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A Tribute to Goodness

A Tribute to Goodness... and those friends I have met on the street, who gave to me the gifts of fairness and compassion, adventure and lust.

By Punkerslut

Image by Eric Drooker
Image: By Eric Drooker

Start Date: Monday, January 13, 2003
Finish Date: Monday, January 13, 2003

     It is a crime, I confess, on the books of our government to take another's property without consent. It is this that is called stealing. But it was just this that I did. One store or another, I would walk in, and obtain property, without the consent of the owner. I stole food, and I gave it to those who could not afford it. I gave it to men who looked more ragged than any Hollywood movie could envision, and I gave them a little more than just food to fill their stomachs. I gave them the promise that there is forever at least one Humanitarian in every generation, a hope that life one day will not be one of poverty, a desire to be free and live life well. I am a thief, and I have stolen that the poor, hungry masses might not starve. In the eyes of the state, I am a merciless criminal. I vow to forever battle the peoples' hunger of food as much as I vow to battle for their hunger of liberty. As long as the shimmering star of life continues to burn in the heavens, there will always be a revolutionary there to resist the brutality of the state's iniquity. And as long as there as we can see more than just green when we see a forest, as long as we can see more than just white when we see a cloud, as long as we can see more than just blue when we see the ocean, as long as our souls are not deaf to beauty's inspiration and depth, and as long as our minds are not dormant to the possibilities of hope, we will forever be one marching mass, constantly reaching and clawing, diving deeper in creativity and love, learning more and more by reading the books of experience, and as long as we march on past the blistering winds with our companions, we will enjoy a type of freedom that comes with integrity, and we will have a type of hope that renders results. To this degree of existence and meaning, I can only say this: there are few things I would rather be a part of.


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