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Integrity and Morality -- The Vocabulary of those Without Integrity or Morality

To the Citizens for a Better America (CFABA)

By Punkerslut

By Punkerslut, Made with Graphics by David Drexler
Image: By Punkerslut, Made with Graphics by David Drexler, CC BY 2.0

Start Date: January, 27, 2011
Finish Date: January, 27, 2011


     Your organization, Citizens for a Better America, is listed in numerous conservative directories, and generally, that's what I find in your politics. Opposition to legalization of Cannabis, support for prisons for immigrants and racial minorities, and arguments on behalf of destroying nature preserves and conservation parks. The redwood tree of California gets no protection, but for some reason, you think private property is being assailed violently under the clause of "eminent domain."

     Somewhere between all of this, there's your simple mission statement: "America is dying from the inside out as functional values like honor, truthfulness, integrity, respect and responsibility for action and family are cast aside, for a valueless society." What about expelling people from land that once belonged to their own people hundreds of years ago? In an ironic twist of fate, they are the natives, but you are the descendants of European immigrants, and you use the word "immigrant" against them! Those who have lived on this continent for tens of thousands of years are "immigrants" here. If you looked up the definition of this word, you might find out that YOU are the immigrant.

     Where's truthfulness in lying about your heritage and the heritage of others around you, so that you can exploit and oppress them? Where's the integrity in building up prisons for native populations and living off of their forced labor? Where's the respect and responsibility of cutting up the land so that only a few own it, and then leaving near fifty million in America somewhere between starvation and hunger? Where's the "action and family" values when it comes to the millions of children in the streets, victims of sex abuse who are ignored by authorities, and the minorities that are attacked by police? It doesn't seem to exist.

     You want to elect these candidates "for a better America," but these candidates live off of exploitation. Consider your "Honorary National Chairman," Congressman Bill Dannemeyer, a member of the Republican Party. Where's integrity and respect in getting funding from corporations so that you can invade an underdeveloped nation or two and rape them for natural resources and cheap or forced labor? The millions of dollars poured into the Republican and Democrat Conventions came from the same sources, and for much of that money, the government has refused to release campaign, finance information. (DemocracyNow.org)

     What an honorable man full of integrity. He voted against Gay Marriage as well the Americans with Disabilities Act (which prohibited discrimination based on disability). He wants to "protect marriage," but that's a joke. He has been married several times, and according to Jesus, this is a sin and a violation of the concept of marriage (Mark 10:9). Why would a congressman follow the Bible when it tells him to oppose gay marriage, but ignore it when it tells him not to get another wife? Maybe his values are getting in the way of his morals. Your honorary chairman is a polygamist at heart, according to the religion that he believes in.

     How curious, that morality doesn't exist when you're having sex with many women out of wedlock, but when a man wants another man, or a woman another woman, then there's immorality. Did I type curious? I meant to write "convenient."

     The United States government under this party's direction kidnapped American citizens, flew them to foreign countries, and tortured them. This has been published and admitted by our own government, except not intentionally -- you'd have to break the law and read the WikiLeaks website. That's now available at wikileaks.info, after the US government illegally seized the domain name wikileaks.com to censor the organization. Honesty? Integrity? Let's see: you kidnap people, bring them to where it's legal to torture them, and then use shards of glass to cut open their flesh and let their blood pour out with secrets -- then you lied about it. There's no integrity or honesty there. Rather, it would seem that you exemplify quite the opposite, and if Satan were real, you'd certainly have to be his or her right-hand. (Truth-Out.org)

     Business shouldn't be allowed to discriminate against people because they're disabled? No, no, no, no, no, that's a violation of "values" and "morals," apparently. But kill half a million in Iraq, destroy the environment, imprison native populations, manufacture concentration camps, torture American civilians, and distribute nuclear arms to national powers in the Middle East? That's just like your slogan: "...honor, truthfulness, integrity, respect and responsibility..."

     I've noticed that you never try to connect these "concepts" to your ideals. Instead, you register a million domain names, each for about one or two articles, which is largely someone's personal opinion about state referendums and voter initiatives. All you do is associate gay equality, racial equality, and gender equality as a violation of... honor. Does this not seem like a tragic comedy? You speak of truth and justice to the point where they are your watchwords, but you defend politicians and political parties based on mass murder and the oppression of underdeveloped nations. You, who scream so loudly about "responsibility," believe in political parties that order police to shoot on unarmed crowds, advance the legalization of the death penalty for children, and make money off of all this exploitation.

     Perhaps it is logical -- the psychotic murderer, covered in pieces of their victim's corpse, does not see the blood covering their clothing, but they keep screaming about how everyone around them is improper, indecent, or "without integrity." My friend, can you tell me why we should listen to a murderer tell us about things like respect and honor?

Andy Carloff

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