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Apple Public Source License (APSL)

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...will not represent to the contrary, whether expressly, by implication, appearance or otherwise. 13.3 Independent Development. Nothing in this License will impair Apple's right to acquire, license, develop, have others develop for it, market and/or distribute technology or products that perform the same or similar functions as, or otherwise compete with, Modifications, Larger Works, technology or products that You may develop, produce, market or distribute. 13.4 Waiver; Construction. Failure...

--Apple Public Source License (APSL), Version 1.1. (Paragraph 49.)

By: Apple
Alternate Titles: None.

Available, License Versions

Apple Public Source License (APSL), Version 2.0

3,159 Words / 19.97 kB

Apple Public Source License (APSL), Version 1.2

3,151 Words / 19.84 kB

Apple Public Source License (APSL), Version 1.1

3,323 Words / 20.79 kB

Apple Public Source License (APSL), Version 1.0

3,092 Words / 19.34 kB

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