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Open Letter
Discrimination Against
Gays and Lesbians

By Punkerslut,
to the Florida Family Association (FFA)

Photograph of a Painting of Two Homosexual Lovers
Image: Two Homosexual Lovers, 480 BC

Start Date: March 21, 2010
Finish Date: March 21, 2010


     After looking for Christian, family organizations, I was blessed to find yours. The "about" page looked fairly open-ended, but when I looked at the accomplishments of Florida Family Association, it gave me a clearer picture. The FFA has "has vigorously opposed every bill in the Florida Legislature that sought to add 'sexual orientation' as a special class since 1991." Or, more specifically, the bill was titled, "Prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity or expression." Apparently, this is enough to be described as "Special Rights for Homosexuals."

     Let me explain those "special rights" to you. Those of different religious belief and race, for instance, have the "special right" of being fired without cause. They have the "specific privilege" of taking the hardest layoffs during a recession, filling the lowest position in whatever employer they find, and finally, dying in a some war of conquest under the direction of our military. Legal protections against discrimination do not exist as a "privilege" of any of the classes; they exist by right, by justice, because it is cruel and inhuman to want to hurt someone just because their sense of identity is different than yours.

     Whether it is political ideal, religious belief, skin color, cultural upbringing, anything -- the reason why we have made discrimination illegal against one of these is the same for all others. Because a largely Christian culture created these extremely hateful, biased, and bigoted ideas. The right against discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation exists because of the apparent fear or misunderstanding of the public.

     It is not a proof of guilt, any more than when African-Americans were victimized, or when any oppressed people was crushed by an elite minority. The Indians and Irish under British rule, the Algerians and Vietnamese under French rule, the Ethiopians and Libyans under Italian rule. We should all be aware of what happens when society is divided, and a subgroup must exist that suffers discrimination and exploitation. This is exactly why anyone would consider a law like this to be necessary: there is a group that large parts of society are clearly biased against. The defeat of this bill is the final piece of evidence that proves this beyond any doubt.

     "What you do to the least of these, you do to me." (Matthew 25:40) These are the words of Christ, and we all know that gays and lesbians face strong discrimination and alienation everywhere. If you turn against them, then you are turning against Christ.

     It is bizarre, that you seem more interested in upholding the Old Testament's regulations, but you are almost mute to the whole message of Jesus. You want to uphold Leviticus 18:22, the prohibition of homosexuality by god. But why not uphold Leviticus 20:9, where god commands the murder of children who curse their parents? Why not support all that you read in the Bible?

     It seems like you selectively pick and choose things to suit you. It's not about what the whole message might be, but rather, it's about whatever parts can soothe your conscience. Opposition to pornography, including history channel documentaries on sexual attitudes, as well as opposition to gay marriage -- it sounds like you're just pulling out the sexually-hateful attitudes of the Bible. So, you're not really fulfilling your mission statement, "to defend, protect and promote traditional, biblical values." If you were really biblical, you would push for a law that punishes gathering wood on Sunday with being stoned to death. (Numbers 15:32-36)

     You're not taking anything compassionate from the book, but only whatever fits your current attitudes. You had no problem leaving behind all the murder and rape that god commanded. (Numbers 31) But, you still decide to take up barbaric attitudes about sexuality and human relationships. The best part of the book, its compassion for the suffering of the lowest, has been abandoned. And in its place, there is only hatred for those you would never try to understand.

Andy Carloff

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