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Social Equality,
the Great Destroyer
of Sexism

By Punkerslut

U.S. World War 2 Poster, Edited by Punkerslut
Image: U.S. World War 2 Poster,
Edited by Punkerslut

Start Date: November 21, 2009
Finish Date: November 21, 2009

"If self-government be the rule, every self must be its subject. If a person govern, not only himself but others, that is despotic government, and it matters not if that control be over one or over a thousand individuals, or over a nation; in each case it would be the same principle of power exerted outside of self and over others, and this is despotism, whether it is exercised by one person over his subjects, or by twenty persons over a nation, or by one-half the people of a nation over the other half thereof."
          --Victoria C. Woodhull, with Stephen Pearl Andrews, 1871
          "And the Truth Shall Make You Free," A Speech on the Principles of Social Freedom

     What can Feminism do if there is no social equality? How free and liberated is the woman when she becomes dominated and controlled economically? What liberty is there in living for eight-hour workdays where you treated like a servile peon?

     Throughout our past, we find that women have always needed to marry men for their support. They needed to submit, obey, and take all guilty and grievances from their husband -- in order to live. Liberalism and Conservative Feminism changed this situation; she no longer had to submit to a husband's orders to live, but to a supervisor's orders. The threat of starvation has been preserved in this transition from Conservative Sexism to Liberal "Feminism." She is no longer treated like the property of the groom -- she is treated like the property of the Capitalist.

     Instead of her own home, she has a factory full of dangerous equipment. Instead of managing herself, she has become managed by a boss interested in exploiting her. Instead of possibly being valued for her individuality, she is thrown to the bottom of the social order, suffering unemployment cuts first, receiving less pay, and always passed over for promotions. This is the Capitalist system, where the means of production are held by the very few. It is a socially unequal system.

"The laboring man, however, ought to remember that all who labor are their brothers, and that all women who labor are their sisters, and whenever one class of workingmen or workingwomen is oppressed all other laborers ought to stand by the oppressed class. Probably the worst paid people in the world are the workingwomen. Think of the sewing women in this city -- and yet we call ourselves civilized! I would like to see all working people unite for the purpose of demanding justice, not only for men, but for women."
          --Robert Green Ingersoll, 1877
          "Eight Hours Must Come"

U.S. World War 2 Poster, Edited by Punkerslut
Image: U.S. World War 2 Poster,
Edited by Punkerslut

     Female business leaders are often appraised as the great outcome of what Liberalism has done for women. These few, bold, individualist women have made a mark, have claimed their part of society, and hove proven what a woman can do! At least, that is the insinuation that comes with all of these parades of women, business owners.

     But these businesswomen are unconcerned with what makes up the everyday lives of the majority of women. They don't spend their time trying to uplift women; they spend their time trying to sweat more labor out of them. They conceive plans to make them more dependent, to make them accept lower pay, to work higher hours, and to sacrifice more of her personal time in exchange for the profit of the business. The businesswoman isn't this great model example of Feminism -- she is a type of cannibal. So it is, too, with black business leaders that contract African slave labor, or Asian investors who contract child, sweatshop workers in China.

     The only real freedom that the woman can have is the one that is real to all individuals -- Social Equality. In order for the woman to be her own master, she must have everything that makes man his own master, that makes a child their own master. She must have equal access to the means of production, to society's sources of wealth. She must have a right to land, the farms, the fields, the mines, the factories, and the productions of past generations. If she does not, she will find herself dominated and controlled; confined to small meaningless tasks, denied true development, and rejected for all that she could be.

"Poverty degrades, but wealth perverts. Obedience consigns man to a state of prostration, while the authority deforms his sensibilities. Nothing has ever been the cause of greater tears or bloodshed than capital, with its fathomless appetite for profit."
          --Isaac Puente, 1932
          "Libertarian Communism"

     There is no real Feminism unless there is Social Equality; there is no real freedom unless each person is their own subject and master, away from the tyranny of others' laws and profit motivations. Unless the woman has an equal access to factories and universities, to the land and to the society, then she is still dominated. Her potential for happiness and development is inhibited not by a natural barrier, but by private ownership of productive wealth. Whether she shall achieve and make a significant impact on society is not a question of the individuality of the woman; it is a question of her economic position. This is the "Feminism" of Liberal Capitalism, and it is a dirty lie.

     Real Feminism must be radical and it must demand that each woman shall be self-governing. It is unacceptable to simply revolve the masters with new ones. It may have improved her social situation, but she is still dominated, controlled, and mastered. For there to be real Feminism, all must have an equal right to society's productive property. Only then will the woman become part of the society she has built up.

"Be it ours to see, from the first day of the Revolution to the last, in all the provinces fighting for freedom, that there is not a single man who lacks bread, not a single woman compelled to stand with the weariful crowd outside the bake-house-door, that haply a coarse loaf may be thrown to her in charity, not a single child pining for want of food.

"It has always been the middle-class idea to harangue about 'great principles'--great lies rather!

"The idea of the people will be to provide bread for all. And while middle-class citizens, and workmen infested with middle-class ideas admire their own rhetoric in the 'Talking Shops,' and 'practical people' are engaged in endless discussions on forms of government, we, the 'Utopian dreamers'--we shall have to consider the question of daily bread."
          --Peter Kropotkin, 1892
          "The Conquest of Bread," Chapter 5, Part I


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