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Open Letter on
Liberal Politics

To the Progressive Majority

By Punkerslut

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Date: July 22, 2010

          Progressive Majority Information


     There is much that is admirable in your policies, your aims, and your goals. "Economic Justice: Prosperity should be accessible to everyone, not merely the few." and "Health Care: Every individual should have affordable, quality health care." are just two of the examples where we seem to match well. But your tactics and methods are less agreeable. This includes "coaching and supporting their candidacies by providing strategic message, campaign, and technical support," or more broadly, "bringing new people into the political process at all levels."

     New candidates in office are not going to have the desired effect. Progressives fought for the election of Roosevelt, and they were rewarded with laws making it criminal to quit your job and tho imprisonment of the Japanese-American population. They fought in the United Kingdom to elect the Labour Party, with Toni Blair, a completely leftist-progressive party. And, yet, it threw the laboring people into the hell of war. Just recently, too, progressives fought to establish the presidency of Barack Obama, and he, too, has been a similar failure. There is still hunger, poverty, and homelessness, without any redirection or reorganization of society at all.

     The problem with the philosophy of progressivism is not what it wants to achieve but how it tries to achieve it. To obtain office, one must have the necessary votes, and to obtain votes, one must spread their message, and, finally, to do this effectively, one needs large amounts of funding. Every government in the world, whether it calls itself Nationalist or Socialist, Progressivist or Conservative, represents the interests of the wealthy. This is not on part of their "lacking morals and virtues." Rather, it is simply because the media, the church, and the television channels are owned and controlled by a few. These very few have interests completely opposite of those they speak to.

     With their isolated power, which is based on wealth, Capitalists can completely dominate and saturate every form of media with their message. And this message, while it speaks about things like "prosperity" and "freedom," only encourages the listener to "vote for this" or "vote for that." The Progressive ideal has existed for centuries, since there were feudal barons and kings. In the past, they petitioned their monarchs, they asked for more rights, and begged for merciful policies that helped the poor. By this small token of effort, these Progressives and Liberals were able to pacify the people. "Do not revolt! Do not change this system! Do not tear down your kings and the aristocracy! Things are slowly getting better!" And Progressivism, where it has argued for the use of the State to create justice, has become nothing more than a tool of the wealthy, rich few.

     You are fighting against unemployment, poverty, hunger, and civil rights violations. Where do these evils come from? They are directly the result of the few controlling the means of production. It is not a matter simply of "wealth redistribution." Because of monopolies and oligopolies that control the majority of land, the amount of wealth that can be redistributed is very little -- it is certainly not enough to satisfy the interests of all. What needs to have is that propertied land needs to become public land -- privately owned factories need to become socialized. They are not shut down because they are "unproductive." They are shutdown because they are more productive to the profits of the Capitalist when the market is not flooded with a commodity.

     By joining the government, you are justifying its sanctioning of slavery, exploitation, and oppression. You are joining a coalition of businessmen, investors, capitalists, and stockholders. You are becoming part of the united front of Capitalism opposed to the common interests of the working people. Whether it comes to murder, or drugs, or stealing, the Capitalist is never charged by the state, but they will lock up in prison the poorest child who does any of these. Never forget that the State is nothing but a sanction of Capitalism; you will not be able to achieve an end to hunger, poverty, or unemployment if you walk hand-in-hand with the government.

Andy Carloff

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