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Open Letter on
State Violence
and Promoting Democracy

By Punkerslut
Addressed to the People for the American Way

From Peace Libertad Blog
Image: From "No repression" Gallery,
from Peace Libertad Blog

Start Date: April 21, 2010
Finish Date: April 21, 2010

"People who take part in Government, or work under its direction, may deceive themselves or their sympathizers by making a show of struggling; but those against whom they struggle (the Government) know quite well, by the strength of the resistance experienced, that these people are not really pulling, but are only pretending to. Our Government knows this with respect to the Liberals, and constantly tests the quality of the opposition, and finding that genuine resistance is practically non-existent, it continues its course in full assurance that it can do what it likes with such opponents."
          --Leo Tolstoy, 1896
          "A Letter to Russian Liberals"


     When looking through the list of values for the People for the American Way, there is much that is admirable. Freedom of education, freedom of conscience and religion, encouraging civic participation, and opposition to intolerance and bigotry. However, the methods and tactics you've used to adopt and implement these ideas are not the most efficient.

     For instance, one of the values of your organization is, "to preserve an independent judiciary that respects individual liberty and ensures due process of law for all Americans." Take the case of Joe Hill, who was denied counsel and executed without any legitimate evidence. A union organizer, a red, and an Anarchist -- executed for a crime that couldn't be proven.

     Then multiply that instance out. The trial against Osama Bin Laden is another farce. It didn't take long until the CIA admitted that the entire trial was a forgery, with the intent of creating Al-Qaeda to incite fear into the public. (BBC Documentary, "The Power of Nightmares.") The trials against Eugene V. Debs and Big Bill Haywood. Were these done out of Constitutional principles, or were they done by a government whose purpose it was to destroy these principles? Sacco & Vanzetti and medical cannabis growers -- the Weathermen and drug dealers who sell the cure to heroin addiction. All of these trials are based on unconstitutional principles, fixed evidence, rigged juries, and everything that violates the "theoretical fair trial."

     And now take the reverse side of that implication. It is well known and well demonstrated that any government with enough power just fixes whatever trials it wants. But what about when people are really threatened? According to the documents supplied by Oliver North concerning the Iran-Contra Affair, Ronald Reagan was helping American drug dealers move cocaine into every ghetto in the nation. (The National Security Archive, George Washington University.)

     Bill Clinton is a mass murderer, whose crimes of genocide include supporting a dictator in Haiti who massacred their people, and the burning down of the Branch Davidian compound. Where's that "freedom of conscience" I heard you talking about? Where's "freedom of religion" and "freedom of worship," when men, women, and children are executed by US police officers? ("Waco: The Rules of Engagement," contains infrared footage of these executions.)

     Where is the fair trial against Bill Clinton? Where is the fair trial against Ronald Reagan? They never happened. What about Andrew Carnegie who ordered the assassination of five, union workers? What about Donald Rumsfeld who admitted to torture techniques -- what about the current military branches who are still kidnapping citizens, flying them to Romania, and torturing them? ("Ghost Plane: The True Story of the CIA Torture Program.") Documents related to this torture program involve the production and distribution of chemical and radioactive weapons. (Available both at WikiLeaks.org and the National Security Archive at GW University.)

     So, you see, it is almost funny to hear your value as a "to preserve an independent judiciary that respects individual liberty and ensures due process of law for all Americans." There is nothing independent about it, and never has been. Children who steal food, because they're poor and hungry, are sentenced to prison terms of years. (State "stewardship.") But if you're a wealthy industrialist, and you violate safety standards in your mines or you factory, and someone dies -- who goes to trial? Nobody. When the president, the governor, or the military summarily executes a human being in public -- where is that trial? There are none. And if you doubt the presence of these murders, try going to YouTube and searching for "police officer shot."

     What about the distribution of nuclear materials to Israel? How is it that our government is the greatest source of illegal, chemical weapons around the world -- and there are no trials for it? Where is this concept of "free trials"? It doesn't exist! It never existed! As a simple and plain fact of human reality, the law exists for the rich. It exists for the powerful, the influential, the landed, and the propertied. This goes, too, for all constitutional rights.

     What an unhealthy, miserable society. There is a reason why Vladimir Lenin and Mao Tsetung called the United States "a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie" It is because the poor suffer every indignation -- they build up every single part of the country, and pay for it with rigged trials, quick executions, and lives full of pain. And so, it is really this mode of life that is responsible for fanaticism and extremism.

     Could the Soviet Union have come into existence, without massive exploitation of the people under the title "constitutional republic"? Could the Taliban and Islamic Jihad exist, without Western imperialism in the Middle East and the genocide of an entire people? And so this list can be continued indefinitely: Zimbabwe, Cuba, Indonesia, Chile, China, etc., etc..

     All the "right to a fair trial" philosophy did nothing to make it a reality; and when your governors were merely oppressors, and you said nothing, you gave justification to every form intolerance and bigotry. The "non-democratic society" only thrives and grows because members of the "democratic society" are the biggest hypocrites. And far from considering you allies in Democracy, you're boiling the pot of intolerance, hate, and dictatorship.

     Why do people support an Islamic Monarchy in the Middle East? It might have something to do with the concentration camps built by the US in Israel. Why do people support monarchy and despotism, dictatorship and authoritarianism? And why don't they support "democracy and tolerance"? No matter what they support, they'll call it freedom and opportunity. And when your democratic system lacks both freedom and opportunity, then of course they will reject it.

     You won't be able to win over honest and genuine support until you're willing to criticize your government fully and openly. I'm not talking about complaining about taxes or tuition or school funding -- I'm talking about the right to a fair trial, to freedom of conscience and mind, to a life without oppression or exploitation. Talk about these rights, in a meaningful sense that connects to this world that we live on, and you may be able to change some people. And if you don't, you'll stand as a piece of evidence uplifting their opposition to Democratic and non-authoritarian states.

     Thank you for reading this far. I patiently await a response.

Andy Carloff

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