity' training for teachers. This is done behind the scenes to make teachers support the agenda. Usually, no exceptions are available for teachers who have personal beliefs that differ." That's interesting. For the past two centuries of the history of the United States, Christians have fought for "no exceptions to the training of teachers." For instance, the teacher Scopes was fired and fined by the state for teaching Evolution. Did the Christians, full of love and forgiveness, allow there to be an exception? No. And now that they're training teachers to have social acceptance of different people, you think they should be allowed to have exceptions? That teachers should not be required to respect the race, religion, or lifestyle of their students? Your principles are like water, but the fundamental liquid has always been the hate and intolerance you inherit from the Bible.

     Thank you for listening. I patiently await a response...

Andy Carloff

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