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Liberals Opposed to Big Business and Conservatives Opposed to Big Government

And Why They Don't Care to Reduce What is Actually Their Own Power.

By Punkerslut

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Image: From RadicalGraphics.org

Start Date: May 10, 2011
Finish Date: May 10, 2011

When One or a Few People are in Control

"...any government, no matter what its forms, will be manipulated by a very small minority, as the development of the States and United States governments has strikingly proved; that candidates will loudly profess allegiance to platforms before elections, which as officials in power they will openly disregard, to do as they please..."
          --Voltairine de Cleyre, 1932
          "Anarchism and American Traditions"

     People district politicians for a good reason. The power of government of within their hands, and this means the power of disposing of tax revenue. The people are naturally suspicious of their tax collectors, because whatever they pay to the public funding they earned.

     On the other side, people are naturally suspicious of their bosses for the same reason. The power of controlling the profits of the business lies in the grasp of a single power. How the business's capital is spent, or how its profit is distributed, is a matter that only the owner of the industry can decide. Like taxes, it is something that everyone creates, and then it is taken by one or a few, "to redistribute on behalf of those who contributed."

     Liberal political parties tell you that your biggest problem is when Capitalists steal from you. And for Conservative political parties, they think your biggest problem is when government steals from you. But, the common person, on average, is generally displeased when they are the victim of theft, no matter who is the perpetrator.

     The Liberal parties simply shine a light on any scandal involving Capitalists mismanaging the human economy; just the same, Conservative parties shine the same light on any incident of the government wasting the people's wealth. As soon as any Capitalist makes too much money, they are an exploiter according to the Liberals, and as soon as any government takes too much taxes, they are an oppressor to the Conservatives. They are both correct in these instances, except that they exclude the accusation of their opponent.

The Ideal of Liberal and Conservative Political Parties

"I have not seen any man so boorish, nor so impracticable, nor so stupid, nor so forgetful; who, while learning some little petty quibbles, forgets them before he has learned them."
          --Aristophanes, ~400 B.C.
          "The Clouds"

     The Conservative opposes "generalizing society into classes." They claim that people ought to be treated "like individuals," and not "the group from which they come from in society." One Capitalist killing fifty workers by using unsafe machinery is just an accident, not a trend, no matter how often it happens. One Capitalist escaping the courts because of their wealth is a contradiction.

     And the Liberal, with the same candid logic, makes the same response about government. "Just because the French king oppressed his people with the Gabelle, that infamous tax on salt, it doesn't mean a healthcare tax will become a similar oppression." An incident of corruption or bribery is just that: an incident, not the general trend of how the machine operates.

     The Conservative and Liberal political parties depend on general trends. Every word of their platforms, from immigration policy to social spending, indicates an opinion they have about the generalized characteristics of the people in society.

     Yet, the entire program of Liberals and Conservatives focuses on critical opposition. It is funny that people accuse Communists of having a just criticism of society, but have the difficulty of not knowing what to replace it with. Liberals, in demanding a generalized trend of economic mismanagement, have said "Elect us to remove the problems." Conservatives have responded the same in regards to a generalized trend of political mismanagement. If Americans averaged the opinions of their political parties, they would end up rejecting all of them.

Hate, Not Feeling, As the Basis of Politics

"A party, of whatever kind it may be, can never do without a confession of faith. For those who belong to the party must believe in its principle, it must not be brought in doubt or put in question by them, it must be the certain, indubitable thing for the party-member. That is: One must belong to a party body and soul, else one is not truly a party-man..."
          --Max Stirner, 1845
          "The Ego and Its Own," Part 2, Chapter II, Section 2

     "Vote your way out of your problems, society!" This has been the premise of every single political party, whether leaning towards Liberalism or Conservatism. More specifically, this always translates to vote for us to be rid of your problems! It is remarkably successful opportunism; they are rallying the hate of the people against some part of society, not to remove the problem, but to establish themselves as some elite power.

     Liberals do not say that they hate poverty, just like Conservatives do not say that they hate the victimization caused by oppression. To hate poverty is to hate some awful feature of society, which is inflicted on those who do not deserve it. And to hate the victimization of the state, likewise, is to hate that awful feature of the state, which exposes the innocent man to torture and torment.

     The sentiment of "hate" isn't really felt in either of these cases, so much as genuine sympathy. And nobody's going to vote for somebody because they have sympathy in their heart. No, the power of government is not justified because you have sympathy, whether for the victim of capitalism or government -- a political master is justified in demanding your right to rule everyone only when there is some hated being that needs to be expelled!

     "The source of poverty, those CEO's who don't pay high enough taxes, are our source of hate!" the Liberal says. "The source of oppression, those rulers of government who ignore the rule of law, are our source of hate!" says the Conservative. Yes, hate the creator of misery! Because when you hate, you feel the need to defend or attack, and your political party becomes your general! Don't sympathize with the victim of misery -- those who have feeling and heart are terrible material for disciplined soldiers.


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