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The Sexist Tragedy

By Punkerslut

Image by Eric Drooker
Image: By Eric Drooker

Start Date: Wednesday, October 22, 2003
Finish Date: Saturday, October 25, 2003

     A hero's words die slowly once his body has been given back to the earth. A last kiss. A song. A sunrise. A breeze. A memory of what it was once like.

     Millions of children have had to grow up in a world that believed virtue, goodness, and strength to be male traits, and believed that lust, viciousness, and betrayal to be female traits. Long years of battling, using the weapon of argument and the shield of rhetoric, have gained territory for the Feminist movement. Everywhere there could be seen an injustice, a brutality, a thoughtless act of cruelty, an act where women were treated differently on account of their gender -- the commonplace of this sort of inhumanity I shall call the Sexist tragedy. And everywhere that these brutal and heartless crimes were committed, there was a mind developing a thought, that maybe what is happening is unjust and careless. Freethinkers and Anarchists began to develop their minds as they fought for a more just society. People began to think, that just maybe, because society believes in something, that doesn't necessarily give it merit -- because it is common, it doesn't necessarily mean it is satisfactory to the spirit of justice -- because it is well-accepted and a part of "civilized society," it does not mean that we should honor or cherish it. Let me assure you, too, that these were crimes, for though they violated no lawbook or legislation, they tore asunder the conscience in every good person's heart. And every philosopher who rose his voice against the Sexist tragedy was called the attacker, the warrior against society, for it was believed that by giving liberty to women, there would be a downfall in civilization as the basic family unit was destroyed.

     When we read the epic tales today of how a small fragment of society revolted against the mainstream, all for the sake of asserting the rights of an oppressed group -- it fills us with hope and inspiration, and maybe the idea that we, too, can do the same.

     The pain stings more when we believe in honesty and we must tell a lie to retain social status -- so I have vowed to tell no lies for this motive.

     A person who argues that the Sexist tragedy does not still prevail in some form today is as ignorant of it as they are of Sexism. Whether the origin is biological or not, there is no denying the prevalence of the idea that sex for women is considered vicious or unhealthy or rampant, while sex for men is considered necessary, healthy, and virtuous. A man who has sex often is given the status of hero, but a woman whose actions are not different from those of this man will be given a low ranking status. Those men who treat women poorly because of their sexual appetite, and those women who believe themselves immoral because of what they do -- they make up the Sexist tragedy of today that pervades. The man who treats a woman without respect because of what may be known of her sexually is doing himself a disservice. He has successfully disconnected half of the human species from his mind -- those spirits that cherished goodness and felt the rush of happiness at thoughts of family, those women who has decided to spit on, will be strangers to him. He may never know the truth of affection, the beauty of sex, the justice of independence, if he forever views a good woman as a chaste woman -- if he continues to believe that sexual women are of an inferior quality, that a woman's lust determines her goodness, that a member of the female species is inherently cruel because of whom she allows to have sex with her. A gentle, kind soul may be found within a woman, regardless of her sex habits. Only a person without courage or boldness will suppress their desires when it is to be accepted by a culture that has forgotten the meaning of beauty. In this respect, every woman who follows through with what her heart tells her has accomplished what only the strongest of mind can do.

     If a man has done himself a disservice by treating women differently than he treats his fellow men, then think of the women who have been brought up in this society. Think of the thoughts that may collect and gather in their minds, think if a person had to believe that they were themselves immoral because of naturally occurring sexual ideas. A culture that subjects women to the idea that they are inherently bad for thinking about sex is cruel, vindictive, and heartless. These ideas and thoughts, they destroy the last thread of human dignity by debasing the female gender, they promote malice, they ignore gentle instincts, they are negligent of everything that has meaning. And they are only believed by our society because children, deprived of any meaningful education or independence, or forced to swallow these ideas whole. It is a disservice to our children to convince them that the rules of sex are different for the genders -- and once those children grow up, they are without liberty of the heart and mind if they continue to uphold these ideas. The Sexist tragedy pervades still, as we are told by every center for culture that sex for men is a sign of pride, but a sign of shame for women. It goes against the rules of logic, against the meaning of justice, against the declarations of humanity. It is an utter contradiction in a society that has claimed to support goodness.

     The sort of beauty that can arise out of nature has been a source of inspiration for every thinker who has felt outcast.

     There are few crimes so painful, so utterly thoughtless and culturally supported, than that of Sexism. As a victim, to know that others consider you less because of some attribute that you had no control over. To know that to others around you, some you may care about, some you may have brought yourself to love, some you have formed relationships with and created a place in your heart for them -- to know that they think it is normal that think you are inferior because of your gender. A Sexist, one who has believed that the emotions of a female are debased, that their role in society should be limited, that their souls and spirits were of a poor quality -- a Sexist has caused the misery, the suffering, the pain of half of the human species. And while small societies revolt, led by Freethinkers and Feminists, all of them with the dream of liberty and freedom, the Sexist will see this as civilization losing its meaning and purpose. Prejudice and discrimination are not friends of humanity, nor are they components of justice, nor are they allies to liberty. Prejudice has been the shield to injustice, the sword to persecution, the reason to rebel to liberators, the strength to rogues. It has been overthrown by every person to think for themselves and erected by every person to listen to cultural superstition.

     And to us, it is a reason to fight back.


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