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Open Letter on
Catholicism and
Mass Murder

To Priests For Life (PFL)

By Punkerslut

By Punkerslut
Image: By Punkerslut,
Made with Graphics by Charles Knight

Start Date: September 16, 2010
Finish Date: September 16, 2010


     You have a very interesting mission statement: "to preach, teach, and mobilize their people more effectively in the effort to end abortion and euthanasia." What is interesting about it is that anyone could ever possibly think that the priesthood today is in a position to "preach" to others. Rather, as a class, it is the most thoroughly criminal, brutal, and murderous.

     Priests blessed planes that took off from Rome to bomb Spanish Catholics in the Basques. And now priests want to tell me about the value of life? During the World War and after, they helped smuggle war criminals out of Italy to evade prosecution for war crimes. Some of those smuggled out were simple rapists and murderers, without even any political connection to Fascism, but protected from the courts. (See the article "Pius XI, the Roman Church and Fascism," by Carlo Sforza, 1931.) And now priests are wanting to talk about the sanctity of human life? Now they want to say that human beings cannot be killed, when before it dragged them out and threw them onto burning pikes?

     The Catholic Church supported raids against poor unionists in the villages of Italy, as well as the bombings of poor villages in Spain. It exists today, only because of the territory that has been outlined for the Vatican is based on a document signed by Mussolini -- the well-known Lateran Treaties. Similar treaties existed with the Bolshevik forces of Lenin and the Nazi forces of Hitler. (See "Seven Years in Russia and Siberia," by the devout Catholic, Roman Dyboski, who exposes the church's involvement in Bolshevism.) The priests gave holy water for the barbed wire of concentration camps and praises to those who killed millions. But now you want to talk about life?

     Fine, let's talk about it. In Chile, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Mexico, the Catholic Church owns quite a bit of property. And in every nation listed above, they have been proved guilty, in very recent years, of supporting and financially assisted terrorism against the masses of poor. In Nicaragua, the Church supported the Contras and their massacres. In Chile, it was the dictatorship of Pinochet that the Vatican shook hands with. In Venezuela, the Catholic priesthood makes up the core of the Fascist Party, which celebrated at the abolishment of parliament, the Supreme Court, and popularly elected government in 2002.

     And in Mexico, in 2006, when teachers went on strike, the police opened fire on them. When women and children banged on the doors of a Catholic Church for shelter, the priesthood told them that they were not allowed. (See the book "Teaching Rebellion," by the Casa Collective.) The doors of sanction only open wide open for Nazis, Fascists, child rapists, and murderers. Why ever would any child or woman deserve such protection?

     Yes, this is your legacy of life, as far as the past ten or twenty years. In every instance, it is marked with mass killings, detainment, and even torture. The image that comes to mind of the pro-life priest is the psychotic, lunatic prisoner, who has been locked up for child rape and murder, but continually insists to the prison guards and the warden: "Those peas in my soup are alive and eating them is murder!" Like the insane man, you claim that this is certainly the case, because an inspiration has revealed itself in your head, possibly in the form of a voice that only you can hear. And my response to the pro-life priest is like that of the cautious-but-friendly prison guard, "My friend, except for the fact that you have committed the worst murders in history, I do not know where to begin in argument of applying the value of 'life' to things that aren't even conscious."

     Here is a wonderful aspect of your mission statement: "...priests are not ordained for themselves, but for the people. So in activating clergy, we are activating all the segments of the Church, the pro-life movement, and the wider society in the defense of life." For the people? When has this come to pass? Even during the Great Depressions, every single Catholic Church shut down every soup kitchen -- Pope's orders. (See "Canada: A Modern History," by J. Bartlett Brebner.)

     But when it comes to acting "for the people" you have an extremely unhealthy view of this. Helping the people, apparently, means fighting against condoms, contraception, and even basic, medical information for women. Abortion, too, is considered an evil. The unborn, whether in the early first or second trimester, or in the sperm, or in food that will be consumed to make nutrients for the sperm -- in every stage here, the unborn is not capable of suffering, consciousness, or even the desire to live. But you fight for it, anyway, because of some religious doctrine. Because "every sperm is sacred." Being "for the people," apparently, means doing whatever you can to force your religion upon them. Actually helping them, in any way that might actually mean anything, is beyond question apparently.

     Thank you for reading this far. I patiently await a response.

Andy Carloff

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