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The Vicious Brutality of American Law Enforcement

Why Opposing Inhumanity Means Opposing Police, Prisons, and Politicians

By Punkerslut

Image: From RadicalGraphics.org

Start Date: May 25, 2011
Finish Date: May 25, 2011

Everything You Know is Wrong

"We preserve the so-called peace of our community by deeds of petty violence every day. Look at the policeman's billy and handcuffs! Look at the jail! Look at the gallows! Look at the chaplain of the regiment!"
          --Henry David Thoreau, 1860
          "A Plea for Captain John Brown"

     In the year 2006, nearly one million American citizens were expelled from their homes. It was done with the use of burning crucifixes, breaking-and-entering, and most importantly of all, every single instance involved the police -- the new form of the Ku Klux Klan. It was 900,000 families who reported that the police broke into their homes, destroyed property, and forced them out. [*1]

     District attorneys do not prosecute police, even for murder. So it's not surprising that police are allowed to go on rampant pograms that make Tzarist Russia look like Mother Tolerance. Steve Law, reporting on these pogroms, wrote, "Such brazen harassment is illegal now, thanks to state and federal fair-housing laws." [*2] It doesn't change the number of complaints, nor the refusal of district attorneys and public courts to either investigate or prosecute. It's even possible that the absolute number, 900,000 per year, is higher than the absolute number of violent, racist demonstrations in the thirties. Only 16% of rapists in the United States ever go to prison, [*3] and in the United Kingdom, it is less than 6%. [*4]

     Throughout the entirety of this system, the millions who are forced out of their homes by force, the millions who are raped and have no voice of defense; throughout the entire thing, there is the strand of torture, torment, and cruelty. Are police officers being tortured for information on the KKK when they burn down the house of an African American family? No. But the government does torture people to uncover information on terrorism.

     Government staff claims that torture men, women, and children with waterboarding led to the knowledge of Osama Bin Laden's whereabouts [*5] [*6] -- it was so intelligent, that the raid managed to kill several unarmed men, women, and children. [*7] If the CIA didn't torture so many people, it's possible that those children could have gotten away unlynched. That's unacceptable according to American policy. Our government only tortures when it's against African-Americans, racial minorities, or unarmed children. Anything to "make the world safe" from terrorism; meanwhile, the amount of rape and pogroms occurring in the United States exceeds every other nation.

     Our government has more slaves than any other nation in the world. On Soviet maps published in the United States, they actually point out "forced labor" camp on areas, yet they don't do that for US maps. Why should they say "Wackenhut -- Forced Labor Camp -- Population: 200,000" ? Why should they point out that the United States government today has more forced labor than China? [*8] The majority of them are non-whites who have been charged with crimes that are not allowed to send whites to prison -- drug possession, for example. Studies confirmed that since whites can retaliate with lawsuits for illegal searches, police officers do not hassle whites for drug possession. [*9]

     Ah, yes, you've probably heard quite a bit from your politicians about how you should value your liberties, about how your chains are the lightest of them all! For look to China, where you can't even patent your own inventions! Prisons, violent demonstrations, the police state, etc., etc. -- this doesn't account into liberty, otherwise American would cease to be a very free state. You're so free -- that if your skin is another color, you'll be dragged out of the streets and thrown into a slave camp. America, where types of slavery still persist.

     Are we torturing the slavers? Are we torturing the cops? Are we torturing the politicians? Are we breaking into the homes of rapists and slavers, tying them up, and then repeatedly dunking them in water to get information out of them? Absolutely not! That is reserved for the various men, women, and children that the American government has forcibly obtained. [*10]

     Everything you know is wrong. The number of slaves in the US exceeds the number in China, it's easier to be arrested for not using a condom than for committing rape, and violent torture is used on both slaves and rape victims to improve the American economy and government.

"The state's behaviour is violence, and it calls its violence 'law'; that of the individual, 'crime.' Crime, then - so the individual's violence is called; and only by crime does he overcome the state's violence when he thinks that the state is not above him, but he is above the state." --Max Stirner, 1845 "The Ego and Its Own," Part 2, Chapter II, Section 1



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"Jeppesen is alleged to have provided flight planning services, secured permits for travel, arranged fuel provision and filed flight plans for the clients in the knowledge that the planes were being used for extraordinary rendition."

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