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Open Letter
Gays and Lesbians

By Punkerslut

Gabrielle d Estree in the Louvre
Image: Gabrielle d Estree Painting, 1594

Start Date: February 24, 2010
Finish Date: February 24, 2010

Dear American Family Association:

     After reading the Bible, I wanted to find an organization that would live up to its promises. Then I found your organization's website: "... explaining complex and long-standing issues such as the growing anti-Christian bias in America and the push by homosexual activists for the legalization of same-sex marriage."

     Ah, finally, someone who has the courage and the strength to fulfill the word of god! Especially, as it is written within Leviticus 18:22. But then I kept looking through your website, and found that you're only half-hearted Christians.

     Ephesians, 6:5 "Slaves, obey your earthly masters, as you would obey the will of Christ!" If you really believed the Bible, the New Testament, and the words of Jesus Christ, then you wouldn't be wasting so much time on fighting gay marriage. The most important thing for a Christian, who believes and follows their Bible, is to abolish the 13th Amendment of the United States -- the amendment that bans slavery.

     We already know the Homosexual agenda to make gay marriage legal. What I'm concerned with most now is that Atheists and Freethinkers are going to free the world -- they're going to tear off the chains of every slave, tell them that they can believe whatever they want, and let them go! This is an affront to my Christian values! And since freedom has been legalized, it is impossible for the Christian to live a fair, decent life in this country.

     Yes, gay marriage is absolutely awful, but it hasn't been completely legalized. Why fight something like that, when there's liberty and freedom looming from every corner and assaulting our good, Christian, family values?

     What's more, now there are even prosecutions against parents who slay their children. Numbers 21:17, Numbers 31:17-18, Isaiah 14:21, Jeremiah 19:9 -- everywhere you read in the Bible, God commands you to murder children. When they speak out against their fathers, when they believe the wrong religion, when they gather sticks of wood on Sunday.

     Here you are, trying to fight Homosexual marriage, when it's not even legal. And the whole time, the average family-loving, good, Christian parent, cannot even beat their son or daughter to death? I beseech thee! If you cannot fulfill the entire Bible, every passage from beginning to end, then you are not a real Christian! You cannot know true family values, until you accept the words of god: opposition to all homosexual behavior, and the right for every parent to beat, mutilate, and torture their child to death.

     Your organization "... exposes the ugly reality of bias against Christians and urges believers to speak out and put an end to the silencing." In a state with 2 million people, Oregon, every year there are 2,500 people evicted because of their race, religion, and beliefs. (Portland Tribune page) Exceedingly few of these people were Christian, or were targeted for being Christian.

     Yes, Christians face the horrible discrimination of being silenced, which is far worse than taking Atheists, Hindus, and Jews, and using police force to throw them into the streets! We are god's people, and we are far more important than any other religion. We have only one reference to the Christian god in our pledge of allegiance, and there is "In God We Trust" on only one side of our coins! Absolutely, miserably oppressed: that is exactly our condition as Christians.

     Sure, children are thrown into the street during winter, without food or clothing, and left to starve to death; but the police are doing it for a good reason, because they're not as Christian as we are. It is more important to fight for having the Ten Commandments in every court room than that some heathen child should be allowed to eat.

     If you are willing to review the holy scriptures, and to make a valid judgment based on the written word, then please -- revise your organization's beliefs. The greatest threat to Christians today is not gay marriage. It's the ban on parents being allowed to beat their children to death. Please, read more...


     I am patiently awaiting your response. Thank you...

Andy Carloff

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