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Open Letter on
Rights and
Individual Freedom

To the Center for Individual Freedom (CFIF)

From PeaceLibertad Blog
Image: From PeaceLibertad Blog

Date: Tuesday, August 24, 2010

          Center for Individual Freedom Homepage (CFIF) Homepage


     You have a somewhat noble aim from your "Our Mission" page: "...to focus public, legislative and judicial attention on the rule of law as embodied in the federal and state constitutions." But, what I have some strong reservations about how this goal is implemented as an editorial policy in the articles you've been publishing.

     Under the "Issues" listing, you list articles relating to news for a particular issue, but not quite a concrete position on the issue. For "Constitution and Legal," it seems that the only issue that exists is guns. Oh, and those darned liberals who are trying to stop executions of human beings. As far as such matters as "equality before the law," there is nothing. The rich can create monopolies and violate price-fixing, such as the RIAA who was proven in court to cause a public deficit of $40 billion by these practices. Of course, $90,000 was the only fee they had to pay. This is the rule, though: if you are poor and hungry, it's illegal to ask for work ("solicitation of employment"), but they will chase you down and beat you if you steal a box of crackers.

     Where is the constitutional principle of equality before the law? Or the right to life, liberty, and happiness? It does not exist at all. A stock-market company will rig-prices, or artificially stimulate business by "pretend trades," and cause hundreds of millions in damages to public employment and income. The fines never even come close to covering damages. The legal system, as it exists, is a tool of the rich for the domination of the poor. That is why petty theft was viciously prosecuted in the early years of this nation, while corporate and business theft was viciously protected.

From RadicalGraphics.org
Image: From RadicalGraphics.org

     But the poor only steal because the rich will not give them work, whereas the rich steal only to fill their royal coffers with more gold. This has been legalized and implemented in the American legal system, so that the poor will be beaten, but the rich only must pay back a fraction of what they steal. Justice for the poor against the vicious onslaught of Capitalism? Apparently, that's not an issue of "equality before the law," or "constitutional freedom."

     And, apparently, police brutality has nothing to do with constitutional justice. Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, or Aaron Campbell: all of them unarmed black men who were gunned down by police. Grant was in handcuffs when he was shot execution style in a public subway. Campbell was shot in the back while fleeing from a police confrontation. And Bell was murdered on the day he was supposed to be married. In every single case, there was no investigation for murder, no prosecution for murder, and simply put -- no justice. But, apparently, none of this seems to matter at all.

     The constitution, as far as you're concerned, has only one half-paragraph: the amendment guaranteeing the right to bear arms. It is so significant that even the right to life can be forgotten about in defending it. But something as significant as equality before the law, prosecution of government officials for corruption, and Capitalism's long-time domination of all state functions -- all of these things, apparently, are ignored. Constitutional principles? Yours begin in the chamber and end at the barrel, apparently.

     Thank you. I patiently await a response...

Andy Carloff

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