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Capitalism, a System
of Violence and Poverty

By Punkerslut

World War Poster, Edited by Punkerslut
Image: World War Poster, Edited by Punkerslut

Start Date: November 9, 2009
Finish Date: November 9, 2009

"A few rich people own the lands and machines. The many labor and have nothing. This every worker knows."
          --Big Bill Haywood, with Frank Bohn, Early 1900's
          "Industrial Socialism," Part 2: Industrial Progress

     The struggle for Socialism begins with understanding the injustice of Capitalism. We receive our first desire for overthrowing the rule of property upon our first sight of the concentration camp. But the images of dictators, forced labor camps, slavery, and mass execution are endless -- and so they are each discoverable within the Capitalist system. There has yet to be a property-owner who did not use their wealth as a means of furthering the subjugation and exploitation of others. And there has not been a politician who couldn't be either replaced or bought out. In examining Capitalism, we find a never-ending source of evils and social miseries.

     First, Capitalism always uses the state to enforce its demands. Where the Free Market guarantees the power of the wealthiest, they will leave things to the free market. But where unions grow and develop, the force of the police are called in. Where consumers unions develop boycotts, strikes, pickets, or resistance towards economic tyranny, armed force is called upon. When a poor human being steals bread for their family, the Capitalist always hires a politician, to hire a police officer, to beat the poor into submission. But where the Capitalist steals billions, fixes elections, or runs an illegal cartel, they are given a firm warning -- and released. For taking $0.25 worth of food, you will be kicked into the ground by some vicious thug. But if you take $20 billion from the public in a scam, such as the RIAA price-fixing of CD's, the courts and congress will ask only for an apology.

"The oppression which today impinges most directly on the workers and which is the main cause of the moral and material frustrations under which they labour, is economic oppression, that is the exploitation to which bosses and business men subject them, thanks to their monopoly of all the most important means of production and distribution.

"To destroy radically this oppression without any danger of it re-emerging, all people must be convinced of their right to the means of production, and be prepared to exercise this basic right by expropriating the land owners, the industrialists and financiers, and putting all social wealth at the disposal of the people."
          --Errico Malatesta, Date Unknown
          "Anarchist Propaganda"

     Second, Capitalism naturally leads towards poverty. Every owner of a business must pay for the wages of their workers. And the only way to get workers to accept lower wages is to increase competition among workers. This isn't done with universities or training. It's done by manufacturing homelessness, by producing poverty, by making hunger and want widespread. Where all people are well-fed and well-supplied, they will not accept an unfair wage for a miserable job. But where all people are beggars, who live without knowing how they are going to eat, then wages will sink. People will no longer demand such high wages for their labor, when they are uncertain about what they will eat tomorrow.

     What occurs is called "collusion" or "fixing the market." Instead of making jobs by letting people farm the land, the Capitalist finds a better way to make profit. Cut how much you're going to produce, whether you're a factory-owner or a mine-landlord. When a market has fewer products, and more who need it, then production cost means higher-prices for everyone, and fewer jobs. Not fewer jobs because the market can't support them -- but fewer jobs because the market has been fixed into this artificial organ of the Capitalist class. And new competitors can't fight with those who dominate the market. By owning all of the lands, the banks, the patents, and the market shares, a well-established Capitalist can buy out all competition and make themselves the sole producer of a commodity.

World War Poster, Edited by Punkerslut
Image: World War Poster, Edited by Punkerslut

     Poverty, homelessness, and hunger are not natural, human products, arising out of our inability. There is no animal on the earth that is naturally slothful, lazy, or without ambition. When they die, it is not because they were too lazy to feed themselves -- it was because they were slaughtered as prey, or finally gave in to old age. Here we are, humanity as a civilization, and yet there are millions who are dying because they have no food -- billions who are on the brink of starvation. As a civilization, we produce evils and miseries that are unknown to the animal world. With all of our accumulated brilliance, compassion, and wisdom, we are still stupider and weaker than every species of animal. For there are humans that die, not because they are slothful, but because other humans treat them as property.

"This is why times are hard, employment scarce, careers closed to college graduates, in the richest country the sun shines on. You have no voice, no representation."
          --Henry Demarest Lloyd, Late 1800's
          "Lords of Industry," Chapter 7

     This is why Capitalism is barbaric! It takes lives, it finally closes the eyes of hungry children every night, it reaps its harvests by looting the dead! And for what? So that some skyscraper can be built, some museum can be erected, some international trade can be established? Never... Capitalism kills for profit, because there are a few who can make some wealth off of the poverty of all. Because there are a few who can make more money by worsening the conditions of society in general. Where wars, famines, and depressions wrack the country -- the people become willing to enter into wars as mercenaries and enter into the factories as to-be victims of industrial accidents. That is to say... where the conditions of society worsen, wages decline, and in contrast, profits will rise.

     And here, we realize the kernel of truth that is Capitalism. To be a Capitalist is to maintain and live off of a poverty-stricken, social order. To be a better Capitalist, is to create even more poverty and reap even more wealth. And to be the best Capitalist, is to take everything from those who work, and leave them only with enough to eat and reproduce -- or, to be the best Capitalist is to be a slaveholder. And all owners of land and productive wealth are degrees of slave masters.

"We cry shame on the feudal baron who forbade the peasant to turn a clod of earth unless he surrendered to his lord a fourth of his crop. We call those the barbarous times. But if the forms have changed, the relations have remained the same, and the worker is forced, under the name of free contract, to accept feudal obligations. For, turn where he will, he can find no better conditions. Everything has become private property, and he must accept, or die of hunger."
          --Peter Kropotkin, 1892
          "The Conquest of Bread," Chapter 1, Part III


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