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Creative Archive Licence (CAL)

CopyLeft and Open Source Licenses

... We want you to get creative with the content we' ve made available for you but please don't use it for endorsement, campaigning, defamatory or derogatory purposes. Whilst faith-based organisations may use the content for resource and teaching purposes they must take care not to breach the requirements of ' No Endorsement' as set out in the terms of the License. Equally, Educational Establishments may showcase uses of the content within the school environment but may not use the content to promote...

--Creative Archive Licence (CAL), Version 1.0. (Paragraph 63.)

By: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Alternate Titles: None.

Available, License Versions

Creative Archive Licence (CAL), Version 1.0

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Note: A license being listed in the Copyleft and Open Source Center does not mean it is endorsed. These licenses are provided as a reference to encourage and promote the Open Source movement. Nothing within these pages should be considered as legal advice.

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