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Open Letter on
American Democracy
American Imperialism

To the Brookings Institute

By Punkerslut

Image from RadicalGraphics.org
Image: From RadicalGraphics.org

Start Date: August 3, 2010
Finish Date: August 3, 2010

Info: Brookings.edu Home Page


     There are only a handful of ideas expressed as the aim and principle of the Brookings Institute. But, likewise, they all well fit, as phrases that were penned by revolutionaries, today being adopted by anti-revolutionaries -- just as Lenin took the phrase "workers' power" from trade unions, and how American Conservatives took the phrase "Libertarian" from Communists. In short, it is a painfully unoriginal collection of principles and aims, which can be found scribbled underneath the "What I Believe" section of any intelligent book from the 1700's or the 1800's.

     For example, consider this aim: "Foster the economic and social welfare, security and opportunity of all Americans..." What a miserable joke. Look at the 1877 Railroad Strike, the 1892 New Orleans General Strike, the 1933 Wisconsin Milk Strike, the 1934 West Coast Waterfront Strike, or even the 1952 Steel Strike. American troops, marching in the street, executing men, women, and children, with bodies filling up in piles. You're aware that this is the image of these previous revolts? Even today, the US government is still using the military and the police to drive out unionists, as even the National Labor Relations Board has openly stated that it is legal to fire anyone who attempts to unionize (see "Labor Economics," Chester A. Morgan).

     So, how much prosperity is there, when the unemployed, the workers, and the vast majority of the nation is held violently under jackboot and baton? Of course, you directly take this struggle head-on! "Fed Has Done Much for Economy, Can Do Much More," is one example of a headline. Ah, yes, the Keynesian approach. A worker, with a gun at the back of their neck, is willing to work and buy more, if the interests rates on national banks are reduced. Exactly -- how brilliant and genius a deduction.

     It is as though there are people suffering from the plague, and the Liberals respond by screaming, "We must drive away the evil spirits that have given us this disease!" Unseen spirits do not cause diseases, and interest rates of federal government do not create employment or give prosperity. More over... you may want to look at who the government is pointing their guns at: society's producers. A scientist would see this as being the most clearly defined point of conflict resulting in oppression and exploitation: a zealot economist, brainwashed by textbooks written by the political party (as every school's textbooks are), would instead point to these "interest rates." As though we should look at the budget expenditure of Communist China to discover why so many Chinese workers are living between absolute poverty and misery.

     No, we should look to their military and their police to explain why there are forced labor camps and mass hunger. And don't forget that this political lesson is applicable to the whole world, "with the United States exempt," as you continually maintain in virtually every article published on economics. Democracy, in its analysis of citizen participation and civil liberties, is applicable to where they shoot workers for striking in Communist China, but neglected when it occurs in the United States of America. Yes, the Homestead Mill was another great example: Andrew Carnegie, like a Fascist corporatist, orders police to open fire on crowds of workers. The police obey, and there is no prosecution. Ah, yes, but the workers did not die from bullets! No, their heart was shattered into a thousand pieces by the feds not lowing the national budget interest rate at exactly 0.29%!!! Ah, such are the musings of the Brookings Institution, and it is like reading the reports of the USSR: there is underproduction and famine, not because those in charge mismanaged the economy, but because of saboteurs trying to make the situation look worse than it really is!

     And, today, the police continue in their extra-judicial murders of the poor, the hungry, the homeless, and the minorities. Amadou Diallo, Patrick Dorismond, or Sean Bell: yes, and Joe Hill, the Chicago Seven, and the Haymarket Martyrs. Your government is openly shooting people in the street today, without facing prosecutions, investigations, or inquiries. "Equality Before the Law" has been on the US constitution since the end of the Civil War, but it was a lie then, just as it is today. Somehow, a living heart that pumps blood through your body is a meaningless luxury, and it has nothing to do with your declared principle of creating "prosperity for Americans." Yes, we are prosperous -- prosperous dead bodies.

     You do not complain about any of these situations; you justify them! You see the dead laying in the street, as though one were in a Fascist-controlled ghetto, and you argue against the Republican Party. You argue for Keynesianism and Liberalism, for interest rates and diplomatic missions, for "progressive legislation" and "progressive governors." These are all the main problems in your own view: that those who hold the power of Capitalism and government are killing workers and the people, in the name of Conservativeness, and not in the name of Liberalism. As if there was a difference between the executions of unarmed protesters at Kent State versus the Democratic National Convention of 1968. Ah, how Democratic, indeed! The Democratic Party, executing American civilians, without any trial or investigation? Of course it's a Democratic Party -- the word "Democratic" is in the title, and they say so! Just like Mao calling his name "Peoples' Republic of China," or Lenin calling Russia "a Democratic Dictatorship." Lies, lies, and more lies.

     Is there a difference between Conservativeness and Liberalism? You should know that Liberalism built concentration camps in the United States to contain Japanese-Americans. This is slightly more noble than the American concentration camps that were made for genociding the Jewish race, as those in Yugoslavia of the 1920's, or camps made for genociding other Liberals and Leftists, such as the forgotten "Al Baderra" in Spain, 1936. Yes, the Liberals participated in openly slaughtering unarmed crowds of people. And how is this much different than Conservatives? Funny, Richard Nixon actually plotted the bombing of the Brookings Institute -- you! It's admitted by the staff of Nixon himself, in the book "The Ends of Power" (by H.R. Haldeman). But, like Stalin who mercilessly watched the mass execution of Polish communists, you're content to watch your own people die.

     "Crisis No More: The Success of Obama's Economic Stimulus Program" is one of the Brookings Institute's articles. Yes, there is success, where employment continues to fall. Success, to someone who admires Obama's economic policy, apparently is not defined as limiting hunger, unemployment, or want among the people. All of these things can exist, and your mission to save the homeland can still be declared as an outstanding success. It's quite clear that you're as far away from analyzing these trends accurately as you are in seeing the murder and killing done by the US government -- the unprosecuted, uninvestigated, uncharged crimes of state. Apparently, it is possible to "Strengthen American democracy" while your officers and police are performing summary executions in the street.

     Thank you for reading this far. I patiently await a response. Please let me know why you're wasting time on these miserable projects to make tyranny look digestible.

Andy Carloff

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