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Open Letter
To Campus Crusade For Christ

From Punkerslut

From Peace Libertad Blog
Image: From Peace Libertad Blog,
"No religion" Gallery

Date: October 20, 2009


     Yesterday, there was a Campus Crusade for Christ meeting in the cafeteria of a local community college. Upon entering the cafeteria, I had first thought that a fight had broken out, but it turned out to be a really incensed believer. "You need Christ in your life!" It was the voice of a person who needed others to believe in the absurdity so that they themselves could become comfortable with their odd views. Galileo, Darwin, Keppler, Mendeleev, virtually all of the scientific men of the past never reduced themselves to such a miserable level -- and they each had the entire world against them, with one or two inquisitions, on top of that. They still spoke calmly, clearly, and effectively, capable of demonstrating their ideas, ready to show their proofs. They knew the truth, so there was no ridiculous assertion of "You need thermodynamics in your life!" or, "You need the theory of mechanical transfer of energy in your life!" No emotional appeals, no rhetoric, no used-up and tired and broken old-phrases. They had expressed their ideas with logic, intelligence, and compassion.

     But this is not what I hear from your speakers. Screaming and begging, like the insane do with those that do not exist, your preacher was a miserable failure. And everyone has already read the Bible, so the insanity is certain. In Chapter 31 of Numbers, your god orders the rape of thirty-two thousand children. How come nobody heard "You need a RAPIST in your life!" because, this is exactly what you mean when you tell people they need Christ in their life. You're talking about a deity who has ordered rape -- as a form of vengeance, and against children. Why not change your signs to "Campus Crusade for the Child Rapist"? It's fairly easy: because everything in the Bible is naturally offensive to humanity. First there is the deception on what the Bible actually says, and second, there is the upholding of that written violence as though it was divine truth.

     Well, even if I have to spend eternity in hell, I'm not going to shake hands with a child rapist and ask them for forgiveness. My sense of truth and compassion are far too strong to take that weak path of giving in -- I am too honest to enter heaven, if it means I have to condone rape; too good to enter those pearly gates, if it means I have to accept a rapist and murderer into my heart.

     I hope you take these suggestions to heart...

Andy Carloff

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