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How are we Going
to End Unemployment?

By Punkerslut

U.S. World War 2 Poster, Edited by Punkerslut
Image: U.S. World War 2 Poster, Edited by Punkerslut

Start Date: October 11, 2009
Finish Date: October 11, 2009

"You are in an overwhelming majority. There are only a few capitalists as compared to you. And yet, they own practically everything and rule the land; and will keep on owning and ruling the land as long as you workingmen allow them to; and you will allow them to as long as you persist in remaining divided in trade unions and being used against each other, instead of uniting and acting solidly with and for each other and against the capitalists."
          --Eugene Victor Debs, 1905
          "Class Unionism"

     For every laborer, there is a consumer. For every person who punches the clock, there is someone who buys bread and clothing. For every cashed paycheck, some of the money finds its way into the pockets of capitalists, bankers, and landlords.

     But, if it is true that every laborer is a consumer, why is there always an army of unemployed? There are always those who are hungry and homeless. Each person could provide labor, and at the same time, provide the exchange value necessary for other jobs. The opportunity exists, in every economy, to add more laborers, and therefore, also add new consumers to support these industries. If this is true, why are there still so many without jobs, starving and forgotten in the streets?

     For each laborer added to industrial development, more is produced. Labor is the determiner of wealth -- and riches cannot exist without. As more laborers are applied to the land, the farms, the mines, and the factories, more is produced. This surplus value of wealth will far exceed what is necessary to satisfy the surplus cost of wages. Everywhere, there is unemployment and underemployment, when more jobs could be made, and where communities could create their own prosperity.

From RadicalGraphics.org
Image: From "Work" Gallery from RadicalGraphics.org

     The reason why employment doesn't exist for all is because that would hurt those who own and control the businesses. If we provided everyone an opportunity to feed themselves, poverty would cease. Employees would no longer be under fear of finding themselves in the streets with nothing but their clothes. And for this reason, they would refuse to be paid so miserably, to be alienated by their boss, to be exploited in hard labor and then thrown away.

     Poverty and unemployment do not exist because the people are unambitious, unwilling, or hopeless. These conditions are a relatively new situation to humanity; and this massive, social misery could not exist until the land was claimed by just a few individuals. Poverty serves to instill terror into the hearts of workers -- it makes them think about looking at their hungry children and being able to give nothing. It is the greatest ally of the employer, because it guarantees their personal wealth.

     There is enough land for each person to work, and to be fed by their labors. There are enough factories, enough gears and cogs, enough iron presses and refineries and assembly lines and storefronts for everyone! There is no reason why an individual should not be allowed to labor the means of production and to receive the wealth they created. Except, of course, that it would mean the workers demanding their fair share of their contribution -- instead of begging for the right to make bread for their families.

     How are we going to end unemployment, poverty, and homelessness? It begins with destroying Capitalism. It begins with organizing a society where the means of production are controlled directly by the laborers! Only when the workers are in control will society be organized according to our interests.

From Jovita Idar Anarchist Image Library
Image: From Jovita Idar Anarchist Image Library


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