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Anarcho-Syndicalism versus
Maoism Debate

Vol. 1: On Creating the
Free World

Rudolf Rocker vs. Mao Tsetung
Images: Collected From
Wikimedia Commons

"For the workers, the general strike is the logical outcome of the modern industrial system, whose victims they are to-day, and at the same time it offers them their strongest weapon in the struggle for their social liberation, provided they recognise their own strength and learn how to use this weapon properly."
          --Rudolf Rocker, "Anarchism and Anarcho-Syndicalism"

"Our Party is a great, glorious and correct Party, a fact which is acknowledged by the whole world. In the past, some foreign comrades had doubts about what we were actually doing. Many didn't understand our policy towards the national bourgeoisie, nor were they very clear about our rectification movement. Today I would say more have come to understand them and most can be said to have such an understanding."
          --Mao Tse-tung, "Strengthen Party Unity and Carry Forward Party Traditions"


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