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A Debate All About the Gay, Masonic, Anti-Christian Jews Trying to Take Over the World

Debate Between Punkerslut and Former US Congressman William Dannemeyer

By Punkerslut

From RadicalGraphics.org
Image: From RadicalGraphics.org

Date: September 9, 2011

Dear Mr. Carloff:

     Mr. Robert Colaco of Citizens For A Better America sent me an article that is signed by you, Andy Carloff. The article was received in my office on September 2, 2011.

     This article contains three pages. Two of the paragraphs on page 2, make serious false accusations against me, former Congressman Bill Dannemeyer, which include:

     "having sex with many women out of wedlock."

     'What an honorable man full of integrity. He voted against Gay Marriage as well the Americans with Disabilities Act (which prohibited discrimination based on disability). He wants to 'protect marriage,' but that's a joke. He has been married several times, and according to Jesus, this is a sin and a violation of the concept of marriage (Mark 10:9). Why would a congressman follow the Bible when it tells him to oppose gay marriage, but ignore it when it tells him not to get another wife? Maybe his values are getting in the way of his morals. Your honorary chairman is a polygamist at heart, according to the religion that he believes in.

     "How curious, that morality doesn't exist when you're having sex with many women out of wedlock, but when a man wants another man, or a woman another woman, then there's immorality. Did I type curious? I meant to write 'convenient.'" (See the Article Here: "Integrity and Morality -- The Vocabulary of those Without Integrity or Morality," from January, 2011.)

     I have no idea who you are, or what your agenda is, but clearly you have no interest in speaking truth.

     I was first married at the age of 26. My first wife and I were married for almost 44 years until her death from cancer in 1999. I was never unfaithful to my wife.

     From my wife’s death in 1999 until 2004, I was alone as a widower. In 2003, while I was a widower, I met the woman who became my second wife. We were married in 2004. I have never been unfaithful to my second wife either.

     You quote the Bible, but clearly the Bible obviously is a very unfamiliar book to you. The Bible clearly allows one to remarry after one’s spouse dies.

     I have never been a polygamist "in fact" or "at heart." Nor am I guilty of any of the other false accusations you have made against me. Your accusations are outright lies for which you have no proof – because there is no proof. If you had enough integrity to have checked the facts before spouting your lies, you would have known this.

     Obviously, "speaking truth" is not part of your "ethics" or "moral values" as it seems your only purpose is to rant on against those you consider to be your enemies, making wild accusations that have no basis whatsoever in truth.

     If you had any of the "integrity" you falsely accuse others of not having, you would publically rectify your false and outright libelous accusations against me by an apology and retraction both publicly and privately in a letter to me. But since "integrity" or morality is clearly not a part of your life or your values, I don’t expect that to happen.

     One thing I have learned in the past seven years from my present wife who is a physician, is that an angry, vitriolic, antagonistic, evil disposition such as yours, will lead eventually to the destruction of your own health – a slow suicide – from severe, life-threatening disease. Anger like yours has been shown in scientific medical studies to be a major cause of disease, including cancer, heart disease, and many other diseases, which is not surprising because God’s Word promises:

     "Be not deceived. God is not mocked. For whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap." Galatians 6:7

     I will pray for you.

Yours truly,

William E. Dannemeyer

From the Article: "Now the Government Can Legally Kill Christians," by William Dannemeyer.

"No American should underestimate the ferocity of the commitment of the Zionist Jews to control the entire political system of the world through the One World Government now being created, and in so doing administer 'Justice' as they define it.

"The main goal of the Zionist Jews and their New World Order is exactly the same as it was when Jesus was on earth – to exterminate Christ – and His followers! Nothing has changed."

--William Dannemeyer,

From RadicalGraphics.org
Image: From RadicalGraphics.org

Date: September 10, 2011

"...'France,' or 'Germany,' and of other political and national agglomerations—results of historical struggles—as of homogenous ethnographic units, each having its proper interests, aspirations, and mission, in opposition to the interests, aspirations and a mission of rival units. This may be true relatively, so long as the oppressed, and chiefly the workers, have no self-consciousness and fail to recognize the injustice of their oppressors. There is, then, the dominating class only that counts; and this class, owing to its desire to conserve and to enlarge its power, even its prejudices and its own ideas, may find it convenient to excite racial ambitions and hatred, and send its nation, its flock, against 'foreign' countries..."
          --Errico Malatesta, 1914
          "Anarchists Have Forgotten Their Principles"

Hello, Mr. Dannemeyer,

     I'm sorry about your wife's passing, but at least you were able to be recognized as husband and wife during it. Imagine the many gay couples who do not have that right, to either enter the hospital by the bedside of their partner, or to prepare funeral arrangements, or whatnot. As a US Representative, you voted on a law against giving that type of equality. So while you may think I have transgressed into your personal life, I can point to millions of others, with much sadder stories, who think that you transgressed into their lives.

     If my politician says they're going to pass a law because the Bible tells them to, and then they disobey the Bible in their private life, then yes, someone rational will point it out. After all, Mark 10:9 states, "Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate." If you married again, doesn't that mean that you have violated what god joined together? And don't forget, for a single moment, this is the book that YOU believe -- not me. If you say you believe in a book, and it says things like this, how should I take them?

