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How Will Anarchy Help Me?

By Punkerslut

From RadicalGraphics.org
Image: "Vote Nobody," Artist Unknown

Start Date: March 13, 2009
Finish Date: March 13, 2009

"If the individual has a right to govern himself, all external government is tyranny. Hence the necessity of abolishing the State."
          --Benjamin R. Tucker, 1888
          "State Socialism and Anarchism"

     The government interferes in every part of our lives. In early years, it is our educator. In later years, it is our taxer. It fulfills the role of enforcing the law and protecting property. The state has the army, the police, and an endless bureaucracy for regulations, social services, and a thousand other tasks. Is the government really a glue holding society together, or is it the cause of our problems?

     Does anarchy help with the protection of the our rights? Is it going to make our homes safer? Will it extend our liberties? When the community is no longer taxed, we will be able to decide for ourselves how our defense is maintained. It is those of us who live in the neighborhoods who know best how to maintain their safety. There won't be police enforcing a law. No investigations into drugs and vice when there are thousands of unsolved murders and a soaring rate of rape.

     There will just be a militia, organized by the community, for the defense of the community. How well they protect the people, without becoming an authority figure, is up to the community -- and who better? It is the people who will either have to deal with the lack of protection, or the tyranny of an oppressor. No one can have as much self-interest in making the right choice for the community than the community itself.

"...Anarchism, or any other social theory, making man a conscious social unit, will act as a leaven for rebellion. This is not a mere assertion, but a fact verified by all experience."
          --Emma Goldman, 1911
          "The Psychology of Political Violence"

     This may work well enough in a small setting, but how could it possibly work in a national setting? How could it work when highly mechanized and vast armies are marching on onto our neighborhoods? We only need to expand the size of the model. A militia is organized by a community voluntarily pooling its resources for self-defense. How would the lawless people defend against a national military?

     When fighting an army, many of the communities will work together in providing for their general defense. A technology program or an intelligence service is beyond the scope of just one association of residents. Working together on a federated basis, these communities can resolve other large scale problems. Besides just regional defense, communities can work together in establishing currency, diplomacy, and transportation.

     The people have a greater interest in defending their lives, and preserving their liberty, than any politician or political party. It is we the people who will suffer if we make a mistake, just as we are the ones benefited if we act wisely. Since the people control the militia, police brutality, misguided investigations, and corruption can be rooted out. With a similar control over military, the people can now protect themselves as they see fit. Wars of imperialism are brought on by governments, which no longer exist. All the great social ills can be removed if we, the people, are ready to organize and make the transition into anarchy.

"The government that seems the most unwise,
Oft goodness to the people best supplies;
That which is meddling, touching everything,
Will work but ill, and disappointment bring."

          --Lao Tzu, ~600 BC
          "Tao Teh King," Part 2, Chapter 58, Section 1


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