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Teaching By Force

The Complete Failure of
Education by Coercion

By Punkerslut

From Jovita Idar Anarchist Image Library
Image: From Jovita Idar Anarchist Image Library

Start Date: October 8, 2009
Finish Date: October 8, 2009

"We say, on the contrary, that the child must be trained and guided, but that the direction of his first years must not be exclusively exercised by his parents, who are all too often incompetent and who generally abuse their authority. The aim of education is to develop the latent capacities of the child to the fullest possible extent and enable him to take care of himself as quickly as possible. It is painfully evident that authoritarianism is incompatible with an enlightened system of education."
          --James Guillaume, 1876
          "Ideas on Social Organization," Part IV, Section G

     Every teacher will tell you that what you learned in your previous classes was wrong. If you bring up scientific notation when learning decimals, you'll be told to shut up. One class prohibits fractions, the next prohibits decimals, the next prohibits this or that particular oddity that you had already learned. In the end, you're not judged on whether you're right or wrong; you're judged on whether you have the right format. You could cure cancer, but if you didn't staple the top, left-hand corner, you're going to fail.

     It's impossible to learn in this type of environment. All you are learning is that whatever you were taught by some other teacher is a lie. In logic, they'll tell you that if you can prove K of P, or one possibility of a situation, that it holds true for all situations. They never apply this, because that would mean that every class is a lie, as it is always followed by another class that tells you this. This is the educational system, and these are the people who are teaching.

     The teacher does not come to you with ideas, or thoughts, or intelligence. Their most notable attribute is pride. Their most common act is to suppress. Every student can disprove their teacher -- but in trying to do this, one learns a far more valuable lesson than all of the schools combined. One learns the arrogance and selfishness of authority.

     One sees that these proud teachers will continue to teach something wrong. They are the ones in control of the classroom, even though it is the students who must suffer the stupidity. They are the dominating kings and queens of our youth -- you can't squeeze out a drop of piss unless you have permission.

     In doing their day-to-day work, teachers probably notice the same lies that we do: their job consists in lining up desks, writing out permission slips, and reading from a textbook. The teacher of the educational system today teaches lies, and then refuses to listen to any student who disproves them. In a social environment, where humanity is effected by their surroundings, it is the teacher that proves to be the greatest of evils upon the young.

     To write out a permission slip to go to the bathroom must take real brains. To pace the halls, looking for students not in class, must take a real love of education. And to punish students for independently expressing themselves and growing, must take a real love of humanity. In all of these things, it's quite clear that few people are as harmful as institutional teachers. They warp the soul, they twist the mind, and once the individual is completely confused, they are released into society.

     They have thrown all the rulers, textbooks, and calculators at the students. And in the end, it does nothing to improve society. It doesn't end Racism or Sexism, because that was fought by demonstration, protest, and insurrection. It doesn't create environmentalism, but it trains corporate lawyers on evading environmentalist law. It doesn't end slavery or sweatshops in third world countries; instead, it prepares those CEO's and investors who are going to live off of slavery. It doesn't end blindly following leaders, because school is completely based on BLINDLY FOLLOWING YOUR TEACHER. Every social evil is accelerated by forced "education."

From RadicalGraphics.org
Image: From "Anarchy" Gallery from RadicalGraphics.org

     It's a ridiculous myth that teachers put forth, that the Holocaust could have been prevented by "indirect education." Our entire Kindergarten system is from the German, Nazi Dictatorship! For all of their efforts, teachers do not spread the truth about evil governments of the past -- they prepare new sheep for another slaughtering.

     The domination of the Nazi Party on Germany would have been impossible without school indoctrination and a class-based court system. This is the "wonderful miracle" left behind compulsory schooling, or the idea of TEACHING BY FORCE. And these so-called "educators" have never done anything else for us. In making a student that listens and believes, they have made a citizen that questions nothing.

     Teachers alienate their students; they make them feel alone, isolated, and attacked on all sides. This perverts the character. It turns students into bullies who harass others, or it turns them into those who hate themselves, who always question their identity, who never understand their feelings. The effect is the same as those put into a prison. Without control of themselves, they hurt those around them.

     Teachers profess to have the only desire of "education," -- just like the Soviet Union's desire was "worker emancipation." It is the same double talk that has gone on for centuries. Of course they tell you their purpose is "education." Would people follow blindly if they honestly said, "I'm going to regulate your personal behavior against your own interests, to make you the perfect subject for being controlled!" Who would follow this leader? No one!

     Teachers can deny it, the way they deny sociology in physics class, economics in sociology class, verifiable sources in history classes, and deductive logic in advertising. Everything they tell you is a lie, and it only takes a brief search to uncover and explain it. "World History" class is actually a pseudonym for "European History." The schools may as well just openly accept Racism, because they deny that Asia, Africa, or South America have histories at all.

     On top of all this, teachers are paid far more than they're worth, but they never think it is enough. They think of themselves as these great, intellectual missionaries of intelligence -- these ambassadors of brilliance. They are prophets of a the wonder of learning. But we all know the truth: they are greedy, selfish, and proud, as ignorant as they are willing to make it known. They consider themselves as doing some kind of "charity work," because they're feeding lies to others that they digested without a problem and so cheaply. To any other kind of person, teaching in a coercive school is completely repulsive. Only those who are completely naive about reality take up the profession.

     What happens when the charity worker thinks they've done enough? They throw down their work. The human mind finds work irksome, and can only expend so much energy. And so we find the teacher taking up the same exact attitude. "How dare you, the student, make my life worse, when I'm only here to educate you, and I'm paid so low for my prestigious job!" This is the teacher's response to their students problems. And where the problem takes more than two minutes, they won't help the student. "Get a tutor, I'm above and beyond helping you learn this," is a phrase uttered every second in America.

     That is exactly the person that would take up this type of job. It is someone who was taught by force, and had no problem with it; no problem with their own workload, and no problem with the suffering of those around them. They accepted the lies, and now they must shove them down another generation's throat; as any teacher that refused to teach lies is immediately fired. Then, they become proud in their ignorance, they become holier-than-thou in all their sermons.

     Because they are fulfilling this dreadful task, of reading from a textbook, they must be honored like a god who has come to save man. And when they get their paycheck, they don't see a paycheck issued to a god. So they take it out on their students; they turn their personal dissatisfaction into a reason to persecute the children at their feet. Where they actually have to teach, they shrink away from the job, because they are too worthy for it -- they are clearly just genius enough to read six-word sentences from a book.

     This is the teacher who uses force and violence in order to give education. It is always one of the students who had obeyed, listened, and never questioned. The weakest of the previous generation teaches the new one. The most apathetic, most proud, most vain, and most ignorant of those in the past are those who give ideas to the future. It is an awfully miserable system, and the presence of paddles in schools today gives a good indication. Compulsory schooling is not education; it is child abuse.


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