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Reaping the Harvest of a Dead Victim of Police Brutality

To the Labour Party (UK)

By Punkerslut

From PeaceLibertad Blog
Image: From the PeaceLibertad Blog

Start Date: August 11, 2011
Finish Date: August 11, 2011

"Here's to the cops of Mississippi
They're chewing their tobacco as they lock the prison door
Their bellies bounce inside them as they knock you to the floor
No they don't like taking prisoners in their private little war
Behind their broken badges there are murderers and more
Oh, here's to the land you've torn out the heart of
Mississippi find yourself another country to be part of"

          --Phils Ochs, "Here's to the State of Mississippi"
          From the Album: "I Ain't Marching Anymore," 1965


     The Labour Party -- a cornerstone in the support of Britain's Empire for the past eighty years, while also trying to be the voice of the laborers, the "workers." But today, you're fighting something new. You're fighting the workers themselves. The statement of your party's head was "There can be no excuses, no justification. This behaviour has disgusted us all. It cannot be allowed to stand. We will not allow it to stand."

     Are you talking about the dead, black man who was murdered by a predominantly white police force? Are you talking about the planting of evidence and the rigging of a trial? Are you talking about how the thunder of the Klan still roars in the hills of London? Are you talking about how the Fifth Column is still active within the police departments? Your own investigations have called your police department "institutionally racist" as recently as 2003. (Guardian.co.uk) Are you telling me that you're disgusted by the fact that your government, which you are responsible for, executed a black man with a machine gun when he was sitting in the back of a taxi?

     No, you're disgusted because some windows were smashed. You're disgusted because some cars were set on fire. Your stomach rolls and boils, not over the fact that a father of four were executed by police, but because some store fronts were hit were bricks. You describe one of the "vigilante" groups that tried to stop the rioting, "With Tariq Jahan whose son was murdered. We stand with him. He is the true face of Britain." You mean the Tariq Jahan who was chasing after every vehicle of black men screaming "YOU RACISTS!" You mean that Tariq Jahan? Why don't you quote all of the news reports?

     In fact, I have something better: why isn't Mark Duggan the FACE OF BRITAIN? Why is it that someone who was killed when fighting rioters is the FACE OF BRITAIN? Someone who gets killed by police, whose body is ripped apart by gunfire, whose life is ended by the most vicious corruption -- that can't be the face of Britain. Why, Mark Duggan was nothing but a laborer -- Tariq Jahan had stock invested in the country of Britain! The Capitalist who died fighting riots, the petty bourgeoisie capitalist, yes, they're your hero. You sell your lives for property, and it's hardly curious that you die so cheaply. ("Utopia," by Thomas Moore.)

     Don't you think the people have the right to riot? How much is a human life worth? One window? One store? One mall? One city block set aflame? How much would you trade your son's life for? How much would you take for the sacrifice of your daughter's life? How much would BE ENOUGH? How many brickthrows would it be worth to hang your family on an elk tree? As David Hume wrote, "...a right without a remedy would be an absurdity; the remedy in this case, is the extraordinary one of resistance, when affairs come to that extremity, that the constitution can be defended by it alone." ("The Essays," Part II. Essay XIII. Of Passive Obedience.)

"Here's to the people of Mississippi
Who say the folks up north, they just don't understand
And they tremble in their shadows at the thunder of the Klan
The sweating of their souls can't wash the blood from off their hands
They smile and shrug their shoulders at the murder of a man
Oh, here's to the land you've torn out the heart of
Mississippi find yourself another country to be part of"

          --Phils Ochs, "Here's to the State of Mississippi"
          From the Album: "I Ain't Marching Anymore," 1965

     "I want to also thank our brave policemen and women throughout this country for the work they have been doing on our behalf." The brave what? The brave members of the Nazi Party and the Klan? The brave executors of an unarmed man? The brave murderers who plant evidence and fix trials? Those who are so courageous, that you can buffet them with truth, and they are unaffected? Like John Locke said, you have only established a "peace betwixt the mighty and the mean, when the lamb, without resistance, yielded his throat to be torn by the imperious wolf!" ("The Second Treatise on Government," Chapter 19.)

     Look at you! You're more regressive than a respected political theorist from 1691! Your ideas about civil society, about social organization, about political theory, are less sophisticated and developed than those made by Hume in 1742! "The Party of Labour!" More like the Party of Reserved, Oppressed Peasants! Even a group of illiterate, dogmatic, church-obedient peasants knows when to revolt -- as we know from the French Revolution. But you -- you're dinosaurs in political understanding! You're fossils in terms of knowing how society works! Your sympathy is for a vigilante who attacked groups of rioters! You don't say a single, damned word about the reason for the riot -- the dead man you have sprawled across the debate table in parliament. Nobody's even noticed that he's there.

     "Normality does not mean feeling fearful in your own home. They want to have back the most fundamental of liberties: the ability to go about their business and lead their lives with security and without fear. They have a right to expect it." Again, you're talking about the right to be secure from someone throwing rocks in the nearby corner store -- not the right to be secure from police brutality, cruel cops, and an admittedly institutionally-racist government. If normality means DOING NOTHING WHEN COPS KILL AN INNOCENT MAN, THEN GIVE ME THE FLAMES OF ANY REVOLUTION.

     "The British leader said he would keep a higher police presence of 16,000 officers on London streets through the weekend and would consider calling in the army for secondary roles in future unrest to free up frontline police." (LeaderPost.com) Oh, really? You're calling in the army to repress the people, and you're the guardian of one single man who attacked the rioters? I never thought you'd ever mention a single Middle Eastern person who's ever been attacked -- even the ones who have been brought to your nation for torture under the title "extraordinary rendition." How perfectly "Socially-Aware." Oh, by the way, the man who died was attacking people in the streets who were rioting over an innocent black man who was executed by your state. So, that makes you the murderer, doesn't it? I'd like to hear a response, if you could manage one.

     But here's to every political seed bearing fruit -- you've spent the time during the riot to suggest that it was caused by cuts to government programs sponsored by your political party. (Guardian.co.uk) How noble. Why shouldn't you try to make some political gains off of the dead bodies in the street? Who cares who killed them, or how they died, or why they died! Who even cares what their names are! Just vote for your party, vote for your party's program, and everything will be pleasant once again.

"...to sell out your friends and sit rubbing your hands while they are destroyed is not the last word in political wisdom."
          --George Orwell, 1943
          "Who Are the War Criminals?"

Andy Carloff

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