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Exploitation is the
Inherent Nature of Capitalists
within Liberal Society

An Open Letter by Punkerslut to
the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD)

By Propaganda Times
Image: By Propaganda Times,
Released Under the Creative Commons
"Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic" License

Start Date: January 10, 2011
Finish Date: January 10, 2011


     There are some very interesting concepts to be found within the "About Us" page for the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats. What is most particularly interesting is that "Democracy," or Liberal-Conservative Parliamentarianism, is described as the only alternative to Authoritarian, Socialist governments in the region. This is typical, though, as Liberals have offered themselves as the only alternative to Islamic dictatorships in the Middle East, Fascism in South America, and even racial apartheid in Africa. It would not be difficult to win a rational debate against any of these groups -- that is why they do not permit rational debate in their countries.

     Unemployment doesn't exist in many of these dictatorships, due to something between forced labor and state wardship. The social disease, where common people must beg for a right to work, was considered too painful and they implemented something far worse. But what will you do about unemployment and hunger when it comes to your country?

     In the United States, one of every six Americans doesn't have enough to eat, based on the data from our own department of agriculture. (ERS.USDA.gov) That's fifty million people, in one of the world's "most wealthy nations." If the United States is incapable of making Democracy provide for all after three hundred years, what hopes do you entertain? The only thing I could imagine would be the acceptance of mass poverty, hunger, and homelessness as a necessary component to establish the wealthier classes.

     This, too, is from your 'About Us' page: "In truth, people in Asia as in everywhere also have always wanted to be taken seriously by the governments, participate in decision-making, and have a realistic chance to remedy their plight." But, if I were to change the word "governments" to "society" or "economy," you would suddenly object. "Humans cannot have a natural desire to want to be taken seriously by their employers, to participate in decision-making at work, and to remedy their plight through work. They can only have those emotions about the eight hours of the day that they're awake and not at work!" This seems to be your opinion, and the typical opinion of all Liberals -- and you wouldn't be able to be a Socialist unless you disagreed with it.

     The governor of the citizen can threaten them with imprisonment, as the employer of the citizen can threaten them with deprivation of food and a home. It's just another control game. Every individual who wants to have self-determination in their lives doesn't want it just for society, just for politics, or just for economy -- they want it entirely and throughout every institution. If obeying one master has led us to misery and slavery, why would obeying another master lead us to liberty? It seems like a miserable contradiction -- one that you have no solution for.

     Are you aware that Cathay, the Hong Kong-based business, was fined for anti-competitive activity? (TimesOnline.co.uk) The company had to pay 121.5 million pounds, but, in an odd ruling, the US Department of Justice had to cover the rest of the fee: $300 million dollars. Assume that debt of $500 million dollars. How many jobs could that have afforded, if we just paid people to throw rocks into rivers? (After all, this seems far more productive than the anti-competitive, socially and environmentally-destructive behavior that CEO's are paid for.) Assuming a yearly salary of $30,000, that's almost 17,000 jobs -- scooped up by one single meeting of a few bourgeoisie Capitalists in the heart of Hong Kong's business district.

     Temasek is facing anti-competitive charges for millions of dollars, too, in Indonensia. (ChannelNewsAsia.com) Flat-panel monitor manufacturers in Taiwan? Involved in a price-fixing scheme with the European Union manufacturers. (Advanced-Television.tv) If you didn't waste so much time fixing prices, cutting markets, and flooding the streets with homeless, we'd probably be manufacturing artificial organs for transplant in factories by now. You're not just socially regressive in your policies about treating the public -- you're technologically and scientifically deficient. Nothing has been worse for the computer industry than the state-sponsored monopolies of Microsoft, Sun, Macintosh, etc., etc..

     Liberalism has failed Europe and the United States for the past few centuries. It has produced a police state, secret prisons, common executions in public, unemployment, armies of the homeless, and state of constant misery for the vast majority of society. Hong Kong has proved authoritarian, though it is an Imperialist colony built on the slavery of the Asian people. Even basic history is somewhat forgotten by Liberalism. Why would it ever have any possibility of creating positive, social change for those in the Asian continent? First, the people are still under the yoke of a tyrannical government, and second, they are still completely powerless in determining everything about their socio-economic position. There is no way that Liberalism could last, unless you could always suffocate the longing for pure liberty.

Andy Carloff

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