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By Punkerslut

Image by Havok
Image: "Kalisti 81" by Havok

Start Date: Wednesday, May 21, 2003
Finish Date: Wednesday, May 21, 2003

     I have stated throughout all of my works that there is one undying principle that I will abide by. This principle is freedom. When I can go to a library or book store, and pick up any book that captures my imagination, and delve through the pages as I begin to think -- to know that I can do this, is freedom. When I can walk into any business or public building, without being told that I have to leave because of my race or social class -- to know that I can do this, is freedom. Knowing that I can believe any religion that I judge to be accurate, knowing that I can make my own decisions in what my creed is, knowing that I can associate with whomever I desire, knowing that it is not a crime to love another -- to know that once the doors to my home are closed, that I am allowed to do anything that causes no suffering, this is freedom, and it is what I believe in. The Puritan laws that made human affection a crime, the McCarthy laws that made support of the workers punishable with prison, the Comstock laws that made knowledge of the human body illegal, the laws of the government have been oppression. As they take away our freedoms and put our heroes in prison, when we cannot walk down the street without fear of being attacked by the police, when the United Sates government uses the same tactics as the Gestapo and the Councils of Safety, this is not freedom. Yet, despite the repressive nature of organized government, as much as organized religion, every poet who hides underneath these jungle branches will become an artist, and draw pictures in his mind about the dream of freedom. It is this which my life has been composed of.

     Now, when we come to the question of Masochism, I cannot imagine a great deal of intellectual arguments against it. Yet, with all my writings, in defense of one's right to sexual promiscuity, to drug use, to believe whatever they wish, is it at all fathomable that I would come to the question and say, "If a man wants to believe in any religion, it is fine. If a man wants to associate with any political party, that is his decision. Yet, if a man wants to inflict physical damage to his body, to cause his mind pleasure, that is to say, if a man is a Masochist, he is immoral." Is it ever possible to think that I would respond to the question of Masochism this way? Perhaps so. I have followed the work of many philosophers, sometimes even admiringly, and they will write volumes upon volumes on their love of freedom and they will disregard every social taboo as simply preference, but then there is one taboo that they could not discard as cultural superstition. They will praise Homosexuality as moral, claim that Euthanasia is justifiable, defend the rights of every race, but when it comes to the question of Pedophilia, perhaps, they will discard it as an indecency. Yet, it seems to make all of their other works seem so fickle, almost meaningless. With all that I have written on the matter of liberty, how could I still respect myself if I condemned Masochism?

     Masochism may be defined as the concept that causing physical pain can cause pleasure, often times linked with sexuality. There may be numerous arguments against it. They can call it indecent. They can call it irreligious or "unChristian." They can claim it is brutal. They can use every word invented by mankind to oppose the onward march of freedom. The facts don't change. Those who oppose a person's right to Masochism are my enemies, because all creeds that unite to arrest the individual's right to happiness are my enemy. I will not fight this battle with weapons but with logic. I support a person who desires to engage in Masochism, as much as I support a person who wishes to be an artist, a writer, a poet, a philosopher. Happiness is a value in itself, and every one should strive for it in the manner that best suits them. We should not be restricted in this. If a person reaches into the interests of their culture, and they find themselves attracted to physical pain, then there is no reason to deny them this right. By supporting a person's right to Masochism, we are supporting freedom and liberty, the sources of order and happiness.


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