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The United States
Government Props up
Exploitive Capitalism
and Tyranny

An Open Letter By Punkerslut
to MichelePAC

From PeaceLibertad Blog
Image: From Peace Libertad Blog

Start Date: January 14, 2011
Finish Date: January 14, 2011


     The first thing that happens at visiting your site is the browser is hijacked by a nasty javascript program, demanding that the visitor sign a petition against congress without stating the reasons. Only after canceling this out, can the rest of the website be viewed, where a user might find a REASON for acting on behalf of a particular cause. There's a greater degree of FREE WILL involved when someone can review the materials at their own degree, instead of being told "Just sign it! Don't read it!" like some scuzzy business.

     Worse than a business, though, you don't even list your e-mail address on your website. This, from a public official, who is trying to "ultimately help retire Nancy Pelosi as Speaker." A good way to "speak for the people" is to allow them to speak to you. Instead, I found your e-mail address here: http://www.independent.org/newsroom/article.asp?id=1941 . It turns out that you bought e-mail lists of members of the Democratic Party, and then mass-mailed them to fight Barack Obama.

     Somehow, writing zealous party members of the opposite side, with one or two sentences "blah blah blah taxes," should be enough to get the whole country on your side Of course they were all very unhappy about it. But at least they published your e-mail address: info@michaelpac.com, so that the whole world can reach you, so-called "representative of the public," who has chosen to ignore potential constituents. One second into your webpage, and you want me to join as an intern, sign petitions, donate money, and write letters. After closing the annoying popup ads for about a minute, I get to the About page, which lists no e-mail. Truly, a woman of the people!

     The petition, the website, the whole message and the whole word of this politician -- seems to be based around fighting "high taxes." That is, she fights a $100 billion dollar healthcare program, a $50 billion dollar raise in the minimum wage, and a $25 billion dollar program for housing the homeless. But, the $1,350 billion dollar program called the military? Don't anyone dare touch that!

     We don't need more shelters for homeless and hungry children. We need more tanks, more bombers, more missiles! Oh, but, by the way, "Since taxes are evil, take the bread out of the hands of the man without nothing, and make him use it to pay for our tanks!" The nuclear arms program that delivered atomic bombs to Israel -- that couldn't have cost more than $50 billion, and it only violated every single international treaty known to humanity. But, that's more important to MichelePAC than, saying, raising the minimum wage by a quarter.

     For the $1,350 trillion spent on military, if that was used for social spending, it could raise everyone's wage in America by $4 per hour, per year -- that's for more than 150 million workers, those who build up everything that we use, those without whom we would have nothing. It's clear, as in the case of arms trafficking with Israel and international terrorist groups, that the United States military actually threatens the security and lives of American civilians. "Civil Defense" ought to be renamed to what it actually does: "Civil Offense, Against the People Themselves."

     Can you imagine anything else, when terrorism grows only because of the thousands of US military bases sprinkled across the globe, each of them ready and prepared to gun down striking workers in the streets? This should be so clear to anyone who follows the real news, like the slaughter at Oaxaca in 2006, or the murder of Haitian unionists by Coca Cola only a few years ago. What use is this so-called "military," when its existence is a threat to the lives and liberties of the common people? No use, whatsoever, to the point that it can be entirely canceled.

From PeaceLibertad Blog
Image: From Peace Libertad Blog

     What use do I have from the fact that nuclear arms are crossing borders in the Middle East, and that it came from the United States government? None, whatsoever. Please, just give me a $4 per hour wage increase. That way, I can feed myself, and I don't have to worry about nuclear attack. You are aware that the latest 2009 report of the US Department of Agriculture reported that one out of six Americans does not have enough food to eat, correct? This means that the standard of living in the United States, for a majority and not some "large enough minority," is comparable to life in Cuba.

     If you don't believe it, read the "overview" from the USDA: http://www.ers.usda.gov/Briefing/FoodSecurity/ . I could only hope some politician, who represents the people, who know that a significant number don't have enough to eat. But it seems like military spending is so much more important to Michele Bachmann than social spending. That is, welfare for the rich, exposure to dangers for the poor. Spending for those who have billions of dollars already, and taxes for those who don't even have enough to feed their children! What a perfect scheme -- taking the bread from American families, so that you can pour more gasoline into your bombers and jets.

     The Afghanistan War against the Taliban and the Iraq War against Saddam Hussein were wars against political powers that our United States government had established. This isn't doubted by a single human being on the planet, as even the government has admitted as much in its own Freedom of Information Requests (most of which are now available at the George Washington University). And, in both cases, as Wikileaks has made abundantly clear, there's good reason to believe that such wars were enacted and executions committed to hide the participation of the United States government.

     The execution of Saddam Hussein, for example, was after a trial that mentioned the "gassing of the Kurdish people," but it didn't mention where the "gas" came from, who gave the orders to do the gassing, or how they knew where to find the bodies. All of these questions, piece by piece, we are finding out from documents written by the United States military: it was their participation in the murder of the Kurds, and the local people of all the Middle East, that was too dangerous for the public to know.

     And there was one witness who could prove it all in a second: Saddam Hussein. But every single country to persist in these human rights allegations, all across Europe from Switzerland to Germany, were denied even entry to listen to the court proceedings. How "democratic" that we cannot even hear the trials of some famous dictator who is the reason for sacrificing more than a hundred thousand civilians. More than anything, the military has failed to justify its existence or the high rate of spending on it.

     Since its operations only make me far more insecure than normally, it ought to be disabled on the premise that it threatens the Civil Defense of All Americans! These basic facts and statistics, about the rise of terrorism and hatred of American military since the invasion, seem to be less than relevant. Yes, pay for the military, don't listen to the facts about the dead. How patriotic.

     You want to save money? You want to save a lot of "tax money"? Stop funding the entire military. It only makes live more dangerous for 99% of the population, while providing profits for less than 1%. But I assume that this goes against your entire program -- why you don't want any one of your voters e-mailing you, why you won't talk about facts, why you want people to be stupid and obedient instead of informed and active -- because the government exists to help Capitalism exploit the poor as much as possible, and there is no other reason for its existence. This, of course, makes you look little better than a tyrant trying to replace other tyrants, "for the rights of the people this time, though, promise." Your followers will reap just as they sow.

"Thus the state never intentionally confronts a man's sense, intellectual or moral, but only his body, his senses. It is not armed with superior wit or honesty, but with superior physical strength. I was not born to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion."
          --Henry David Thoreau, 1849
          "Civil Disobedience"

     Thank you, I patiently await a response.

Andrew Carloff

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