     Again, in Matt 5:28, anyone who wants another woman after being married "has already committed adultery with her in his heart." I was actually borrowing a phrase from this verse when I described you as "a polygamist at heart." According to the books you claim came from god, the statement stands as completely accurate and true. But, it seems appropriate. You threw a vote in congress for a law that would act as a directive for courts, prisons, judges, and police, and because god wanted you to do it. Calling you a polygamist, because you remarried sinfully according to the Bible, is not all that serious an accusation. Either you believe those verses of the Bible, or you don't. And if you don't, why should anyone anywhere listen to anything it says for any reason?

     And besides all of that, you are a representative when you tried to pass that law. Shouldn't you encourage people to discuss and criticize the acts of our representatives? Shouldn't you be slightly more friendly than "I have no idea who you are, or what your agenda is, but clearly you have no interest in speaking truth." ? You said that I "made serious false accusations" against you and "Your accusations are outright lies for which you have no proof – because there is no proof." I was making a Biblical interpretation, like you. Do you really need proof to do something like that? Probably not, as you would know if you've visited a church before.

     If a politician says they pass a law because the Bible says so, then one has a natural obligation as part of their civic duty to apply that Bible to everything that politician does. If the representative has any worth, they should welcome the criticism. Last time I checked, I don't recall "shouting down opponents" as one of the procedures in the Constitution for policy drafting.

     The first amendment for freedom of speech guarantees that there has to be conflict in Democratic societies. Why would Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson tell me that I should have every right to criticize and even overthrow governments, unless they wanted me to use those rights? It seems like an insult to let what they accomplished go to waste, especially if politicians are passing laws that try to exclude "certain people" from the community.

     It's interesting that you bring up your wife who taught you that "an angry, vitriolic, antagonistic, evil disposition such as yours, will lead eventually to the destruction of your own health – a slow suicide – from severe, life-threatening disease." According to Wikipedia, you've been recognized by the Boy Scouts of America, you're a well-respected member of the Republican Party, the Honorary Chairman of Citizens for a Better America, as well as having been a lawyer and having served in "Counter Intelligence Corps." But the Wikipedia entry on your current wife is a bit peculiar. The entry for Lorraine Day says "She claims that drugs never cure disease" and that water, sunlight, temperance from drugs, and a few other activities can cure cancer. But, that's only Wikipedia. Her website The Good News About God (GoodNewsAboutGod.com) is far more informative. For instance, look at this...

"The covert goal of the World Health Organization is to decrease the population in all countries of the world, especially the third world, by 1) vaccinations that CAUSE rather than prevent disease, 2) forced birth control, abortion and sterilization..."

     But, that's only really the beginning. There's lots of discussion of the New World Order, and, curiously, Jewish People. For instance...

"However, the Neturei Karta is an organization of Jewish Rabbis whose 'holiest' book is the Talmud – a book that is the absolute origin of Zionism, Communism, Anti-Christianity, Anti-Gentile hate propaganda, and the total control of the entire world!... Judaism is a 'chameleon' culture/religion. It 'becomes' whatever is necessary in order to deceive and trick non-Jews."

     She also has unusual opinions about the Holocaust. Or, simply to quote her... "More recently this term [the Holocaust] has been 'hi-jacked' by the Jews who use it, incorrectly, to describe the purported treatment of the Jews at the hands of the Germans during World War II. " Or, simply put, I'll take a very indicative quote of hers...

"Very few people realize that the Zionist Jewish version of the 'Holocaust', what the revisionists refer to as the Holocaust Hoax, is the CENTERPIECE of the Zionist Jews' Plan to destroy all nations, control the entire world, slaughter most of the population of the earth, and reduce the rest to slaves. Without the belief in the Zionist Jewish version of the 'Holocaust' by the average Jews, and everyone else as well, NONE of these things could occur! Their plans would be foiled!"

     There are more than ten thousand words on her first page, and they all go on and on like this. For instance, "There is mounting evidence that the three major recent leaders of the Catholic church are ALL Jewish." Or, this one is pretty interesting: "...the ruling elite of International Jewry, the Zionist Jews, have a diabolic agenda - - total control of the whole World by force, for their own greed and desire for power." These are all things that appear on Lorraine Day's website. (GoodNewsAboutGod.com)

     You mentioned your wife, who said something about "Anger like yours has been shown in scientific medical studies to be a major cause of disease, including cancer, heart disease..." Does she tell you about the Jews who are trying to take over the world? Does she talk to you about the conspiratorial plans of the world health organization to destroy the populations of underdeveloped nations? How about how Communists own the Democratic Party? Does she tell you about these things when describing the "disease of anger" that lead people to a "slow suicide"? You are a former congressman, revered by the state and recognized by the Boy Scouts of America, respected by the Republican Party and honored by the American "counter-intelligence" agencies. So, it would be unusual if you also believed these other things your wife talks about.

     Thanks for writing.

"The government is psychotically racist and robotic."
          --Immortal Technique, 2001
          "Revolutionary Vol. 1"

Andy Carloff

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