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Where Do Their Guns
Come From?

By Punkerslut

From RadicalGraphics.org
Image: From "Weapons" Gallery from RadicalGraphics.org

Start Date: July 14, 2009
Finish Date: July 14, 2009

"The men are all converted into warslaves, and have from day to day to expect orders to go to kill and to be killed."
          --Leo Tolstoy, 1900
          "Patriotism and Government," Part 8

     Where do soldiers get their guns? Where do armies get their tanks? Where do navies get their battleships? All of it come from workers laboring upon machines and the land.

     If you want to stop a war, stop supplying the war! A war itself means maintaining large amounts of people. That means food, clothing, shelter, and entertainment as their needs. Beyond this, the actual manufacturing of weapons and tanks requires the mining and manufacturing industries. Every worker labors in an industry sells to the war machine, or services those who sell to the war machine.

"Look at this factory, unfortunately consecrated to engines of war."
          --Peter Kropotkin, 1892
          "The Conquest of Bread," Chapter 10, Part I

     Stop the guns from getting into the hands of the soldiers, and you'll stop the war. Stop bullets from arriving to the troops, and you'll stop invasions. Stop tanks from reaching the generals, and you'll save the lives of the soldiers. Everything you can do to stop the war is going to help bring back your loved ones.

World War Poster, Edited by Punkerslut
Image: World War Poster, Edited by Punkerslut

     From the Mexican American War, to the Spanish American War, to the Vietnam War, to the Iraq War, to the World Wars -- you will always find a politician's war. Presidents did not declare war, until it benefited the nation commercially. These wars made the American people less safe, it exposed them to every imaginable form of terrorism. Why should Americans risk their lives in wars that make their families and communities less safe? If you want to stop it, boycott the war. Stop supplying the armies!

"A war will put all social improvements among us back ten years..."
          --Hall Bolton, 1898
          "A Peace Appeal to Labor"

     Striking to end the war is peaceful, non-violent, and effective. You are demanding the end to violence and aggression abroad. And you are doing it by refusing to work. It is your right to refuse to work, right? They want you to forget that sometimes, but it is the basis for all your rights. If you can refuse to work, then you can impose pressure on your employer. And if all workers can refuse to work, then their pressure becomes undeniable.

     It is this type of refusal, a General Strike, that will pull corrupt politicians out of office, implement community rule, and it will even end wars. But, we need to be organized as a workers' federation, with unions, cooperatives, and all anti-capitalist laborers. Once we are completely organized, calling a General Strike will be easy -- whenever we want, we can end any war, any mass layoff, any exploitation, and any repression of the people.

U.S. World War 2 Poster, Edited by Punkerslut
Image: U.S. World War 2 Poster, Edited by Punkerslut

"They [the working classes] live habitually in an industrial serfdom, by which, though nominally free, they are in practice as a class bound to a system of machine-production the implements of which they do not own, and in the distribution of whose product they have not the slightest voice, except what they can occasionally exert by a veiled intimidation which draws slightly more of the product in their direction. From such serfdom, military conscription is not so great a change. But into the military enterprise they go, not with those hurrahs of the significant classes whose instincts war so powerfully feeds, but with the same apathy with which they enter and continue in the industrial enterprise."
          --Randolph Bourne, 1918
          "War is the Health of the State"


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