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The Racist, Police State:
A Good Idea To The
"Libertarian" Right-Wingers

Open Letter to the Center for Individual Rights

By Punkerslut

From Peace Libertad Blog
Image: From Peace Libertad Blog

Date: January 11, 2011

Info: Contact CIR page.


     I discovered your website while looking for Libertarian material, and I was somewhat disappointed. Nothing about either Communism or Anarchism. Are you familiar that the word Libertarian means an individual who wants to create a collectivist society without either government or Capitalism? But, I believe in Free Speech enough to let you call yourself whatever you want. Lenin said he believed in land for all the peasants, even though he stole this slogan from Libertarian Socialists. And you, you call yourself a Libertarian-minded organization, even though you simply stole this idea from Communists and Socialists.

     But, I hoped, you would at least believe in freedom of speech for others. For example, you describe yourself as fighting cases that prohibit "offensive epithets" in the workplace. Let's see, how did that case go? "He [the boss] routinely called only the Latino drivers 'motherfuckers' and other derogatory names, and continually demeaned them on the basis of their race, national origin and lack of English language skills."

     Continuing, "...conducted a discriminatory investigation into the suspected theft of a calculator from a rental vehicle, detaining and questioning only Latino employees. In the course of this inquiry, a police officer was summoned and plaintiffs were told that the Immigration and Naturalization Service would be called if they did not cooperate. The calculator was found the following day..." (OSCAR AGUILAR et al., Plaintiffs and Respondents, v. AVIS RENT A CAR SYSTEM, INC., et al., Defendants and Appellants.)

     This is from the briefing, but I assumed you may have read that if you pursued the case. So, when the police threaten you with false allegations, and threaten to put you through more police interrogation, BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT WHITE -- yes, let's step in, and stop that government! Oh, wait, you were fighting FOR THE GOVERNMENT. How perfect. A libertarian lawyer, fighting for the government's right to detain, interrogate, and racially profile any human being they see. What did you sue for? For the right of the BUSINESS AND THE POLICE TO DO WHATEVER THEY WANT TO PEOPLE! Oh, how I am overflowing with liberty!

     Do you ever feel like your life is a lie? I mean, you stole the word "libertarian" so plainly from Communists and Socialists. You attack "the government," but then file an amicus brief in defense of the federal government's right to interrogate and kidnap people. Have you ever thought that believing in complete contradictions might leave your natural reasoning abilities somewhat damaged? Just an idea.

Andy Carloff

P.S. "CIR's fiscal year 2000 budget is a frugal $ 1.87 million, with two-thirds coming from foundations ..." A FRUGAL NEAR TWO MILLION DOLLARS! Have you ever worked for $3 an hour, sir, at the gun of the police? No, that's right, the Southern Poverty Law Center took on that case. Oh, if only you could be progressive like the real libertarians.

From Radical Graphics
Image: From RadicalGraphics

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