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  • "Art is my purpose, and if it's not, I'll make it my purpose."

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    Name: NiD
    Birth Name: Andrew
    Sex: Male; doesn't come up often
    Age: 18 or so
    Living In: 80 square feet.
    Education: Collegiately underway.
    Occupation: See "Living in"

    I've always lived a priveleged life. I just hope I can own up the disappointment this creates surrounding me. I've always preached love, compassion, ethic (not moral), and sacrifice. Hopefully I'll be the next Siddhartha.

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    Artwork Title...
    Piece It Appeared In...
    Adam Human Life is Sacred
    Addicted Substance Addiction
    Angel Intimacy of Children, The
    Bacon Examining An Argument 3: Debate on Nutrition
    Blasphemy The Necessity of Socialism
    Blood This Is War
    Boss 1 Capitalists
    Boss 2 Examining An Argument 2: Debating A Capitalist
    Breakthrough I Chose Not To Be Normal
    Broken Maybe Nothing Changes
    Church Christian Morality
    Conga Drum Set For Sale
    Cooperation On General Humaneness
    Cut Why I Cannot Be A Christian
    Deer Our Fellow Creatures
    Departing Soldier to Life's Battles
    Departing 2 Alone in my Belltower
    Desk Legends from ARPANET
    Devil Cruelty of Christianity, The
    Don Knotts Angry Critic Rants, An
    Doubletake (Colored) Ya'll Know What Poly Means?
    Eyepatch Lies of Islam
    Falling Final Flight of the Crack Mobile
    Fat Sexuality Essays
    Fishing 1 Animals Deserve the Right to Life
    Fishing 2 Treatise Against Vivisection, A
    Flyboy Gun Control
    Foot Those Crazy Creationists: Jesus-Is-Lord
    Free Worth and Humanitarianism
    Freedom Free Will and Determinism
    Fun! I Am A Bad Person
    God Faith
    Infatuation Nighttime
    Intertwined Free Love is Free Expression
    Jamaica Analyzation of Christian Atonement
    Jeezus Religion Is Ignorance
    Jesus The Plight of the Pedophile
    Kara 2 A Romantic Tale About An Unromantic Hero
    Labor Great Insurrection Plan, The; The One Big Union
    Lies Reformer, My Blood, Part I
    Lilgoth2 Child Abuse and Damage
    Lost Euthanasia
    Machine Socialism: A Broader Explanation
    Manufacture Consumer Culture is a Threat to Progressive Change
    Mask I Don't Want To Die For Something Not Worth Dying For
    Mask 3 Dialogue on Affirmative Action
    Masturbate Tale of Harry the Masturbator
    Messiah Open Dropout Letter
    Mind and Body Religion Essays
    Mkultra Electronic Piracy
    Monk Reformers: A Tale (First Part)
    Normal Survival
    Patriot Why I Detest America
    Penetrating Unavailing
    Portrait Biographies
    Posthumous Abandon Religion
    Priest Dialogue on the Bible
    Punk About Punkerslut (bottom of the page)
    Rays Do Animals Deserve Rights?
    Reach The Right to Opinion
    Savior Reformer, My Blood, Part II
    Sea Logic
    Self Traverse Will I Forget?
    Sellout Profit: Its Social Motivation and Function
    Sentry Tax the Churches
    Skeleton Religion as a Method of Explanation
    Soldier 2 To Those Who Support War
    Someone Humanity
    Stitch Censorship, Our Enemy
    Stools Prostitution
    Tears Darrell's Tribulation
    Together Modern Sexual Taboos and Their Morality
    Tomb Reasons not to Believe in God
    Tracy 06 Reformers: A Tale (Second Part)
    Tracy 12 Dairy Free Yogurt and Blowjobs
    Vomit The Habit of Flesh Eating
    Wargod Should Atheism Be Defended?
    Warpaint The Freethought Manifesto
    Wisemen What Is A Hero?