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Complaining About
the Increased
Taxes of the
Police State

An Open Letter to
Conservatives Who
Think that Slavery
Only Exists in the
Form of Taxes

An Open Letter by Punkerslut to

From PeaceLibertad Blog
Image: From PeaceLibertad Blog

Start Date: July 30, 2010
Finish Date: July 30, 2010

               FreedomWorks Homepage

"...a special class (government) which, provided with the necessary means of repression, exists to legalise and protect the owning class from the demands of the workers..."
          --Errico Malatesta
          "Anarchist Propaganda"


     There are many interesting viewpoints that you have offered on your website and in your materials. Freedom and liberty seem to be two words that have been tied up with every major political movement of the past century. This doesn't mean that people value these concepts more, but that their leaders and politicians have new ways of redefining these words. Or at least, they have found a way to use the word according to whatever purposes they like.

     For example, I found it incredibly interesting that freedom, according to your organization, means "freedom from high taxes." Or, as I keep reading more intently, freedom from the RICH from high taxes, in your support of a flat tax. This, apparently, is equivalent to "less government, more freedom," which is the only other phrase in your logo besides "lower taxes." Hhmmm, doesn't it seem like the government's use of illegal wiretaps, imprisonments, executions, and even kidnappings should be considered a greater threat to freedom? After all, freedom means the right do as you please as long as you don't harm anyone else. Why are you complaining about a tax rate and not about mass slavery?

     I'm not afraid of rich people being taxed more than me as a "threat to my liberty." In fact, if anyone told me that I would be freer without higher taxes for the rich, they should realize that I'd only be freer to pay more and live on less -- that the wealthy, capitalists can have more wealth for doing absolutely nothing. They can't even provide land, machinery, and productive property for the workers to abolish unemployment. This seems odd, then, that you would immediately want to abolish something in government that works against the rich, and suddenly, this is "freedom."

     The concentration camps in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Israel, the PATRIOT Act that allows the government to violate our constitutional rights, the secret police police of the NSA, the FBI, and the CIA paying for terrorism and not being charged, etc., etc.. Apparently, freedom means that the majority need to pay more taxes for working, while a very few need to receive more simply by owning.

     It doesn't matter if there are "ghost flights" that kidnap suspects and bring them to Poland and Romania to be legally tortured. ("Ghost Plane: The True Story of the CIA Torture Program," by Stephen Grey.) It doesn't matter that there is US involvement in creating dictatorship in Chile, Indonesia, Panama, Venezuela, or Iran. It doesn't matter that the CIA is hiring terrorist groups in every continent as assassins and bombers. ("Dirty Money: Bcci : The Inside Story of the World's Sleaziest Bank," by Mark Potts.)

From PeaceLibertad Blog
Image: From PeaceLibertad Blog

     Illegal wiretaps and unconstitutional acts of government -- this isn't a lack of freedom. How could anyone possibly think that putting millions of people into prison without evidence or trial is against freedom? How is it anti-freedom to take away freedom? That is all that your argument can be reduced to. "Less government!" is your slogan, but it simply is about taxes and other benefits for the rich. Have you not seen the Waco film of US troops firing machine guns into crowds of children fleeing from a burning building? THAT is a threat to liberty. A progressive tax that charges Bill Gates more than a homeless bum -- that is NOT the greatest threat to liberty.

     If you wanted to abolish government and taxes altogether, that would be one thing. But government is a toy of the rich. It is not so-called "access to justice" for the poor, but it is the impoverishment and misery of the poor. Who uses government? Capitalists. The nation spends trillions on a military program to maintain the entire underdeveloped world in a state of being mere colonies. Of course, you want to obliterate welfare for the poor, but you want to maintain this militaristic welfare for the rich. And finally, with your flat tax, you want to make the poor pay for what the rich use. If the rich people want to keep government to oppress the people, let them pay for it! The poor don't get any use out of being repressed, beaten, and expelled from their own land.

     Somehow, you think the slave needs to help the slavemaster pay for his own shackles. You don't seem to understand -- the slave is a slave, and there's not much you really need to do to benefit the slavemaster. Such a ruler will get what they need out of their servant. All your organization is capable of doing is promoting the idea that the wealthy do something for society, except by holding deeds to property that the mass of workers created. They do not labor or work, but live off of the labor and work of others. Yet, we must respect and admire them! "Love Capitalism!" This is your real message.

     "Private property and market mechanisms make our environment cleaner and greener." This is ridiculous. Unregulated air conditions in China and India allow the Capitalist class to kill 1.1 million people annually, according to National Geographic. (NationalGeographic.com) As you can see, there is a million people dying every year from Capitalists saving a few cents by not doing a proper disposal of waste and toxins. Here, there are Capitalists who have no limit except market mechanisms, and also, we have incredible amounts of human death from these Capitalists. Perhaps, it is better to say that "private property DESTROYS our environment" and "market mechanisms KILL HUMAN LIFE."

     We need more 'freedom' -- that means increasing your taxes, putting toxins into your air, and cutting jobs because they aren't profitable. Hhhmmm, when I think of freedom, actually I think about my right to live without government coercion -- without wars, monopoly, or landed property. But I see the exact opposite in the program you're offering. Your ideal is nothing more than to say that the freedom of a few capitalists is necessary, even if it means the enslavement of the rest of all humanity.

     Thank you; I patiently await a response.

Andy Carloff

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