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    On Land and Work

    Between Punkerslut and
    the American First Party


    From PeaceLibertad Blog
    Image: From Peace Libertad Blog,
    "Anarchia" Gallery

    Date: December 31, 2009


    by Punkerslut

         When I first wrote my letter to the America First Party, about options for ending unemployment, I wasn't thinking our exchange would reach thirty letters. My discussion had started out by arguing for the right of any worker to labor on unused and idle lands. It certainly wasn't too radical a suggestion, compared with overthrowing the state and abolishing Capitalism. However, as the debate worked out, these other economic and political issues would be brought up. The result was a lengthy exchange between a right-wing, conservative Nationalist and a left-wing Anarcho-Syndicalist, ranging topics of religion, Socialism, politics, worker cooperatives, and French, revolutionary history.

         After sending letter #33, the last one, I received no more replies from Mr. John Pittman Hey, the party's national secretary. But, I'm confident I achieved what I had set out to do: to prove that the right-wing is unwilling to do anything constructive to end poverty and unemployment.

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