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Punker is an Asshole 3

By Punkerslut

Image by Havok
Image: "Kalisti 110" by Havok

Start Date: Friday, June 4, 2004
Finish Date: Friday, June 4, 2004

     Yeap, it's about that time again, kids. Punker is an Asshole, part 3! Enjoy.

First Conflict...

This is based on that one robot who interrogated me on AIM before...

Plastic Jesus: this program fuckin' rocks, its called Trillian it lets me sign on to all my screen names (msn, aol, yahoo) at one time with out have 4 different programs open.
Punkerslut: ....
Punkerslut: You sound like one of them!!!!
Plastic Jesus: It's all on one buddy list so you don't have several different chatting programs open
Punkerslut: FUCKING HELL! YOU ARE!!!!
Punkerslut: DIE!!!!! DIE ROBOT!!!!!!
Plastic Jesus: HAHA
Plastic Jesus: OI OI OI
Punkerslut: ..... that last robot knew the word "oi," too. *suspicious look*
Plastic Jesus: lol, yeah, but did the last robot know you're gay?
Punkerslut: Hey! Shutup!

Second Conflict...

G-Unit: y arent u with ur family
Punkerslut: Why aren't you smart? The world is full of unanswered questions.
G-Unit: haha
G-Unit: seriously though, what happd to all this talk about going to the west coast
G-Unit: u were so excited
Punkerslut: Oh, that family.
Punkerslut: I'll manage.
G-Unit: damn u let me down, u dint live up to the word gutter punk
Punkerslut: And you barely live up to the word "human." Why are we arguing definitions?
Punkerslut: The fact is, you know as much about the word "gutter punk" as a republican knows about the wealth gap.
G-Unit: damn , thanks for acknowledging me
Punkerslut: Hey, if you wanted me to lie, I'd say I like you.
G-Unit: i dont get it
Punkerslut: It's okay. Why don't you go to the mall?
G-Unit: goood thinking
G-Unit: thanks man
G-Unit: peaceee
Punkerslut: Always looking out for ya'.
G-Unit: im more of a gutter punk then u though
Punkerslut: Oh, I know.
G-Unit: i at least chill in the pit at harvard sq
Punkerslut: Yeah, you do.
G-Unit: u just lie
Punkerslut: .... still sputtering out sentence fragments?
G-Unit: ,whats a sentence faggment
Punkerslut: I 'unno, man. I don't know.
Punkerslut: I'm blocking you now, though.

Third Conflict

Punkerslut: Man, I heard from someone on campus that you're.... "on the other team"?
No-Fat-Chicks: lol
No-Fat-Chicks: wtf
No-Fat-Chicks: wait
Punkerslut: ... yeah, other team.
No-Fat-Chicks: so u mean
No-Fat-Chicks: wtf
No-Fat-Chicks: can i have osme crack?
No-Fat-Chicks: u must be high bitvh
No-Fat-Chicks: wait
No-Fat-Chicks: did anna say that
No-Fat-Chicks: lol
Punkerslut: Anna? Nah, she hates me.
No-Fat-Chicks: ik noe
No-Fat-Chicks: who
No-Fat-Chicks: who
No-Fat-Chicks: WHO
No-Fat-Chicks: dont fuckin be a btich
Punkerslut: I don't know his name, I use to deal with him.
No-Fat-Chicks: who
No-Fat-Chicks: i dont mess
No-Fat-Chicks: who
No-Fat-Chicks: whoi
Punkerslut: He said he saw you naked in the laundry room with another guy, packing clothes.
No-Fat-Chicks: hahhaahhahaa
No-Fat-Chicks: oh well it must ne true
No-Fat-Chicks: haHA
No-Fat-Chicks: i thot u meant against drugs
No-Fat-Chicks: lol
Punkerslut: You know, I have no problem if you're gay. It's completely normal.
No-Fat-Chicks: lol
No-Fat-Chicks: sure y not hahahahaa
No-Fat-Chicks: only wiht u
No-Fat-Chicks: hahahaahahhahahaha
No-Fat-Chicks: ahahhahhahahaha
No-Fat-Chicks: ure fucjk=ed in the hhead
No-Fat-Chicks: but
Punkerslut: I have nothing against you, man.
Punkerslut: I mean, if you're gay, you're gay, no problems.
No-Fat-Chicks: once agian
No-Fat-Chicks: i want the crack u are smoking
Punkerslut: Oh, I know the kinda crack you want.
No-Fat-Chicks: lol
No-Fat-Chicks: only if i can get aids too
No-Fat-Chicks: yayyyy
No-Fat-Chicks: sure why not
No-Fat-Chicks: hahhahahaha
No-Fat-Chicks: im gayyy
No-Fat-Chicks: gayy
No-Fat-Chicks: gayyy
Punkerslut: I know.
No-Fat-Chicks: like Andy
Punkerslut: Uummmm....
No-Fat-Chicks: FAGGOT
No-Fat-Chicks: lhahaha
No-Fat-Chicks: lol
Punkerslut: Yeah.
No-Fat-Chicks: lol
No-Fat-Chicks: ok
No-Fat-Chicks: well
No-Fat-Chicks: this convo sucks
No-Fat-Chicks: what happened to u
No-Fat-Chicks: damn
No-Fat-Chicks: too bad
Punkerslut: I just wanted to say I supported you in your life style.
No-Fat-Chicks: lata
No-Fat-Chicks: oh well uh yeha
No-Fat-Chicks: blocked!
No-Fat-Chicks signed off at 2:23:21 AM.

Fourth Conflict

Haas: have you tried robitussin pills?
Punkerslut: Are we having this conversation again?
Haas: well i tried em
Haas: it was really good and there was no sickness
Punkerslut: I'm blocking you.

Various Encounters

I was so cruel, I changed none of these screen names from their original, mostly because they're all the same douchebag.

Blitzorz 420: hiya intellectually superior being

Chokin Tha Chick: BLOXING IS THE GHEY!! [repeated about 100 times, and then blocked!]

Stoner Juggalo: bloxing ppl is tha ghey dude...seriously...have u had ur early mornin glass of hater-ade u alli-hater...to up stairs...do u take the ele-hater? oo..DANCE!

SurgicalLumbars: Hello. How are you today? [blocked this douchebag]

Steye: u think ur really smart and shit...but ur nuttin but a lil puss wannabe bitch who takes it up tha ass and uses big words to make up for his tiny "penis"...wouldnt even call it a penis...more like an enlarged clit...u should get a shot in tha mouth and take it in tha ass...


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